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How to Reprimand Your Rock Star cover

How to Reprimand Your Rock Star
by Mina Vaughn
published by Pocket Star (Simon & Schuster)
release date: July 21, 2014
provided by NetGalley

Last year, rising author Mina Vaughn released my favorite book of the year, How to Discipline Your Vampire. BDSM has become mainstream in the last few years. However, Mina’s twist is that she writes strong, multi-dimensional heroines who take the dom role. Yes, sexy women in control!

Earlier this year, she released an excerpt from her newest novel, How to Reprimand Your Rock Star. It definitely got me psyched for the release.

As with her previous novel, Vaughn puts the woman in the dom role. This time, we get a dom who is just discovering this side of her sexuality. This isn’t just a romance novel about the couple. It’s also about a woman who is coming into her own in many areas of her life.

Thea is a freshman in college, who is there to show off her basketball skills. We not only get to read about her love life but also her love of the game. I am not an athlete and really only enjoy shooting hoops solo. Vaughn writes in a way that lets everyone understand Thea’s point of view. She doesn’t assume that you know things, even basic things like the game H-O-R-S-E, but she also doesn’t dumb down any of the explanations. Keaton is a rock star, but Thea’s not familiar with his work. This and their shared interest in BDSM are what initially draw them together.

The most important thing to remember is that Thea is driven. She’s driven in all areas of her life. So when she meets a super sexy older man, Keaton, she goes full speed ahead at that as well. She does her BDSM research and practice, to the max!

Since Thea is new to the BDSM scene, it’s refreshing to watch her learn, through her eyes. She gets a bad ass, super sultry mentor, Scarlett. These are some wonderful parts of the book. I never felt like, oh, just get this over with and get back to the main couple. No, these parts really added to Thea’s journey.

rr sub info

Yes, this book is full of what is fantasy for many of us, when it comes to the rock star life. Plus, it offers a hint of what ivy league college life is like to those of us who haven’t ventured in that direction with our lives. What’s very cool though is that there are many small touches here and there that truly make the story feel realistic. There’s an overenthusiastic best friend, lots of text and Facebook drama and dealing with a, sometimes, long distance relationship.

rr friend

rr texts

All of that and the sex. Yes, the sex scenes are fab. If you enjoy a lot of introductory BDSM play and a good deal of foreplay, they are probably perfect for you.

rr goddess

rr sexy 2

It’s often easy to assume that a book like this will definitely end happily but there is actually a sense of will they or won’t they, because of their conflicting schedules.

I highly recommend reading How to Reprimand Your Rock Star. If you enjoyed Vaughn’s first book then you should definitely have this on your to buy list. There are some parallels between the two, though they are their own stories. If you haven’t read How to Discipline Your Vampire for whatever reason (maybe you don’t like vampires), jump on this. No, you don’t have to be into sports to cheer on Thea. Her story is not always easy, but definitely, always a good ride.

You can buy How to Reprimand Your Rock Star here on Amazon. (Note: Clicking this Amazon link and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.)

Mina Vaughn
photo is by Shannon Michelle Photography, via Vaughn’s tumblr

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I’m excited that she has another sexy book due for release next year, How to Punish Your Playboy.
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