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Last month I picked up a couple of great deals and I finally got around to wearing them last week. I found this cute striped top at Kmart. I loved Kristen Wiig’s striped top that she wore during the plane scene in Bridesmaids (as seen below). However I didn’t go looking for a similar top as something that boxy would not flatter my figure. I have seen similar styles offered from StyleMint but I couldn’t justify spending $30 on a tee shirt that might not even fit me well. When I saw this on the clearance rack at Kmart I thought it probably wouldn’t look great on me but why not try it on since I was there? I actually found it really cute. I felt a French vibe when I put it on. I think many associate stripes with France, not just me, (see also, the time Carrie went to France on Sex and the City, below).

Route 66 top-Kmart, Lyon Bag-ShoeDazzle, faux pearl and fabric necklace-Body Central, snake ring-Big Lots, black Bongo jeans-Kmart, Missoni for Target pumps-Target

Plus I found these adorable Missoni for Target pumps on sale at Target. They were 70% off. When the line was released I limited myself to two pieces so I passed these by even though I dug them. I considered going with some cowboy boots for this look but I really love these so I’ll do that next time.

I usually wear a bag out before I move on to the next one. So even though I bought this Lyon bag from ShoeDazzle last summer I hadn’t started using it until last week. It’s so cute. Then I added some skinny jeans, a faux pearl and fabric necklace and a snake ring. It’s a simple, casual look but I dug it.

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French Wiig


French Wiig by missemmamm featuring super skinny jeans


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Well as Ted would say on How I Met Your Mother “the thing about New Year’s Eve is that it sucks”.

Betsey Johnson Evening Dress-eBay, Smart and Sexy bra-Walmart, Temptress by ShoeDazzle pumps

This year I was friendless (not unusual) and feeling ill. However I know from past experience that if I don’t leave my house on NYE I will be super depressed and down on myself for not trying. I live in the middle of nowhere. Most bars were closed. They do this sometimes on major holidays to avoid the sloppy drunks who may damage their bar or cause a fight. I had 2 choices-the fun gay bar in town or a bus trip to Wheeling Island Casino. The problem with the bar is that it’s in town and I hate this town. I went to Wheeling last New Year’s Eve. The big problem then was that it was incredibly overcrowded. You couldn’t even get a slot machine about halfway through the night. Plus it would have cost a lot more to take the bus trip. So I decided on the local bar.

A few days before I started feeling ill. This means that my attempts to by a dress were incredibly half assed. I was only in the stores for a few minutes, felt dizzy and left. I also never got around to buying pantyhose. So on NYE I was stumbling around my house sweaty and nauseous trying on every dress I could find. I assumed I’d go with an old slinky black dress that resembles something a ballerina would wear and jazz it up with the accessories. (BTW-how cute is this nail polish that I won from Agent Lover) I couldn’t find that. I eventually settled on this cute Betsey Johnson dress I’d scored on eBay a few months prior. It was incredibly cheap because it was used and the straps were torn. So I cut them the rest of the way off and attached them to a new, cute purple bra with some small safety pins. Yay, it worked!

I didn’t get there until almost 11:30, which was fine with me. I figured that I’d stay an hour. That way I could at least be out with people when it turned midnight, I know. I had a couple of drinks, there was a drag show, a DJ was spinning great dance music and they gave us champagne for midnight. It was pretty nice. At almost 12:30 when I was getting ready to leave some girl I went to high school (the bane of my existence-see here) with came up and started talking at me. She was with her friend who was also a classmate.

So now I had a dilemma. If I left right then (which was my plan) it would look like I was letting people run me out of there. However if I stayed I was worried I’d start knocking back shots of tequila and make an ass of myself. So instead I figured I’d get one more drink, stay another hour and then leave. Um, the drink was a Four Loko. I did enjoy watching some hot gay guys dance while I tried to finish the huge drink. Eventually I did and left.

Of course that thing hit me when I got home. It was good because I remembered to take outfit pictures. I had already removed my jewelry because it was itching me though. Oops. However it was bad because I talked to someone I always argue with and argued with them, shockers. xd. Plus I posted unintelligible things online (that I later deleted).

So I went to bed feeling like my shitty 18 year old self but at least I was covered in lotion with glitter.

Temptress by ShoeDazzle pumps, Gold Glitz Milano Nail Lacquer, clutch-thrifted

necklace, earrings and bracelet-Burlington Coat Factory, ring-Dots

I enjoy taking photos in the bathroom of the bar to prove that I left my house.

