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Dress-Ambiance Apparel, thrifted, kitten heels-Fioni, Payless

with my sister and mother

I wore this look on Thanksgiving. There wasn’t much to be said about Thanksgiving but we ate some food. It was my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian but I never really liked turkey much anyway. I like stuffing and mashed potatoes.

I have been really into vintage dresses lately because I’ve been marathoning Mad Men. I have been buying some vintage dresses on eBay but there is one style referred to as a Lucy Dress that has alluded me because they never end up selling cheaply on there. I bought this at a thrift store. Although I can tell that it’s actually a modern day dress it has that type of style to it. I also tried on a wiggle dress the day I bought this that looked like it was from the ’80s but a throwback to the ’60s but I couldn’t fit my chest into it. It was a bummer. This was also a little tight in the chest so I wore a thin sports bra underneath. My mother was making fun of me when I told her because in the past I have complained about not inheriting her large chest like my sister has. She’s like ‘now you want to go and look smaller’. She doesn’t get my love of fashion. I also found these heels that I had bought a few years ago but had only wore a few times. They were a little loose but I had to wear them. I dyed my hair Manic Panic’s Electric Banana a few days beforehand but it didn’t last long.

The Makeup

About a week before Thanksgiving I had watched A Single Man and fell in love with Julianne Moore’s eye makeup in it. Apparently it’s the same type of style that Twiggy used to wear. You basically just do a nude or white eyelid and then do a cat’s eye eyeliner but also line the crease of the eyelid which looks a bit trippy. I considered making it look even crazier by wearing fake lashes but didn’t want to have to deal with them all day. Then I used my two current favorite pink lipsticks (Rimmel’s Pink Blush and Maybelline’s Colorsensational Pearly Pink). I like to layer them.

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Retro Thanksgiving

Retro Thanksgiving by MissEmmaMM featuring swing dresses


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Last month I bought a cheap tripod (so cool), headed to what was my favorite cemetery growing up and took some photos for the Pinup Lifestyle’s Dia de los Muertos Contest. Go here to learn more about the holiday. I always thought they were exaggerating during challenges on America’s Next Top Model, but alas they were right, it is more difficult to take photos outside. A lot of my pics were unusable because I was squinting or closing my eyes to avoid the wind. I forgot that they had moved the police station right down the street and worried I’d get in trouble when a cop car drove by but they didn’t stop. I imagined them chuckling and shaking their head. Hey, it’s got to be better than the teens who use the place to drink and then litter there at night, right? I could say that I hadn’t posted this because I was busy and hadn’t yet edited the photos but the truth is that I was bummed at losing another PUL contest. Most of the contests are so creative though that I feel like by not trying I am just hurting myself because I’m missing out on the neat photos I’ll end up with. The winner was this cool pic. Everyone else seemed to focus on close ups of their makeup. Mine was okay, not fantastic, I’m no makeup artist but my favorite pics of mine were not close up so I don’t think they would have had a better shot anyway. My first pic is the one I used as my submission. I’m into slideshows right now but if you want to see the regular, full size photos go here.


My d├ęcolletage isn't that light and my eyes aren't that color. Thanks Picnik for the vampire Halloween effects.

About the Makeup: First I did a Google image search to see what others had done to get ideas. Then I bought a cheap black and white Halloween makeup set, like this. I decided against using the black on my eyes because they are sensitive. I just used my own black eyeshadow by Revlon. It’s like this but it doesn’t have any glitter in it. Then I used a little green eyeshadow plus some awesome yellow Sugarpill Buttercupcake Eyeshadow. There are different ways to do the lips for this. Most people either do the sewn shut look that I went for or the teeth look, which is too complex for me.

Style File

FYI: I got a great deal on this dress. It’s a bubble rose dress by Leola Couture which usually retails for $220 but was $12 at ideeli. I highly recommend going here and signing up for this free, members only, designer sale site.

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El Arbol Muerto

El Arbol Muerto by MissEmmaMM featuring bubble dresses


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This is another catch up blog. A few months ago Hollywood Video filed for bankruptcy. While I was there on the last day they were open, snatching up a bunch of Blu-Rays & DVDs for $2 or less a piece, I saw some fliers. The fliers were for an open interview happening the next week for the new Family Video store that was moving into the same building. Of course, I had to go despite my problems. I’ve always wanted to work in a video store.

I chose this outfit because I find that it’s best to go simple but not too dressy for a minimum wage interview. Unfortunately the interview did not go well. I came prepared with my application, to which the woman made a joke about the employees of the former store throwing them all out when I told her it was the last one. I had the standard spiel worked up about how they should hire me because my major fault is that I work to hard, etc. I did forget to mention I live about 3 driving or 20 walking minutes away which may have helped. However you she shot me odd questions like ‘what are you hobbies?’ to which I felt like answering ‘Well between working many hours a day for very little money and sleeping I don’t many’ but instead I was honest which made me sound like a loser. There were other questions I also answered dismally. I never even got a callback. Recently while walking by I spied the manager for the former store working in there which shows me that they probably just rehired most of the staff of the old store. It takes, at most, about 2 people to run this store on a busy night. So I guess it wasn’t all me.

