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In 2007 I visited The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with my sister. We had a ton of fun. I just happened to come across these while looking through holiday photos. I was actually surprised to see that I had some decent photos because (as I recall) it was overly hot that day and many animals were taking refuge in their habitats. Since it was years ago I also had a lower megapixel camera but since I was extra photo crazy back then I had a taken a ton of pictures, some of which I find really freakin’ adorable.

I’m not familiar with all of these animals but I used the zoo’s site to try to identify them. When possible I have listed the name of the animal under its photo linked to info on it at the official site. If I’ve misidentified any and you can let me know the actual name in the comments I would appreciate that.

(click the photos for the larger versions)

Coquerel’s Sifaka
This is a type of lemur from Madagascar. It’s so cute that I wished I could’ve kidnapped it.

When I visited they had quite a few of these. At one point a child of about 7 years old was standing next to me. He leaned in and touched his face and palms against the glass. A second later the Chimpanzee struck the same pose and the kid jumped about a foot backwards. It was hilarious.

Eastern Screech Owl
This owl had a problem and the zoo rescued it. I believe that it had one eye. They had 1 or 2 other animals with problems too. I thought that it was great how they were taking in those animals.

African Leopard
This leopard was more active than the other animals that day. It was quite entertaining while leaping around.

Addra Gazelle
This is the tallest and largest type of gazelle. It’s also critically endangered.

Lesser Kudu
This is a type of antelope from Africa.

African Penguins
These black-footed penguins can swim up to 12 miles per hour.

These guys can run up to 40 miles per hour.

Reticulated Giraffe
Male giraffes can grow up to 19 feet tall.

I don’t know what this is but it creeps me out. I think if we came face to face it might eat me.

Oh yeah, it was during the Halloween season. Neat, huh?


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*as long as you have access to a printer

Maybe you weren’t planning on doing anything tonight (or this season) and then you got a call or text from someone asking you to get your butt out and help them party, pass out candy, etc. Maybe you don’t feel like digging through all of your clothing to come up with something. Well if you have a working printer with some ink left in it I have found two choices for you.

Ron Swanson Mask
Click here to download this mask.

The Bloggess Dia De Los Muertos Mask
Click here to download this mask.

SAMPLE Day of the Bloggess Cut Out Mask




Then just print out your choice of mask and tape or glue it to a Popsicle stick or straw. If that’s not your preference you could poke holes in the sides and tie a string or yarn through the holes and then tie it around the back of your head.

Okay, they are masks, not full costumes but they really don’t need to be. Both The Bloggess and Ron Swanson have a wiry sense of humor. So you can get away with telling people in a deadpan manner that yes, these clothes (that you wear all of the time) are actually what they would wear.

I suppose that you could easily dress like Ron if you have access to a man’s clothes (lover, relative, what have you). They are simple and unremarkable.

I’m not really sure what Jenny would wear on a daily basis because I love her for her mind, not her body.

Wait, does that mean that I love Nick Offerman for his body? This post is taking a disturbing turn.

Nick Offerman with his wife Megan Mullally

But Mary Who Are These People And Why Would I Want To Wear Their Faces Over My Face?

Ron Swanson is a fictional TV character (played by actor Nick Offerman) from the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. He’s my favorite freaking character on there. He’s old school and doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks. His hobbies include eating meat and carpentry.

I don’t know the backstory of whoever created the awesome free Ron Swanson mask but their original blog entry on it is here.

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, is a satirical writer, with a huge following on her blog. She also has a book coming out next year. She’s freaking hilarious.

Recently an artist named Rachael Rossman offered a print out of the above mask (which is based on a photo of The Bloggess) as an incentive in her Kickstarter Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) Portrait Series. I did participate (as a $1 backer, hey I’m poor, otherwise I definitely would have chosen a higher pledge). She does have the photo up publicly Flicker now so I assume that she is letting anyone download it. Though her project has run it’s course you can contact her via her site to have a portrait commissioned.

Check It Out:
It is Halloween so you should go read about the time that The Bloggess visited the hotel that was featured in The Shining.
my favorite Ron Swanson photos, gifs, videos, art, etc on my tumblr

My Dia De Los Muertos Photo Set from last fall, Photo Set: El Arbol Muerto.


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“Now Halloween is my favorite holiday because you can get drunk & eat a lot of candy…”

Check It Out: Love her videos, you should go subscribe to her YouTube Channel.


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The Horde (French) (2009) 
The Horde is a French zombie movie. It centers around a group of cops and criminals trying to escape from zombie. I found some of the un-PC humor in the movie a bit off putting but dug the zombie’s makeup.

The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3)

I hope the cast in the top photo looks interesting to you because you aren’t going to see many of these zombies.

I’ve already mentioned what I think about this series. Basically that it’s a bit low on actual zombies and a bit long in the tooth on stories that aren’t wrapped up. I still think that it’s very cool/interesting that there is a zombie series on TV.

Resident Evil (2002)
milla dog ra
Yes, the original Resident Evil film. BTW-Netflix should get the others as well. This series is based on the video game series. The basic plot (in case you live in a whole in the ground) is that an evil company has created a zombie virus that has spread. It stars the gorgeous and talented Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez and Eric Mabius (!).

The Evil Dead (Not Currently Available)/Evil Dead 2 (1981/1987)
The Evil Dead is the first film in the Evil Dead series. I also highly recommend both sequels which are hilarious. It’s about some college students who accidentally awaken the dead using The Book of the Dead while vacationing at a cabin in the woods. I recommend reading about the making of the films in Bruce Campbell’s book, If Chins Could Kill.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 

Of course this is the classic George Romero movie about zombies attacking survivors in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

Bonus: Info on the Romero Dead series is here.

