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How to Reprimand Your Rock Star cover

Guess what is almost here? That’s right, the release of Mina Vaughn’s new sexy novel, How to Reprimand Your Rock Star. As a huge fan of her 2013 release, How to Discipline Your Vampire, I am so excited to read this book. If you recall, that book actually started off with a rock star roleplay scene. So we already know that she knows what she’s doing in this area.

Her new tale is about a female college basketball player, Thea, and her budding romance with a rock star, Keaton. The author, Mina Vaughn, was kind enough to send me some info on the book including the cover art above and the excerpt below.

rock star excerpt

rockstar excerpt 2

rock star excerpt 3

rock star excerpt 4

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I am looking forward to How to Reprimand Your Rock Star this summer (July 21st) as well as her future releases.

She currently has yet another book on her menu, How to Punish Your Playboy, that is scheduled to come out in Spring of 2015. According to her blog that title is about “a pin-up model and the naughty restaurateur she manages to tame. You’ll love watching her teach this spoiled playboy a lesson.” Yum, this novel also has a female domination streak. As a switch, I totally dig that.

I love how Mina creates strong characters and a role reversal that we don’t often see in other romance novels.

You can pre-order How to Reprimand Your Rock Star here. While you are awaiting its release, don’t forget to check out How to Discipline Your Vampire as well. (Note: These are affiliate links.)

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