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Scary Movie (2000)
scary movie

The first Scary Movie spoofed many of the films listed on this list, as well as others that are not currently available on Netflix. Though it was officially released in 2000, it definitely belongs here. Anna Faris and Shannon Elizabeth costar in this Wayans brothers comedy that is mainly based on the original Scream flick. Fun fact: Scream’s working title was Scary Movie.

Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999)
teaching mrs tingle

The first Kevin Williamson penned movie on this list is the black comedy Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Katie Holmes, Marisa Couglan (Super Troopers), Barry Watson (Sorority Boys) and Helen Mirren co-star. The simple plot is about teens who want revenge on their bitchy teacher, the always sexy Helen mirren.

The Faculty (1998)
the faculty

This high school alien invasion flick from Robert Rodriguez is a must see. It’s The Body Snatchers meets The Breakfast Club. A truly fab 90s cast, including Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood and Shawn Hatosy, is able to give life to the teen archetypes presented here. The teachers in the film are played by so many amazing actors that I’m not even going to list them, just watch it.

Disturbing Behavior (1998)
disturbing behavior

Disturbing Behavior is a creepy look at high school jock mentality. Something (and or someone) is changing these small town teens into shiny, 50’s style goodie two shoes, except when they get horny and then homicidal. Katie Holmes shines as sexy “trash” in this Kevin Williamson penned guilty pleasure. James Marsden (X-Men) costars as the new kid.

Bride of Chucky (1998)
bride of chucky

Definitely my favorite Chucky flick, this one is over the top fun. Jennifer Tilly is a boobaliscious, goth trailer chick who she gets her wish and brings back her ex, now in Chucky’s body, of course. Things get completely zany when he also transfers her soul to doll form. A young Katherine Heigl and John Ritter (as her angry dad) costar. Also keep an eye out for Alexis Arquette who is amazing in this.

Scream (1996)
scream poster

You’re most likely familiar with Wes Craven’s Scream. A hot cast of well known actors mixed with up and comers appear in this slasher movie that is so in the know that Jamie Kennedy’s character even lists what must happen in a horror flick in one of the definitive scenes. The cast is rounded out with Neve Canpbell (as the hero), Skeet Ulrich (as his hottest), Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan (as a blonde), Henry Winkler, David Arquette and Courtney Cox. Some of the sequels are also available on Netflix.

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jesse dwts

jesse dwts 2

berkley hand

I just have to highlight one of my favorite TV moments of 2013. Recently on Dancing with the Stars, Elizabeth Berkley was able to do a fun, silly dance recreation of her famous “I’m So Excited” scene from Saved By The Bell. The 9th episode of season 2 of SBTB is entitled “Jessie’s Song”. The focus of the episode is that the girls on the show have formed a singing group (under Zack’s guidance, of course) called Hot Sundae. Since Jessie has always been obsessed with her grades she can’t let them slide to devote time to the group. Instead she starts popping caffeine pills in an effort to stay awake enough to juggle both.

While my main excitement over Berkley appearing on this season stems from my intense love of Showgirls, it’s my all time favorite movie, I also grew up on SBTB. While watching this dance I suddenly felt 11 again, instead of 30. Totally awesome! Without further ado, please enjoy viewing this dance. (Two scenes from the original SBTB episode are below as well.)

Saved By The Bell: Jesse & The Sundaes from Good Kids. on Vimeo.

more Elizabeth Berkley on the net
Elizabeth Berkley’s official site
Elizabeth Berkley on twitter
Val Chmerkovskiy on twitter-Berkey’s dance partner

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(photos are from Elizabeth & Val’s twitter accounts)


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Since I try to make this blog a positive place, mostly sharing fun stuff that I enjoy, you may not realize that I’m normally an unhappy person. However since I’ve been in a rare happy, sappy mood recently, I’m not just listening to the blues. (That’s been my go to for months). I now present to you my personal “Lovey Dovey” mix for those who are sickeningly in love, like me. (Yes, this is on my phone.)

Lovey Dovey from Emma_moon on 8tracks Radio.

