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Doug: “I broke the window again”
Doug: “I was like, Emilio!”
Roxbury Bouncer: “You’re brothers?” Doug & Steve: “No. Yes, man!”
Kamehl: “Take you’re dancing monkey brother with you”
Doug: “I think you’re confusing Steve for someone who gives a flying rat’s ass.” Steve: “Flying rat’s ass? That’d be cool to see.”
Doug: “You know why?” Steve: “We’re good looking?” Doug: “We’re very good looking, you especially.”
Doug: “..but you can not take away our dreams.” Steve: “That’s right, cuz, we’re like sleeping when we have them.”
Doug: “He felt it because he’s an actor and he’s very sensitive.”
Steve: “Oh my god Doug, this is the most amazing place I’ve ever been.” Richard Grieco: “Guys, this is the coat room.”
Mr. Zadir: “Did you grab my ass?”
Doug: “The hotties wanna shake it, come on”
Mr. Zadir: “There’s some good ass grabbing going on there”
Cambi: “You mean like nitrous oxide?” Vivica: “Whippets?” Steve: “No, sha, what is that?”
Doug: “Tell your mom that I had a nice time last night!” Steve: “And your dad”
Doug: “And that would be sweet because it would be like dancing on water and people love to do that”
Steve: “That’s an ambulance coming to take me away because the sight of you stopped my heart.”
Cambi: “Hey Doug if I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me?” Doug: “ha, ha, ha, what?”
Doug & Steve: “We got a number!”
Kamehl: “What did you do, injure your delicate fingers in a cellular phone accident?”
Steve: “Nice bulbs Emily and I don’t mean that metaphorically”
Doug: “Yeah, and maybe we should go to college and not put gel in our hair and start wearing blue jeans. Let’s do that Steve.”
Steve: “Did you say something cuz I have problems hearing things from that low to the ground?”
Emily: “You forget, I go to college, translation: drunken orgies with occasional Cliff’s Notes.”
Steve: “And to the other 2 old people, What’s up?. Yeah, you.”
Craig: “I got it, I walk down the aisle, I stand next to you and I get to settle any interwedding skirmishes.” Steve: “No, no, no, no, no, you’re the best man, not the wedding bouncer.”
Steve: (for his wedding vows) “I used to see you outside of my father’s store, and then we went on some dates, and then you let me have sex with you.”
Doug: “Oh my god, is that an outside night club?!” Steve: “No way, that’s your idea.”

If you weren’t in love with Chris Kattan in the 90’s due to the characters that he played on SNL, like I was, then you may have missed A Night At The Roxbury which is so freaking hilarious. It’s about Doug & Steve Butabi, who are just two naive night club frequenting brothers. I’m so happy this came out in the 90’s. It was released at the perfect time. You couldn’t have made it even in the early 2000’s because Will Ferrell’s career blew up and he became a little conceited so I don’t think he would have played the role of Steve because he’s the dumber brother who is usually being coerced to do something by either Doug or Emily. Yes, Kattan is the star, despite Ferrell’s top billing on the IMDB page. Plus it’s got the shiny 90’s clothes, come on, perfect. The film is hilarious and everyone in the cast really gets a chance to bring the laughs.

Bonus: Follow Chris Kattan and Elisa Donovan on twitter.

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“Dude your ass is tanner than my face.”
“You can’t raise your voice like that when the lion’s here.”
“Aw, my doll’s a whore.”
“That is a great outfit. How much do clothes cost in The Matrix?”
“I don’t know what you are, but I will fuckin’ eat you too…of course she doesn’t have a microwave she’s fuckin a 100”
“crazy orgies…like all week”
“High score, what does that mean? Is it bad? Did I break it?”
“I just don’t like techno” “You would if you had robot ears”
“Really? That was a good idea.” “No it wasn’t. I’m a piece of shit.”
“We do serve shots of wheat grass.” “That’s cool if you want to be sober and vomit.”
“Let’s go make fun of the vegans and their crazy lifestyle. We’re not hurting anyone. Go eat a hamburger and choke on a cow dick!”
“My grandma drank all my pot.”
“I once gave Charlie Chaplin a hand job” “No way, was he silent?”
“You were a dirty old whore.” “What do you mean ‘were’?”
“I’ll smoke it with you bro. We’ll go to the looney bin together. I don’t give a fuck.”
“Don’t judge me monkey.”
“The phone’s for you. I think it’s the devil.”
“Drive monkey, drive!”

Note: I was occupied with something else while rewatching this & jotting these down which is why quotes are not attributed to particular characters.


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Burlesque is the flashy new musical starring Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose. Ali follows her big dreams from a small town to Los Angeles where she begins working at a theater called The Burlesque Lounge as a waitress. She is dazzled by the shows performed there and decides she will perform on stage one day. During Ali’s time at The Burlesque Lounge she not only becomes a performer but also finds love with bartender Jack, as played by Cam Gigandet. She also has to watch her back around an envious fellow performer. Cher and Stanley Tucci co-star as her mentors, Tess and Sean.

