Style File: Summer 2011 30 for 30 Part 4 (Finale)

(aka the post in which all of Pennsylvania stops reading this blog)

So this is the final post in my 30 for 30 challenge. Unfortunately I did not get to 30 outfits but that’s not really surprising, considering my life style. Most people have an epiphany when they do these. I mainly just realized that I need to buy some more basic tees and costume jewelry to round out my wardrobe. Plus I have been trying to actually wear some of my shoes (that I love to collect) and jazz outfits up with belts.

Believe it or not, wearing anything other than sweat pants and wife beaters in my town (it’s a shithole, this is the biggest attraction) is tantamount to basically asking people to give you shit for it. (It could also be because I don’t have 6 babies hanging off of, nor track marks on my arms).

The thing is that I’m not interesting in trying to conform. In fact, I never could but I’m not interested in being fucking boring anyway. I’ve lived in other small towns (unlike some people around here who have never left the state) and at least those other people had a sense of humor. Here they are defensive. It’s like “Don’t talk bad about my shithole, us assholes gotta stick together”. Well I’m not one of these assholes and I have no intention of every becoming one.

So from now on when I get shit I will be doing what I have been doing lately, standing up for myself, fists first if need be, (yes, I’m back to being 11 years old again) because I’m not into letting anyone, including these old blue haired biddies who hate everything about me-my figure, my clothing, my piercings, because all they know how to do is conform to the old lady hairstyle and act like catty bitches. This is on my mind because I got shit for the adorable 90s dress below, which I fucking love, FUCKING LOVE!

1970s FLORAL

Lady Blair floral dress-thrifted, white Candies-Gabriel Brothers
pink pearls-Kmart

I picked up this floral dress recently with a couple of other dresses and I really like it. It’s not something I’d usually think about wearing. It’s a little too pretty & soft but I really like it on. I was trying to figure out what jewelry to pair with it when I remembered these pink pearls that I bought a while back but always forget that I own (also seen in Photo Set: Burlesque). Then I dug up these Candies that I’ve had for years. They were much more comfortable than I thought. Although I did wear dirty, old flip flops to run into Walmart that day (so I could be faster) and I fit right in with all of the people who looked like they got dressed in the dark.


California Concepts sunflower dress-eBay, green budda bracelet-gift
satin Steve Madden platforms-thrifted

I found this dress on eBay and am super in love with it. I swear I’ve seen this exact print in some 90s film but can’t recall which one. It also brings to mind Janeane Garafalo’s wardrobe in Reality Bites. I threw on some platforms, woot, & was off. I did get shit from some old lady (as mentioned above) in this outfit but I did loudly threaten so I think that she got the idea. (I also scared the waitress a little). Then I ran into a store for a tech problem & surprise, surprise the guy working there was very nice, cuz I’m pretty and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Harajuku Lovers This Love Is Serious tank top-eBay, Route 66 yellow shorts-Kmart, pink polka dot belt-thrifted, heart necklace-gift, yellow bubble bracelet-Dots
yellow floral espadrilles by Xhilaration-thrifted

I have no idea what I did this day but I was really into wearing all yellow. The tank top was also seen here and the shoes were seen here.

Mossimo striped tank top-Target, yellow Route 66 shorts-Kmart, yellow bubble bracelet-Dots

I wore this one day when it was extremely hot (and I don’t have air conditioning in the room that I dress in, yay, sweaty). You can chalk up the odd/extreme pose due to my frustration at having to take more photos because the first ones were out of focus. (I really need to stop taking pictures in that room, the lighting is terrible). I wore my Pony shoes (seen here).

Style File: Summer 2011 30 for 30 Part 3

This post is a part of the 30 for 30 challenge.

These are some outfits that I wore in July while my sister was visiting. July’s her birthday month so she visited a couple of times. Yes, many folks in my family like a ‘birthday month’. Personally I’m good with a weekend for moi.


Harajuku Lovers This Love Is Serious tank top-eBay, Route 66 denim shorts-eBay, yellow bracelet-Dots, multicolor bracelet-Burlington Coat Factory, elephant earrings-gift
OPI shatter nail polish-gift
Rue 21 denim high top sneakers-thrifted

We’ve been going to Idlewild amusement park since we were small children. It’s a fun, relaxed family park. There aren’t any thrill rides or that sort of thing.

I put this outfit together because I wanted to stay cool but still have a little fun. It seems in the past that I either would try to look sexy (uh, youth, like any guys care about little ole me) and be quite uncomfortable or think “It’s hot & I just want to be comfortable” and just dress like shit. I think this is an improvement.

