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5 out of 5

Naked Sushi

Naked Sushi
by Jina Bacarr
published by Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin
release date: October 15, 2013
provided by NetGalley

Naked Sushi is a seriously delicious read! It focuses on Pepper O’Malley. She’s a heroine worth rooting for, a somewhat insecure computer programmer, who sounds adorably quirky. Unfortunately she hasn’t been getting lucky IRL lately. So one night her flirting gets out of hand when a hot guy seems to be coming onto her in the copy room. It turns out that the boring company that she works for isn’t quite so boring. It also turns out that the man in the copy room is a FBI agent trying to collect incriminating evidence on her boss. Pepper gets canned.

After trying to get any job possible but being blacklisted, Pepper teams up with Steve the FBI agent in a bid to get her good name back and maybe score with him, yet again! Pepper really gets into her role since she actually wanted to join the FBI the past but let her insecurities over her background get in the way.

Spy romances aren’t always up my alley. Sometimes they get too bogged down in the details of the case and lose focus on the romance at hand. Not this time. In addition to romance we also get a fun best friend who helps Pepper into and out of trouble.

naked sushi

The title, Naked Sushi, refers to a particular scene involving a naked sushi model. You know those women you can eat sushi off of at very fancy restaurants? Think Samantha in the first Sex and the City flick.

If you like unique characters, a hint of danger and hot sex then Naked Sushi is for you. This is a novella, but at 90 pages, I didn’t feel cheated out of a story. I just felt like it was super fast, super fun read. You can read it twice if you are so inclined, I did!

Enjoy this audio excerpt from the author:

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(Note: This is an affiliate link.) You can purchase Naked Sushi here on Amazon.

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