Tess: “What happened to all of the great dancers in L.A.?”
Sean: “They’re all dancing with the stars.”

Tess: “What is she doing up there?”
Sean: “I think she’s auditioning.”

Nikki: “What are you so excited about? She’s your replacement.”

Tess: “When you’re putting on your makeup it’s like you’re an artist but instead of painting a canvas you’re painting your face.”

Tess: “There are going to be all kinds of people, they’ll just want to get close to you because you’re talented.”

Tess: “If you fall off the stage, leg extended, boobs out.”

Sean: “What is Ali short for?”
Ali: “Alice”
Sean: “Alice, well welcome to wonderland.”

Sean: “Alicat you’re up next.”
Ali: “My mother used to call me Alicat.”
Sean: “Did she? That’s so fascinating.”

Sean: “It’s fun being a girl, isn’t it?”

Bonus: Go here to read about the costumes.


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Since my original post, Awesome Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes, is popular and I caught some more hilarious quotes while watching the flick for the 2nd time after it’s DVD release I decided to share some more. Enjoy!

Lou: “I want the girl in the picture too. No tom foolery.”

Jacob: “A taxidermist is stuffing my mother.”-Jacob

Lou: “Fuckin Jacob, you suck and you know it.”

Lou: “Let’s get some cocaine and break into a school or uh steal a cop car or some shit.”

Jacob: “If he kills himself can we go home?”

Lou: “I feel fantastic, I wanna fuck something!”

“He’s got both arms.”
“Get him!”

Jacob: “Who are you, Hunter S. Thompson?”
Adam: “I thought I was.”

Adam: “Now I’m back in the fuckin’ 80’s and I hate this decade”

Lou: “That’s right, you got up on stage and were wildly mediocre.”

“Hey, what’s an email?”
Nick: “That’s not the point.”

Lou: “I love your coat, I don’t give a shit about animals either.”

Nick: “I don’t like you taking liberties with my dick.”

Lou: “We have a lot in common. We both love tits and Motley Crue.”

Lou: “Hey John Lennon gets shot. Wait, did that already happen?”

Jacob: “Wrong number, but you were a bad girl and you hurt him.”

Adam: “Were you just yelling at your 9 year old wife?”
Nick: “Yes”

Jacob: “I’m gonna tell everybody in prison that I traveled back in time to kill my own father.”

Jacob: “Nobody fucks my mother in the past!”

Nick: “This better be the last time my ass travels through time.”

Jacob: “I bet he’s on the Statue of Liberty and shit too.”

Kelly: “Is there alcohol in that?”
Jacob: “Yeah, I believe there’s still alcohol in Scotch.”

BONUS: Follow the cast on twitter!
John Cusack
Craig Robinson
Crispin Glover


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Death at a Funeral is Neil LaBute’s new dark comedy about a family who come together at their father’s funeral and learn more than they wanted to know about him. It stars Chris Rock, Loretta Devine, Peter Dinklage, Danny Glover, Regina Hall, Martin Lawrence, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Luke Wilson. It is a remake of Frank Oz’s 2007 British film of the same name. The original film stars Ewen Bremner, Alan Tudyk and Peter Dinklage. Dinklage reprises the role he played in the original film. The original was released in the US but without much fanfare.

Ryan: “So you come to a lot of funerals?”

Aaron: “Come on man. She’s like in the 12th grade.” Ryan: “Well she might be in 12th grade but that ass is in grad school.”

Oscar: “Did you just see that?” Elaine: “See what?” Oscar: “That coffin just moved.”

Aaron: “Look at the damn body man. You got Jackie Chan in there.”

Aaron: “It’s not Burger King. You can’t just mess up my order.”

Ryan: “You gonna bring a gat to a funeral?”

Jeff: “What you thought was Valium was not actually Valium, Yikes.”

Uncle Russell: “Let’s just burn him and get it over with.”

Elaine: “I was drunk. You could’ve been a donkey for all I knew.” Derek: “Thank you.”

Norman: “Damnit Uncle Russell. I love you but you gonna be in the box next.”

Ryan: “If I don’t get some money soon I’m gonna have to do a damn reality show, It’s Hammer Time.”

Oscar: “Let’s go. Join the others.”

Aaron: “Let me get this straight. Our father was bromantically involved with a guy that could fit in his pocket and you’re mad cuz he’s white?

Ryan: “You tellin’ me our father was on the down low?” Aaron: “Way down low.”

Ryan: “I didn’t know he did yoga.”

Aaron: “Were you guys friends?” Frank: “Something like that.”

For a quick laugh check out my “eulogy” read by Chris Rock that I made on the official site. You can make one too.

For more on this flick check out:
Death at a Funeral Official Site
Death at a Funeral at Yahoo Movies

NOTE: This article was written for but rejected by another website. You can see what I think about this film by reading my previous post here.

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