1. Jackson-Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
2. Anything We Want-Fiona Apple
3. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You-Chris Isaak
4. Elastic Love-Christina Aguilera
5. Hot Knife-Fiona Apple
6. If I Can’t Have You-Yvonne Elliman
7. Love Is The Drug-Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac
8. Love Somebody-Maroon 5
9. Love Spent-Madonna
10. Lucky Strike-Maroon 5
11. Simple Irresistible-Robert Palmer
12. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You-Bryan Adams
13. Two Sleep People-Seth MacFarlane

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5 out of 5

How to Disclipline Your Vampire

How to Discipline Your Vampire
by Mina Vaughn
published by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books
Pocket Star (Simon & Schuster)
release date: August 19, 2013
provided by NetGalley

It’s October, how apropos that I discuss my favorite book of 2013, which just happens to costar a vampire. I freakin love everything about this book. It’s like it was custom made for me. The protagonist is school teacher Cerise who is also bossy outside of the classroom. She’s a domme in the BDSM scene who is also into roleplay. The domme stuff is actually quite tame, she’s more into the roleplay side of things. Well, actually to the extreme.

Her big problem with finding subs is that she can’t stand anything inauthentic to her scene. The book actually opens with her partner trying to act like a rock star and just barely flubbing it. Teacher’s all “bad boy!” but not in a good way and lets that sub go.

Luckily she finds her match in William. His first scene with her is as a vampire. He tries to tell her that he actually is one, but who would believe that? He is intriguing though, with him known as Chilly Willy in the BDSM community. Why? Cold hands, high tolerance for pain, hmm?

Yes, the sex scenes are flippin’ hot. They are light on BDSM, but heavy on hotness. She’s also a bit of a switch, meaning that sometimes she likes some pain as well.

Cerise is an awesome, fully formed character. She’s a punky substitute teacher who is not crazy about entanglements, hence the substitute position. William is also multifaceted. He’s got that broody vampire thing down and has kept diaries of his life but lives in the here and now as well. His occupation keeps him out in the world. Plus he has both human and vamp roommates.

What will happen as her relationship with William progresses, deepening emotionally?

This is an amazingly fun, intriguing, sexy read.

I pulled away, hesitantly. “I don’t deserve attention from someone like you, Mrs. Norrel,” I said, bashfully. “My job is my life. I’m usually buried in paperwork, I just don’t—”I stuttered.

She leaned against the bar, pulled me against her, and wrapped one long leg around my waist. She radiated heat, and her aroma made my head spin. “I want you buried in something else,” she said huskily, grinding against me, pressing her sharp heel into my back. I moaned, and grazed my thumb along her collarbone.

“I’ll do anything you want,” I panted, as she slid her tongue down my neck, fingers loosening my tie.

(very) short excerpt from the book via Mina Vaughn

More Mina Vaughn on the Web:
I’m incredibly excited that she has two new books coming out in the future, How to Reprimand Your Rock Star in 2014 and How to Punish Your Playboy in 2015!
official tumblr blog
official twitter
on Goodreads
Ten Questions About How to Discipline Your Vampire by Mina Vaughn

You can order How to Discipline Your Vampire here on Amazon. (Note: Clicking this Amazon link and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.)

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4 out of 5


Style Me Sexy (a novella) by Tara Chevrestt
published by Harlequin Enterprises Australia, Escape Publishing
release date: October 1, 2013
provided by NetGalley

Style Me Sexy is about Bridget. Like many of us, at some point, we’ve been made to feel unattractive. In her case it was an extremely rude ex. So instead of initially focusing on looks she has begun an online romance so that they can get to know one another without looks being a factor. When she sets up a date with him she decides to head to her usual salon for a slightly different do. When her stylist is unavailable she ends up getting an extreme (and extremely sexy) new do from Javier, the resident hottie barber. Javier makes her feel great about herself prior to her date. What will happen?

It was a nice change of pace to read about another woman who is insecure. Often in current fiction this is avoided, which I totally understand. I mean, all of us want someone to look up to, so a heroine often seems a bit perfect. Plus Javier is a total sweetie. I really enjoyed both characters.

I should also mention that this is a sensual story, not sexual, there aren’t any sex scenes. So if you aren’t keen on those then this would be a good choice for you.

I dug this little novella. That’s actually the only problem. It’s a true novella. It’s only 21 pages. Yes, I wanted more. You can easily read this in one sitting. I definitely plan on checking out more of the author’s work in the future.

Tara Chevrestt on the web:
(btw-I’ve read just a bit about her so far but she’s really interesting.)
official site
official twitter
official Facebook
official goodreads

You can order Style Me Sexy here on Amazon. (Note: Clicking this Amazon link and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.)

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