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5 out of 5

aka my favorite suicidal Christmas flick

This post is for the LAMB Director’s Chair 32 Frank Capra. I chose to focus on Capra’s classic It’s A Wonderful Life. I’ve been watching this movie for as long as I can remember. It was always played on TV during prime time every year. That’s why I found it particularly interesting when I found out a few years back that it actually lost money at the box office during its initial release. At any rate I love it.

The movie is set on Christmas Eve. A man named George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart, one of my dead guy crushes) decides to kill himself. He is interrupted by a man claiming to be an angel. This angel, Clarence, shows George what the world around him would be like if he hadn’t existed. Unlike some of us who probably haven’t made much of a difference he is shown that he definitely has. Yes, he’s saved two people’s lives. Plus the town is in disarray. Maybe worst of all, George’s wife Mary has ended up a lonely librarian. Oh the humanity!

Seriously though what has brought me back to this film as an adult is the love story between George and Mary. While George has not been able to accomplish all of the things that he wanted to do in life (such as join the military and travel) he realizes that his love for his family is too important to forsake. Plus we get a totally awful villain and learn a bit about how banks work. So share this movie with your family. Just make sure that you are ready to explain suicide to any young children.

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a fun, Christmas mix

Christmas 2012 from Emma_moon on 8tracks Radio.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey
2. Bells Will Be Ringing
3. Christmas Tree Remix-Lady Gaga
4. Christmas In Hollywood-Hollywood Undead
5. I’ll Be Home for Christmas-Joey McIntyre
6. Back Door Santa-Jet
7. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer-Elmo & Patsy
8. It’s Christmas Time Down Under-Olivia Newton-John
9. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas-Michael Buble
10. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

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I did not invent this recipe. I simply altered it. However I bake so infrequently and these were so yummy that I had to share. This is my slightly altered version of Chocolate Covered Katie’s Peanut Butter Gingerbread Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Her recipe seemed light on the ingredients so I doubled it. Of course my doubled version made about as many cookies as her original version so her cookies were smaller but lower in calories.

You just have to try these. Definitely go check out her site for the original version. She is the queen of healthy desserts.

1 cup almond butter (the Target brand, which is the only store in my area that sells any type of nut butter that isn’t peanut)
1 tsp cinnamon
2/3 cup brown sugar
2 packets of Nectresse
1.5 tsp baking soda
6 tbsp white flour
1 shake of salt
6 tbsp butterscotch chips
4 tbsp applesauce
2 tsp imitation vanilla flavoring

Pour everything in a bowl and stir until it’s mixed well. Scoop them into small balls. (I used a small plastic Jelly Belly ice cream scoop, they still came out average sized.) Put the balls into the freezer for 10 minutes while preheating your oven at 350 degrees. Remove cookie balls from the freezer. Spray liquid I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in your baking pan(s). Place cookie balls in the pan(s) about a half inch a part. Cook for 12 minutes. Remove cookies from oven. Let them cool for a half hour. EAT!

Makes about 15 cookies

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Beautilation Picks

Beautilation Picks by missemmamm on Polyvore

Since I am a fan of this talented Etsy seller I had to let all of you know that she is currently running a huge sale on a variety of styles until December 24, 2012. Here are my top picks from her store (not all are on sale, but are definitely affordable). Yes, I’m all over that Jessica Rabbit print! Plus that cut tank top is currently only $12 (you can also choose from other prints in her shop to have put on it). The other pieces are odes to Jawbreaker, Heathers, the Disney Princesses (dominatrix style) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Beautilation Online
Etsy store


Meeting Elvira


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Last weekend I attended the Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA again. Yes, I’ve gone quite often in the last few years since it’s fairly close to where I live (about an hour away). I went to meet Elvira (Cassandra Peterson). I’ve been a fan of hers for as long as I can remember. In fact I dressed as her for Halloween in 2005. Even buying my costume was hilarious. My social anxiety was actually worse then so after I found the dress a worker came up to ask if I needed anything and I blurted “A WIG” overly loud. “It’s a wig” emergency!” he declared and he, my sister and myself all had a good laugh. Obviously my costume was a big hit at our party as well because, hey, boobs!