White Zombie (1932)

This movie is notable for being the first feature length zombie movie and the namesake of Rob Zombie’s band. It centers on an adorable woman who moves to the West Indies to marry her sweetheart. As soon she gets there 2 guys (one played by an overly widow’s peaked out Bela Lugosi) fall for her. They also learn a bit about the local zombies, which are voodoo zombies. They are basically just some undead unattractive locals who are being used as free labor.

The evil Lugosi character decides to make the young bride into his “white zombie”. Due to the film’s age the sound is very low (you are going to have to turn your TV’s volume way up) and the editing is a bit rough. The movie is slow and not a ton of action takes place but if you are a zombie movie freak then you probably want to check it out, like I did.


Otto; or Up With Dead People (Canadian/German) (2008)

I was intrigued by the photos for this movie. That guy is mighty hot for a zombie, right? Then I read this user review on Netflix and knew that I had to watch it. “This is basically a gay pornographic zombie horror themed movie, with a movie in a movie story, and strong political/social statements.” That isn’t the full extent of the film but is a good summary. I wasn’t sure about including this title after I watched it because it’s definitely not like other zombie movies…or other movies at all.

It involves a teen who believes he is a zombie and an underground experimental filmmaker who hires him to star in her zombie movie. It also seems to veer from espousing the filmmakers views (some meaningful on conformity and consumerism) to heavily satirizing her as another over the top experimental filmmaker. If you are homophobic don’t watch this movie (it includes a few full frontal gay sex scenes, though not usually sexy because of the gore) After you watch it read this, which was my ultimate conclusion (except they did use that word). I also found this comment interesting (and I also find that woman’s films creepy).

The Return of the Living Dead (1985) (Not Currently Available)

This is my all time favorite zombie movie. It’s hilarious and scary. A group of punk teens and a few odd adults end up fighting off the undead, first in a medical supply warehouse and later a mortuary. Everyone in the cast is amazing.

If you fall in love with this movie you will definitely want to check out the recent documentary and book about it. If you have the original VHS then keep it because all of the US releases have different music because of licensing issues. FYI: The sequel, Return of the Living Dead 2 is so bad that it’s good. Pass on the later sequels though.

Night of the Comet (1984) (Available Until: 08/16/2036)

This is a doomsday movie about a couple of valley girl type sisters who end up being some of the last survivors after a comet hits and turns everyone else into zombies. It’s a pretty fun little movie.

Bonus: Read Agent Lover’s review of the film (with screencaps).

The Dead Hate the Living (2000) (Not Currently Available)

I’m a big fan of this indie horror movie. It’s about some gung ho independent horror filmmakers who end up using a building to shoot in that actually has real evil in it. Then the director decides to incorporate it into the movie.

Masters of Horror: Tobe Hooper: Dance of the Dead (2005) (Not Currently Available)

I find the Masters of Horror series from Showtime to be very interesting. Some of the installments are great while others fall flat. Most still have an intriguing premise though. This episode is about a teen girl who is being sheltered by her mother to keep her safe from zombies and other nefarious people. However she ends up running off with some miscreants and arriving at the creeptastic bar (with imprisoned dancing zombies) run by Robert Englund’s character. The twist and ending are disturbing.

Please share your zombie favorites on Netflix by leaving a comment.

Last Updated: May 2014


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First off, read the reviews for sizing info carefully, as aside from your personality, fit is basically the most important thing when choosing a Halloween costume. Then order accordingly, some costumes run large while others run small.

My top pick is the sailor pin up costume because I adore the pin up look.

The Greek Goddess, pirate and flapper costumes may be good choices if you don’t want to feel so exposed in your costume.

The space girl costume is just adorable.

The nurse is sexy and sassy.

From what I’ve read the Bride of Frankenstein costume is surprisingly very fitted so it’s a sexy choice as well. Just add a wig or a bunch of hair spray and some color from one of those $2 cans that crop up this time of year.

The Merlotte’s apron is simple. The items that you need to add to it to complete the costume are things that you most likely already have in your closet (a white tee and some jeans or black shorts). For added impact pick up a bottle of True Blood from Hot Topic or FYE. Then draw on some fake bite marks with cheap Halloween makeup or a lipstick or lip pencil. Then you will be set to go as an Merlotte’s waitress, including Sookie Stackhouse. This costume is also an easy segue into hitting on any hot guys dressed as vampires that you bump into.

Top Women's Halloween Costumes Under $20

Top Women’s Halloween Costumes Under $20 by missemmamm on

Please consider the prices in the polyvore set a rough estimate as they’ve been fluctuating this season but they are all still under $20.

Shipping In Time For Halloween
If you read this after 5PM ET today and need the costume for this weekend then you are going to have to pay more than $20 total (rush shipping). However these will still be cheaper than more expensive costumes + a rush shipping charge.

I recommend because if you pay for fast shipping you can get that. If you order is over $85 (order your families costumes at the same time to get bang for your buck) you can still get them on Friday with free shipping if you order by 5PM ET today. Other current coupons from include 15% off with code HAUNTED15 or $10 off of orders of $80 or more with code NAT10.

Another option to get your costume fast would be to buy one from Amazon after signing up for a free trial of their Amazon Prime service. It includes 2 day shipping.

If you don’t want to deal with online fast shipping deals then I recommend hitting up your local Kmart (costumes at 50% off). The flapper dress above is from Kmart. Plus they offer many storybook and vampire costumes. Find one that fits well and you’re set. Or you could hit up Hot Topic and get the Merlotte’s apron or space girl costume.

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