Anyway, afterward I stopped by Taco Bell for one of those Fruitistas to cheer me up but it didn’t totally do the job so I had to take these silly pics for fun.

It also struck me that, duh, I have worked in a video store before, my parent’s. When I was about 13 my parents leased a building downtown that they made a combo hardware/video store. It only lasted a year as we didn’t make much money. This was prior to DVD so it was actually a video store. We stocked the store by buying used videos from someone whose own video store had gone out of business (that’s when I discovered Army of Darkness in a huge box of occult horror flicks), my dad’s movies, my own collection (which I offered because mine were more up to date, but I was worried about people messing them up) and buying a few new at higher prices. The coolest thing was that a lot of people really wanted our opinion on what to rent. I used to keep index cards of the rentals & a list of the highest renting flicks. That list is long gone now but I do remember a few movies that were on it. It was the year of Titanic, so that was #1. We even had 3 copies for rent. That was a lot because we only had 1 of everything else. Number 2 was Shallow Grave and Trainspotting was in the top ten. It was easier to sell people on a thriller than a movie about heroin addicts.

Yes, I was a huge Ewan McGregor addict. I even ran a crappy fansite that somehow got listed in the back of a book. It was pretty cool, an assistant at a publishing company contacted me and sent me free copies of the book to giveaway. Sadly, the author OD’d a few years back.

FYI: The art in the background is by Josh Flood, who is awesome. He appears to have taken his official site down but keep an eye out for his eBay auctions.

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Yes, this is super old but I am months behind with some posts due to things beyond my control. According to WP I wore this on or before July 9th.

1. Op Color-Block Tie-Back Dress
2. Freestyle Hi Reebok, Foot Locker Sneakers
3.Oversized Tortoise Sunglasses

I wore this to Chinese. My friend Jen gave me the dress as a present for my birthday. I found the shoes super cheap during a trip to the mall with my sister & her boyfriend. I did not know you could ever find anything in Foot Locker for under $10. I would have gotten them in a funky orange/teal color too but they didn’t have those in my size. Unfortunately I rarely wear these shoes as they hurt. The dress is super comfy though.

Almost everything in the polyvore is now out of date too. Oh well.


Colorblock by MissEmmaMM featuring black shoes


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OP Juniors Graphic Henley Tank-Walmart, Basic Editions Canvas Shoes-Kmart, Aviators with heavy mirror-Rue 21, Route 66 Shorts-Kmart-worn on 06/11/10

This is just a fun summer look. The title is from a cheesy 90s song that brings a smile to my face when I hear it, Return of the Mack. You can click the Pop-Out Player button below to hear it on my summer mix (It’s the 1st song). When I saw that Walmart had brought back the OP surf label that I always thought was fun in the 90s but couldn’t afford (don’t fret, there were cute knock offs) I had to get a couple of things. This tank top is so fun, flattering and comfortable. I also picked up the yellow graphic top and my friend Jen bought me the teal colorblock dress in the 2nd polyvore below for my birthday. Check out the 2nd polyvore for my top picks from the OP at Walmart line. I bought the shorts on sale last fall or winter. Of course I had to pair the look with some new (yes, they are back) 90s style bobos. Back in the day I had bobos in a ton of colors to match a bunch of my outfits. When my sis, her bf and I went shopping last month I had to snag these men’s aviators for myself from Rue 21. They make me smile because they’re silly looking. I’ve been wearing them a lot. The lenses are very dark so that’s a plus. It seems like often sunglasses I pick up for the style don’t work at all. Please go HYPE my look if you are on LOOKBOOK.

Standalone player
Return of the MackFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Return of the Mack by MissEmmaMM featuring J Crew shorts Apparel: Op : Juniors: Op, $6 Apparel: Op : Juniors: Op, $6
Women’s size 16 – shorts – 5″ chino short – J.Crew, $30
Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Light Ox, $30
Old Navy Womens Canvas Slip-Ons, $9.99
ASOS Side Zip Plimsoll Boots, $34
Element Composer Atlantic Blue Juniors Cord Short – Surf Fanatics, $40
Aviators with heavy mirror, $5.99
Aviator Sunglasses
Sugarpill – Buttercupcake Pressed Eyeshadow
Super Troopers
Ray-Ban RB3025 001/3E Aviator Sunglasses at
OP PicksFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

OP Picks by MissEmmaMM featuring Cargo clothing Apparel: Op : Dresses: Op, $10 Apparel: Op : Dresses: Op, $10 Apparel: Op : Juniors: Op, $8 Apparel: Juniors: All Bottoms, $10 Apparel: Juniors: Op : Op, $10 Apparel: Juniors: All Tops, $8 Apparel: Op : Juniors: Op, $12 Apparel: Juniors: All Tops: Op, $8
Search results for swimsuits – Walmart, $20 Apparel: Op : Swimwear: Op, $12
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