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Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for WWE

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for WWE

Remember last summer when Hot Donna and I covered the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con? Well I’m hoping to attend this summer as well. The event takes place from May 30-June 1, 2013. Since it’s so far off all of the celebrity guests haven’t been announced yet. However some choice guests have already been announced? Guess who I’m super excited about?

That’s right, John Cena. Cena is most well known for being a wrestling superstar with the WWE. I’m not a big wrestling fan but I’m totally into his action movies. The Marine is awesomely fun. Oh & well he is super hot. Want to know a secret? Hot Donna almost bought a standee of him back when we had an apartment together. Yep, that’s how awesome he is. Cena will be sighing autographs and doing photo ops on May 30, 2013 (my birthday!) from 3:30PM ET to 7:30PM ET.

Cena has stated, “I’m glad to be back at Wizard World, I had such an amazing time meeting the fans last year in Chicago, I can’t wait to see the northeast Cenation fans at Philadelphia Comic Con!”

Some other awesome guests who have been announced include James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Norman Reedus, Andrew McCarthy, Joey Lawrence, Michael Rooker, Linda Blair, Ray Park, Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee. I’m excited to hear further announcements in the coming months.

For more info on the various conventions being held by Wizard World this year check out

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(Just a FYI-I didn’t think I was going to write about this so I didn’t take my camera. The photos below are cell phone shots.)

(this is the longer version, no that isn’t our house)

Last summer my father received an inquiry from the local hospital. He had heart surgery there about 10 years ago. They were shooting a commercial and wanted him to come in for a casting call. My father stays active doing activities like the Senior Games and the Polar Bear Plunge, when possible, so he talked up those points. If I recall correctly he had one callback before they decided to include him in the commercial.

my dad the day of the shoot, in what I refer to as his Charlie Sheen shirt

my dad the day of the shoot, in what I refer to as his Charlie Sheen shirt

In July the commercial was shot. My father isn’t proficient at texting so he made short calls all day to give me the scoop. He told me how there was a group of heart patients so he didn’t know if they would do a medley commercial or just choose one or two people later. I told him that I thought it would be everyone (I didn’t know but wanted to keep his hopes up). The funniest calls were wardrobe related and would be a short call without explanation until later. “Gotta go, she just told me to take off my pants“. They let him keep the wardrobe, BTW, neat.

After the commercial he received some consent forms but we had no idea when the commercial was going to actually come out. In December he received a letter inviting him to the world premiere of the commercial at the local hospital. He asked if I could accompany him and they said yes. I was surprised as often they do not allow guests to activities that he does (I guess that’s just a specification of the local senior center, blarggh).

my dad’s ad

my dad with his ad

On the morning of January 3, 2013 we arrived at the hospital. In a small room up front they had a projector screen set up plus some ad mock ups. We hadn’t expected those and they were very neat. During the presentation someone from the production company showed the commercials a few times after explaining everything. There are two TV ads, one short and one long, so they can be played during different commercial breaks. I’m sure you’ve noticed commercials that have been cut down to fit a smaller ad space. This is the same thing. My dad made it into both cuts! Score, not everyone did. We were informed that they wouldn’t be played on local stations but cable ones. We don’t have cable but a few people have seen my father on TV and mentioned it. I remember hearing TNT, TBS and FOX (I’m guessing one of the upper Fox channels).

The print ads would be appearing on billboards and in the newspaper. To date my father’s ad hasn’t shown up yet but so far we’ve only seen two, which feature the eye catching color red, which makes sense. Keep an eye out in the future though if you live in Southwest PA.

The catchphrase for the ads is “It’s okay to stay”. What this means is that our local hospital is equipped for many heart emergencies (though not all) and if possible you should probably go right there instead of being trekked to Pittsburgh. They did save my father’s life so this is totally accurate.

Prior to the showing the other patients shared their health war stories and MD recommendations. I was asked a few times if I was in the commercial. That worried me a bit since I’m in my late 20s. I mean I know that Americans aren’t the healthiest but that seems young. Later I did notice that one the participants looked to be healthy and in his 40s (a guess) and I know that it can really happen to anyone, so not that odd, I suppose.

Cheryl with the billboard version of her ad

A pretty, petite woman sat to my right. Cheryl was very nice and told me about shooting the ad. She was referred to as “the dancer” by other patients and the production company dude, as she dances in the ad (and as a hobby IRL). I told her that I loved the dress that she wore in the commercial. She said that it was even better looking in person. She was very nice and surprisingly self deprecating. She had a great attitude for someone who had been going through this heart procedure rigamore since 1999. I’m happy to see one of the print ads/billboards that is getting a lot of exposure is hers.

