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Have you ever wondered how actors, musicians and athletes get gigs? Yes, when you start out you will have to find open calls yourself. However as you move up a bit you may need a talent agent. Talent agents find jobs that you may be right for and promote you.

Whether you have just a few roles under your belt or are a star, like Melissa McCarthy (Tammy, The Heat, Bridesmaids), you will most likely welcome the help of an agent.

Personally my biggest entertainment related talent is singing. I love to sing and I think I'm a pretty good mimic of popular artists. I've never done so professionally though. I sing for fun on YouTube and at karaoke. So I'm not currently the type of person who needs an agent. However I'd kill it on The Voice. So if I were to be cast on that show, I'd later acquire a talent agent to take me further.

If you are out there working hard to establish a name for yourself then you most likely do need an agent. Everyone knows that the hub of the film industry is California. If you live in California and need an agent you may want to check out Vesta Talent Agency . They are located in Torrance, California. This self described ivy league talent agency is both licensed and franchised. They believe in talent, temperament and work ethic.

If you need some help getting your name out there, check them out.

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