I bought the top on eBay last summer. It’s from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku line. The tops in that line are so much fun. They often offer them during rush sales on HauteLook but I never have dough when they’re available. My go to denim shorts were also seen in this post. I added some costume jewelry including my elephant earrings (also seen here). I shot a close up of my nail polish because it was one of the first times that I used the OPI shatter polish. I was going for the fun, close up accessories pics that I see on other blogs but some of them came out creepy.

my sister & her boyfriend
fake outhouse

Confusion Hill is one of those fun mystery spots. Dizzy Lizzy’s setting is a saloon/whorehouse in which you sit on a bench while a revolving room spins around you so that it seems like you are moving. This guide was pretty good too. I don’t even think that he broke character.

gray lace look top-gift, chain necklace-Target, Paulo Corelli booties-thrifted, Piper & Blue Jeans-kmart

We went out to our local bar that night after returning from Idlewild so I just threw something together quickly. The top necklace and boots were seen in this previous post. We were in a hurry to go so I didn’t take pics until we returned which explains the ludicrous angles that I thought were funny/interesting at the time. I also usually have a policy of not taking photos for things like this after drinking as your eyes will look like shit. We had some fun and sang karaoke. I sang All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow and my sister sang Folson Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress-RueLaLa

My sister told me that she was going to wear a dress on her birthday so of course I was like, heck yeah, I’ll wear one too. I chose this American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress that I had bought on sale from RueLaLa a while back. Apparently you can wear it 15 different ways. I tried a few ways but found this way to be the most flattering because I have boobs. I wore my yellow wedges, as seen here. My sister’s dress is from some upscale department store. The name escapes me. If you are wondering what I got her for her birthday the gifts did include shoes, “Mary, I have to practice walking in these, they are at least 6 inches, I feel like I’m on stilts”. teehee.

tank top-Dots, black polyester tailored shorts-Dots, belt-Walmart, chain necklace-Target

I threw this together to go to the dive bar again because “I like to wear colors like black because it says I’m a whore”Jenna Marbles. Just kidding. It was because it was 4,000 degrees so I was trying to wear as little as possible to deal with it. The shorts were also seen here. The necklace is the same as shown above and the belt has been seen here and here. I wore my Vivica wedges from ShoeDazzle as seen here. I do not have the picture of those as they were taken on my sister’s phone. Which is also where a picture of her would be. Oops.

It was packed so we didn’t stay very long. We did sing karaoke again though. I sang A Change Would Do You Good by Sheryl Crow and she sang something by Rihanna. I think it was Good Girl Gone Bad but I could be wrong.

Style File: Summer 2011 30 for 30 Part 2

This post is a part of 30 for 30 Month.These outfits were worn in July and August.

4th of July

headband-Target, lei-Dollar Tree, Mossimo Supply Co. patriotic tank top-Target, Route 66 denim shorts-eBay, Fashion Bug red velvet wedges-thrifted

luckily my mom likes to do stuff like this sometimes too

I just threw this together for fun on the 4th of July. I had picked up the headbands the week prior at Target (also seen here), had the leis from last year. I wear these shorts all of the time. I snagged them on eBay like a year ago. I had found a pair of yellow shorts that I really liked the fit of on a clearance sale at Kmart so I hunted down 3 more in various colors on eBay (all from the same seller, yay!). I love these wedges that I’ve had for a while but I don’t have a lot of red clothing so they rarely get worn.

GAP black tee-thrifted, belt-Walmart, green Buddha bracelet-gift, brown cuff-Dots, green, slim fit pants-Dots
Clarks boots-thrifted. (Yeah, I wear men's watches, deal with it.)

This is just something standard that I would wear but I tried to make it more interesting by adding the cuff (seen here, so are the pants), belt (seen here) and bracelet.

Just For Wraps denim dress-Dots, pink stone bracelet-gift, pink fabric belt-thrifted, heart necklace-gift.
Flex from ShoeDazzle (Crossfire Strap by Pony)

I wanted to be comfortable on that day so I wore my comfy denim dress (seen here) with my new flats from ShoeDazzle. During the BOGO sale in which I bought the Vivica wedges I also snagged these really fun gold shoes because I needed a new pair of slip ons to wear all of the time. ShoeDazzle calls them Flex because they are totally flexible. The original name given to them by Pony is the Crossfire Strap. They are sold out at ShoeDazzle but you can snag them here. I love them and wear them most days. I think of them as my space shoes, which is so silly but fun. The necklace and bracelet were both gifts from my sister at random times that I added for visual interest. (I suck at finding costume jewelry that I like so I’m happy that she figures it out for me.).

Prospirit Athletic Gear black tank top with silver design, heart necklace-gift, Route 66 denim shorts-eBay, Clarks boots-thrifted

I wore this outfit when I was attempting to go see The Clarks play at the fair. I needed something that said sort of rocker but also comfortable and hillbillyish. So I put on this tank top which I’ve had for years. It’s actually a sports top with a built in bra and everything but I usually just wear it anytime in the summer because I like the design. Back when I was living in Maryland and would run out of slutty bar tops I would often substitute this, which fits in at your small bars. Other than that it’s the same shorts, necklace and boots seen in outfits above.