All of the patients in the ad attended, the cardio nurses and even most of their doctors stopped by to check it out. There was even a bit of gossip about someone who hadn’t made the cut. (My guess is that it was either time related or she changed her mind and didn’t sign a consent form). They also had some refreshments, a table with bottled water, coffee and some type of pastries (it’s been a while and my memory isn’t the best). However I do remember thinking while this was nice and I did get both of us bottled water, that the pastries must be a test. I mean who is going to sit their eating one during a heart presentation? The answer? No one. I didn’t see one person pick up a pastry. (It could have conceivably happened later but not while I was there.) Hey, it’s like craft services on a Hollywood movie, they’re not supposed to eat the food.

It was a short presentation but fun and interesting to learn a bit of behind the scenes info on commercials.

Info on the Cardiac unit of the Uniontown Hospital an be found here on the hospital’s official site.
These ads were produced by Big Picture Communications Inc. of Pittsburgh.
The music is by Big Science Music, who also uploaded the above longer version of the commercial to YouTube. (awesome!)

I am not making a claim to doing any of this work. These were obviously made by the above entities. (This is called covering my ass, just in case, LOL.)


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AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw

“Sex isn’t everything”

I’m not going to go on and on about what is different from the novel in this or subsequent posts. You can call em recaps if you want. I’m also not comparing this Carrie to the future in Carrie in terms of history or continuity. Those of use who are hard core Sex and the City fans have had to notice during rewatches that SATC wasn’t always big on sticking with a specific backstory.

This episode sets up the basic plot. Carrie is a high schooler who has taken a weekend interning job in NYC. Her little sister Dorrit is rebelling. Their mother has died and their dad is uptight. We also meets Carrie’s school friends and her new NYC friend. Plus we get introduced to her love interest.

“if only I could escape my brain”
“I collect people”
“I’ve never met anyone gay before”

The City (yes the best parts take place in the city. As an adult I don’t really need to watch a ton of teen specific stuff. Plus it’s NYC! c’mon)

sister fight

that green and white dress that eventually gets passed down to Dorrit. It’s so reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parker’s coat, as seen here.

so true people do treat you weird when they know a relative of yours has died

Maggie’s hair!

Carrie’s first kiss is in a pool!

the creation of the Carrie bag

the blue and pink party dress Carrie fondles in Century 21

the inclusion of Interview Magazine!

the pink, polka dot party dress

Temptation by New Order (which was used amazingly in Trainspotting, of course)

Carrie’s leopard cardigan

her first journal entry, with the window framing her

“hot dog your keyhole”

Carrie acts like a narc. Ooh, Dorrit has pot. BFD

Sebastion isn’t at all what I’d envisioned (I know, I said I wouldn’t mention the book, but, ugh). Plus he’s not attractive enough and is preppy looking. This guy is supposed to be a bad ass.

Carrie’s dad seems way too square to have come up with the idea of her working in New York City.

Carrie helping her new friend steal, no

She should have worn the pantyhose at work but then not to the party. Duh. That is some disrespect there.

the “artists’ table” in NYC doesn’t seem at all like a group you’d want to hang out with

Dorrit goes missing

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Photos are from the official Facebook & the official Pinterest


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4 out of 5

Marilyn & Me

Marilyn & Me
A Photographer’s Memories
by Lawrence Schiller
published by Nan A. Talese/Doubleday
released on May 29, 2012
borrowed from the local library

Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller is a different type of book about Marilyn Monroe. I have read many books about her. Though this book is by a photographer it’s not one of those big glossy coffee table books full of photos. It’s not a typical biography of the starlet. It’s also not a fictionalized version of her life. Yes, you can find all of those types of books out there. This one is unique because it’s told from the perspective of an up and coming photographer who shot photos of Marilyn in the 60s.

on the set of Something's Got to Give, as seen in the book

on the set of Something’s Got to Give, as seen in the book

Schiller first meets Marilyn on the set of Let’s Make Love and then later during the filming of the halted Something’s Got to Give. Footage from this film has been in shown in many specials about Marilyn due to her deciding to show off her body dripping wet coming out of a pool. This was a huge get and makes up a large portion of the book.

Lawrence Schiller at the Marilyn & Me Opening at Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC

Lawrence Schiller at the Marilyn & Me Opening at Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC


If you enjoy those magazine articles that strongly showcase both the writer’s voice as well as their subject then you will most likely enjoy the tone of this book. I’m also an amateur photographer and found the information on what it was like for Schiller starting out in that field so long ago. Because he was not only a photographer but also a bit of business man (as noted by Monroe to him in the text) much of the story talks about his interest in the photos being exclusive and how he sold them. I assume that this is why there are only a few photos in this book. Many are probably only able to be used in certain ways that he originally stipulated many years ago.

I don’t really feel that I’ve learned much new info on Marilyn from this book but I am a big fan and already know a ton about her. The snippets of conversation between the author and Marilyn throughout the book are both intimate and paint a vivid picture that makes you feel like you are watching the encounter play out.

Most of the book is about the author’s encounters with Marilyn and the brokering of the photos. However he also mentions his own thoughts on her death at the end. I won’t tell you what they are but I agree with them.