Anyway, back on track, we arrived around the time that she was supposed to show but they were still getting her table ready. Plus the line was forming and yes, it was very large, especially for this small con. So my fiance and I decided to check out the merchandise before getting into line. I (rightly) assumed that we’d be tired after waiting and want to go pretty soon. Plus we had just been sitting in the car for a while so we needed to walk around.

I often see many great cosplayers at the Monroeville Convention Center. However this time while there were a ton of attendees many of the cosplayers weren’t super impressive. I really only feel like accosting strangers who look fantastic so I just got a photo with a guy who had great Darth Maul makeup.

I picked up a few neat presents while we were checking out the dealers. Some of the sellers that I purchased from were the talented RAK and Candy Box Crafts. My man bought the cool necklace that he’s wearing above as well.

Eventually we decided that we better get in Elvira’s line. The people in the line were quite varied. Old, young, conservatively dressed or sporting a metal or goth look. I wore my Coquette capris and a cleavage boosting top with my trusty boots. Yes, being December and all I’m starting to think that I really need to buy the full leggings as well.

It took somewhere from 40 minutes to an hour to reach the table. Some of the people in the line were pretty funny so listening to their convos was pretty interesting. Plus we were stuck by one seller in particular for a while who had some affordable toys. I’m glad that we were staring at his table for a while because they had the original Monopoly which I’ve wanted forever. My man bought it for me as an Xmas present, aw.

As we got closer we were able to watch Cassandra Peterson in action. She’s just as fun as in the movies. She was very informative and funny. We found out that she will be filming another Elvira movie, Movie Macabre soon. Apparently it was a short lived TV series that I somehow missed. You can check it out on YouTube here. She made some great quips like when someone asked her how much an autographed photo was and she said “a million dollars”. She was also holding up her new calendar and pitching it like she was in an infomercial. It was really cute. She did her classic shocked expression pose for lots of attendees which was very neat. Her trainer/assistant was very nice and super buff. She even had a bunch of guys requesting funny poses with her. I thought that the merchandise that Elvira had for sale was great. I would have picked up one or two things in addition to my signed photo if I’d had more money. I really liked the 45 with the Movie Macabre theme song on it and the calendar. My fiance wished he had some extra dough to pick up one of her Zippo lighters. She said that the song was on a record because the person who had worked on it likes them. I later found out, via her site, that Jack White produced it, so cool!

When we got our turn to meet her I was such a mess. When I’m a huge fan of someone I literally shake. So yes I was shaking when her assistant took the photo above, I’m surprised that it came out so well. Elvira quipped “I’m above your head” to my fiance when we showed it to her because of the large banner of her in the background. He got a real kick out of that. At first I lamely said “We love you. You’re so beautiful.”, yes full fangirl mode. Then I told her that I had introduced my fiance to her movies. When I found out that she was attending the con we watched Haunted Hills and her original film. Of course he thought that she was awesome. She responded that I was like Scientology recruiting people for her.

So yeah, she was one of the most fun guests that I’ve met at a con. Some celebs barely look at you or come off as angry. She was super fun, like the persona that she projects on film and TV.

After we met her we had to do one more lap around the dealers’ tables. Usually I would meet more than one guest at a con but the only other person I was interested in meeting was Alan Ruck and he had to cancel. I had already met Peter Mayhew in June at Philly Wizard World so I didn’t feel the need to bother him again. Before we left we had to get a picture with the Lego Spiderman that was assembled near the entrance.

It was so much better going to the convention center with my man than when I’ve gone alone. I even forgot and then realized that I didn’t need to take a Xanax for my anxiety even though there had to be 400-500 people in the room. Hopefully we will get to attend the next con in 2013 too. It is in April and will feature Kevin Sorbo and Ernie Hudson.

Elvira Online
Official Site
Official twitter
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Official YouTube

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Official Elvira Items
Official Elvira Items by missemmamm on Polyvore

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