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missemmamm's NYE 2011 to 2012


missemmamm’s NYE 2011 to 2012 by missemmamm featuring flower rings

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Recently, as I’ve mentioned, I bought some pieces from the now defunct Jovovich-Hawk for Target line from eBay. The other pieces were so cute that I had to get the polka dot babydoll dress as well. This particular item was from the Go International re-release earlier this year. It’s so cute and comfy. If you ever end up picking one up on eBay you can size down a size cuz it’s so billowy.

I was trying to find a way to make it look a little more fitted but it was not flattering with any of my belts. Since it was jacket weather on that particular day I was able to just throw my old trusty bomber over it. Apparently the Miley Cyrus Walmart line that it’s from has now completely folded so I am going to be SOL in the future. I have such an attachment to this jacket that I’m feeling a bit like John Cusack at the moment. The same can be said about the boots that I wore with it.

I actually wanted to wear knee high boots that day but when I dug out my two pairs they were super worn out. I was hoping to do a DIY project with them but all of the craft stores and craft sections of stores around here are apparently gone. I added my sweater leggings which kept the slight chill off.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target Chiffon Dot Print Dress-eBay, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria faux leather bomber jacket-Walmart, single stone necklace-Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria sweater leggings-Walmart, Clarks boots-thrifted

These photos are from the release of the higher end line and I believe that the dress that Milla is wearing is from her original line (and most likely the inspiration for the Target relese).

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Rough Polka Dots



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This post is for the IFB Project #25: Blogger Holiday Party. I guess that I sort of only understood half of the idea. I was thinking that it was about what we wear on Christmas day. Oops, no matter. What I would wear to a Christmas party is the Santa dress in the second half of the post (that’s a par-tay, par-tay type of party, I don’t go to office parties). I reserve my sequins for New Year’s.

last Christmas

On other family holidays I usually like to put together a classier outfit of a dress and heels. However on Christmas my family is all about Christmas sweaters or tees. We also have a thing for PJs (whether holiday related or not). In fact in recent years it seems like many of us are exchanging PJs as gifts, and sometimes running right out to change into them before we take more photos. We also love silly Santa hats and reindeer ears. My sister appears with me in both photos. I know that I have a very silly photo of us with our folks in which all of us are wearing insane headgear but I’m unable to locate it.

Yes, I leant her the skirt. It's quite important to own many costumes, xd.

Now when I happen to party I go with the sexy Mrs. Santa dress or skirt. In fact I shall be donning this over the upcoming weekend.

P.S. We are not ironic. We are joyful. (I gave up irony when I graduated from high school. I’m no hipster.)

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I’d like to introduce you to CBT’s Closet. They sell incredibly fun jewelry. You can also shop their site NB’s Closet which offers a lot of customized options.

CBT’s Closet sent me a package full of awesome goodies which included a laser cut Barbie Necklace, Heart Knuckles necklace and a ring. They were packaged nicely in pink wrapping paper with a sticker and business card.


CBT's Closet 1




Yesterday I incorporated the awesome Barbie necklace into my outfit. I was tempted to go with an obvious Barbie look, possibly head to to pink. I held back a bit though. I paired a cute dressy tube top and pink jeans from Dots with my recently thrifted cardigan (bought the same day as my pullover). Instead of my very Barbie style pointy pink heels I opted for these ballet flats that I thrifted a while back for an upcoming photo set.

Barbie necklace-CBT's Closet, White Satin Look Bustier Style Tube Top-Dots, Jane Doe jeans-Dots, The Limited cardigan-thrifted, Touch Ups Ballet Flats-thrifted, pink floral ring-Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

I ended up feeling very Marilyn Monroe sexy. It was a bit unusual for me because I actually showed cleavage.

I received quite a few compliments and inquiries on where I bought my necklace. So it would be a great gift for the fun young women in your life this season. I also really dig all of the below items. I mean Nintendo and taco rings, how super fun. They are very affordable too, many necklaces are $15 or less and rings start at $5. They are available in a wide variety of colors as well.


CBT's Closet Collage




Barbie Monroe



Check It Out:
CBT’s Closet on Facebook
NB’s Closet on Facebook
CBT’s Closet on Flickr
NB’s Closet on Etsy

DISCLOSURE: I was sent these pieces free of charge but that doesn’t affect my thoughts on them.

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