My plan was to hang out for a while, bother my bro (who was working the fair), watch a pig race and then see The Clarks perform. However on the way there a torrential downpour started. I called and the teen girl working the phone made it sound unlikely that they would go on. Of course I later found out that they did but it’s not like I was up for walking/standing around in the rain for hours anyhow. Every time I try to see this band (from PA so they play in the area fairly often) they cancel the show or something like this happens. I think I’m done trying.

So I ended up going somewhere else where I looked inappropriate (which is the usual for me anyway.)

For some reason sometimes when I take photos from a certain spot in my room they come out fuzzy. These are usually the best shots. Plus I think that I’m done and then realize that I have to hurry up and take some more. So in the interest of having a couple of shots that weren’t blurry the second two are extremely close.

Style File: Blue Crisp featuring Crystalline Dreams

This post is a part of 30 for 30 Month.

Today I’m going to introduce you to Crystalline Dreams. Crystalline Dreams is an etsy shop that sells beautiful, handmade jewelry and glassware. Her items are really fun and imaginative.

She sent me this beautiful necklace that it totally my style so I had to share it with you. I think that it will go with a lot of tops and dresses that I have. This necklace isn’t currently in her shop but if it’s your style then you should just ask to order the necklace that you saw missemmamm wearing because she takes custom orders.

You should definitely go check out Crystalline Dreams. Right now is a great time to do so since she is having a “Help Me Buy a House” Sale. Use coupon code HOUSE for 25% off your entire order. Plus spend $50 or more and message her for free shipping. You can also like Crystalline Dreams on Facebook.

necklace-Crystalline Dreams, blue lace tank top-New York and Company, YMI white bootcut jeans-Dots, Vivica wedges-ShoeDazzle

I decided to pair my necklace with these new really hot, white YMI Jeans that I bought at Dots. I love them. They fit like a pair of Frankie Bs that I used to wear all of the time years ago. I added a cute lace top and these Vivica wedges that I recently bought from ShoeDazzle during their BOGO sale.

DISCLOSURE: I received this necklace as a gift but that doesn’t affect my thoughts on it.

Style File: Summer 2011 30 for 30 Part 1

This post is a part of 30 for 30 month. I believe that these first 4 outfits were worn at the end of June and beginning of July.

Rue 21 colorblock top-thrifted, green slim fit pants with side zippers/pockets-Dots, double wrap rope belt-ShoeDazzle, chain necklace-Target, Paulo Corelli boots-thrifted.

For this outfit I simply paired a top I’ve had for a while with these comfy pants that I scored super cheap at Dots earlier this year with my Paulo Corelli boots & Target necklace (both previously seen here). I was excited to try wearing these belts that I bought from ShoeDazzle as a DazzleDeal, All the Rage in white. It included 4 belts and a hat. Up til now I’ve always been a very occasional wearer of belts. This is probably my favorite of the 4 belts because you can wear it with so much stuff and it’s comfortable.

Gap black tee-thrifted, chain necklace-Target, double rope belt-ShoeDazzle, Piper & Blue jeans-Kmart
Liz Claiborne faux patent leather bag-thrifted, Predictions boots-thrifted

I wore this when I went to see Bad Teacher. I mainly just wanted to wear these awesome boots (previously seen in this post). that I had snagged recent to then. I have worn them often since then when it hasn’t been to hot to do so. So I just put something simple together. I used the same necklace & belt from the previous outfit. These are a favorite pair of jeans that I wear often (also seen here). I’ve had this bag for a few months and still love it. It’s bigger and has short handles, which are both out of the ordinary for me in a bag, but the fun style makes up for any annoyance those cause.

American Apparel Slate Jersey Dress-RueLaLa, gray lace look top-gift, belt-ShoeDazzle, Bongo floral leggings-Kmart, pink stone bracelet-gift.

Clarks boots-thrifted

I put this together one day mainly to wear these leggings and then saw this dress I had bought from Ruelala a while back but hadn’t worn and this belt I had bought in that ShoeDazzle DazzleDeal that I mentioned. I wear these boots all of the time (previously seen here. They are really comfy. The whole outfit was fun and comfortable.

Just For Wraps denim dress-Dots, belt-ShoeDazzle, brown cuff-Dots, tangerine Cardiff bag-ShoeDazzle, Lower Eastside butterfly cowboy boots-Payless

I bought this dress from Dots on sale a while ago. It’s 2-3 sizes too big but I figured that I would wear it as a tent dress like the models do. However since I bought all of these belts I’ve been belting it up when I go out and then wearing it beltless (more comfy) around the house. I decided that I had to wear my Cardiff bag (they don’t have tangerine anymore but you can still get it in brown or black) from ShoeDazzle with this outfit. Plus I added a ShoeDazzle belt, Dots cuff and my butterfly cowboy boots (also seen in spring, I reckon).