Loved It/Hated It-The Carrie Diaries: Pilot


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AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw

“Sex isn’t everything”

I’m not going to go on and on about what is different from the novel in this or subsequent posts. You can call em recaps if you want. I’m also not comparing this Carrie to the future in Carrie in terms of history or continuity. Those of use who are hard core Sex and the City fans have had to notice during rewatches that SATC wasn’t always big on sticking with a specific backstory.

This episode sets up the basic plot. Carrie is a high schooler who has taken a weekend interning job in NYC. Her little sister Dorrit is rebelling. Their mother has died and their dad is uptight. We also meets Carrie’s school friends and her new NYC friend. Plus we get introduced to her love interest.

“if only I could escape my brain”
“I collect people”
“I’ve never met anyone gay before”

The City (yes the best parts take place in the city. As an adult I don’t really need to watch a ton of teen specific stuff. Plus it’s NYC! c’mon)

sister fight

that green and white dress that eventually gets passed down to Dorrit. It’s so reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parker’s coat, as seen here.

so true people do treat you weird when they know a relative of yours has died

Maggie’s hair!

Carrie’s first kiss is in a pool!

the creation of the Carrie bag

the blue and pink party dress Carrie fondles in Century 21

the inclusion of Interview Magazine!

the pink, polka dot party dress

Temptation by New Order (which was used amazingly in Trainspotting, of course)

Carrie’s leopard cardigan

her first journal entry, with the window framing her

“hot dog your keyhole”

Carrie acts like a narc. Ooh, Dorrit has pot. BFD

Sebastion isn’t at all what I’d envisioned (I know, I said I wouldn’t mention the book, but, ugh). Plus he’s not attractive enough and is preppy looking. This guy is supposed to be a bad ass.

Carrie’s dad seems way too square to have come up with the idea of her working in New York City.

Carrie helping her new friend steal, no

She should have worn the pantyhose at work but then not to the party. Duh. That is some disrespect there.

the “artists’ table” in NYC doesn’t seem at all like a group you’d want to hang out with

Dorrit goes missing

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