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iced coffee by missemmamm

“I feel like Nancy”, she stated gleefully, sipping an iced coffee in booty shorts. He just smiled, saying nothing. Having watched the premium cable show about a coffee sipping, scantily clad, dope dealing mom together he knew to what she was referring. There were speeding down a highway in the summer sun. She wasn’t worried about a destination. She assumed there wasn’t one. He just liked to drive sometimes.

She felt sexy, content and loved. Maybe he was driving out to another town or going to turn abruptly and take in some nature. Either way they were together.

To soon he turned into a rough looking housing development. She hadn’t been there since childhood but the sign stating their location made her uneasy. “I’ll just run over there and talk to those guys, stay here”, he instructed her, gesturing to his van.

Nervousness creeped up on her as he crossed over to a group of men in his incredibly unfortunate ensemble. His preppy, high end mall wear clashed with their baggy casualness. She cringed as they made him produce his driver’s license.

Eventually he returned, trying not to look flustered, “I don’t have a connection here”. A few minutes later one of the men came over, “It looks bad with you sitting here, drive around the corner”. “You’re not gonna beat me man are you?”, he inquired, now obviously worried. “No, just go around there”.

“Maybe we should just leave, I think they’re gonna beat me”, he repeated his phrase for someone just keeping his dough. They didn’t leave though. A different man walked over a few minutes later, asking for more money for his wife, who was standing around with their kids, offering him something better. He agreed, though he once again asked, “are you gonna beat me?”.

Not long after she turned her head slowly to try to avoid the scene. Three men, features partially obscured by bandannas were thrusting guns into his face as he handed over the remainder of his money.

As they sped away he repeatedly apologized, “I never should have put you in that situation, I never will again”. She was in shock. She couldn’t speak on the way home.

Upon entering the kitchen she immediately poured them tall drinks, lots of whiskey. “I’m so sorry”. She thrust him his drink, “let’s never talk about it”.

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