As with most media to do with Marilyn Monroe there are a few blue moments here and there. At one point Marilyn basically accuses the author of also using her body for him to turn a profit (as so many did) in such a sad manner.

This book is slightly over 100 pages. That makes it a short, easy read. I highly recommend it to other Marilyn fanatics.


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Official Sites
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Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller on Nan A. Talese Books


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3.5 out of 5 stars (you can’t do half stars on EF so I’m giving it a 3 on there)

The Decision to Choose It
Many new items were recently added to EdenFantasys so when it came time to choose my free review item for the month I was excited. A lot of the new lingerie is super hot. However I recently had to break up with my fiance. So I felt more in the mood to try a new dress, if possible. You know, something I can wear to go out, now that someone isn’t overly worried about that sort of thing.

I currently own a bandage skirt (that I’ve never worn because I can’t find anything to pair it with). However I’ve never owned a bandage dress, despite being a huge fan of them. I recently tried one on at a department store and was quite pleased with the look on my body. Due to the mesh inserts I didn’t know if I would be able to wear this out but I thought that I’d give it a try.

blk bag coll

This dress came on a plastic Dreamgirl hanger covered in a plastic bag. Two tags are attached to the dress. One shows a model wearing the dress on the front and size, color info, the style number and the official Dreamgirl site listed on the back. The second tag lists the Dreamgirl address and telephone numbers on the front and the fabric makeup on the back.

blk op coll

This dress from Dreamgirl comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. I chose the large as that’s usually my size. I wear a size large or 10-12 in women’s clothing with a size 36C bust. To give you an idea of my body shape, I have a chest and hips that are about the same width. Yes, I’m hippy, do not have much of a waist, have a booty and prominent thighs. To paraphrase Beyonce, that’s the shape of my body whether I make it smaller or not. I know my body and have come to (mostly) like it.

For some reason I was thinking that this was from Coquette when I ordered it so I was not worried about the size at all since I always wear a large from that brand. However I was wrong, this is from Dreamgirl. I think this may actually be my first Dreamgirl piece. According to the Dreamgirl size chart a large should fit someone who wears a size 10-14 with a 36-38C or D bust, a 28-32″ waist and 38-40″ hips.

The actual unstretched measurements are 3o” bust, 27″ waist and 30″ hips. It is 31.5″ long (not including the detachable straps. I’m 5’4″. You can see where it hits me in the photos below.

Well the sizing doesn’t fully work for me. Despite fitting within the measurements for a large I cannot zip this fully up the bust when it’s on. After looking at the measurements I would have understood if it were a waist issue since my waist is at the higher end of the chart for this size but that wasn’t the issue at all. Finally I had to remove the straps, zip it all of the way up and then pull it over my head. Now that worked. I do like the way that it fits the rest of my body. It’s tight, as a bandage dress should be. I’m not sure that a size XL would have worked for me. I think that it would have been too loose in the lower body and possibly too long. If you do decide to go for the XL, EF doesn’t list the measurements for that size on their site. However they are listed on the official Dreamgirl site. A XL should fit someone who wears a size 14-16 and is a D-E cup. The XL measurements are 38-40″ bust, 31-33″ waist and 40-42″ hips.

Material & Care Information
This dress is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. It is to be handwashed in cold water and hung to dry.

My first impression of this dress is that it’s incredibly neat looking and well made. It features detachable straps, so you can wear it with the straps or detach them and wear it as a tube dress. It has strategically placed mesh inserts. Plus it has an exposed zipper on the back like some more expensive dresses.

blk dr coll

blk fr cl

to give you an idea of how the large fits a C cup

blk bk butt

so you can see how it looks from the backside

I moved every which way in this dress but I didn’t expose myself. Now I did expose parts of my breasts but not the nipples. They are squished but I don’t think that it looks terrible, just a bit odd. I would like it if the bust weren’t so tight. You can also see my belly button which I usually am not fond of. However I sort of like it in this.

As I mentioned it’s too tight on me in the bust. This does cause the back to bunch up when I move around. I did take a close up photo of this to provide a detailed review. However my vanity won out and I didn’t post it (you can still tell in one of the photos above). Now I’m glad that I didn’t as someone has already written on EF that this dress is “sexy but does not look good on a bigger women”. I do not try to get my self worth from others. However I have suffered from body image issues and disordered eating. That type of thing is not cool. For a millisecond I doubted myself. However I will be wearing this out when I find the occasion to do so. It seems like it would work for a night out at a fancy restaurant and then heading off to an upscale club.

blk sw coll

Due to the aforementioned back issues and it being borderline nude on top I’ve also shown it paired above with a cardigan. I’ll definitely be wearing it like this sometimes.

My Conclusion
It’s a nice dress. It’s well made for the price and I recommend it if you aren’t as busty as me (& I didn’t even think I was that busty). I think that this works well for women with the same shape as me (on the bottom) if you want to accentuate your curves.

product picture
Mini dress by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester / Spandex
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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