Playlist: Lovey Dovey

Since I try to make this blog a positive place, mostly sharing fun stuff that I enjoy, you may not realize that I’m normally an unhappy person. However since I’ve been in a rare happy, sappy mood recently, I’m not just listening to the blues. (That’s been my go to for months). I now present to you my personal “Lovey Dovey” mix for those who are sickeningly in love, like me. (Yes, this is on my phone.)

Lovey Dovey from Emma_moon on 8tracks Radio.

1. Jackson-Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
2. Anything We Want-Fiona Apple
3. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You-Chris Isaak
4. Elastic Love-Christina Aguilera
5. Hot Knife-Fiona Apple
6. If I Can’t Have You-Yvonne Elliman
7. Love Is The Drug-Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac
8. Love Somebody-Maroon 5
9. Love Spent-Madonna
10. Lucky Strike-Maroon 5
11. Simple Irresistible-Robert Palmer
12. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You-Bryan Adams
13. Two Sleep People-Seth MacFarlane

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