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with Joss Whedon at a convention in 2005, umm, I'm not at all drunk

with Joss Whedon at a convention in 2005, umm, I’m not at all drunk

whedon better

This post is not just an excuse to post pics of myself with Joss Whedon online, yet again. However if you had one, you’d totally do so as well.

Last year I mentioned that I wanted to start a Netflix Streaming series on this blog entitled, Mini Netflix. The idea was that since my usual Netflix posts are so time consuming I would sometimes write a shorter post focusing on one talent or niche genre, most likely including a small number of titles.

Today I finally decided to focus on the super talented Joss Whedon. However I was not content to just go with his well known work that pops up on your casual Netflix search. Oh no, I had to go deeper. So after looking through his whole filmography I’m still ending up with a long ass post, c’est la vie!

Simply click on the title to be taken to the movie or show on Netflix!

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
cabin in the woods
After checking out the Thor panel at last year’s Wizard World Philly Comic Con I had to see The Cabin in the Woods ASAP. Chris Hemsworth (and his fans) made it sound super interesting. They were right! I went in not knowing much more than that the basic plot was about some college students in a horror movie scenario in the woods that is turned on its ear. So if you don’t know “the twist” I’m not ruining it. The movie was penned by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. It was also directed by Goddard. I met both Whedon and Goddard years ago at a convention and they were both awesome. Since both worked on Buffy and Angel, seeing Whedonverse favs including Amy Acker and Tom Lenk among the cast wasn’t entirely surprising but was totally cool.

Thor (2011)
(portion directed by)

with Chris Hemsworth and Hot Donna

with Chris Hemsworth and Hot Donna
Did you know that Joss Whedon directed the after the credits scene in Thor? Neither did I. As you can guess from my attending the aforementioned panel, I’m definitely a Thor fan. This action flick about the Greek god and his dashingly evil bro Loki features an amazing cast.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
cap am
I was jazzed when I first heard about Captain America because it stars Chris Evans, whom I may have a tiny crush on. It’s yes, another one of the Marvel Avengers pre-The Avengers (by Whedon) flicks. This origin story is fun, though a bit long. Whedon was a consultant on this film which according to the net means he did a bit of a writing touch up on the screenplay.

Glee (2010)
dream on
I have 0 interest in Glee. However I must let you know that Whedon directed the 2010 episode, “Dream On”. “Mr. Schuester’s former high school nemesis, Bryan Ryan, causes trouble for the glee club. Meanwhile, Rachel struggles with a life-long personal issue, and Artie’s dreams take him on an adventure” via

Dollhouse (2009)
dollhouse cast
I’m such a fan of Dollhouse that I can’t even explain it. I used to look forward to it every Friday night. The show had such an innovative idea. I’m still crushed that it only lasted two seasons. Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Bring It On) stars as the active Echo, just one of many. Actives are people who’ve had their memories erased. They are then replaced regularly with new memories as directed by the Dollhouse’s clients, the very wealthy. Over the course of the series Echo finds out about her past life and the secrets of the Dollhouse. Many Whedonverse stars appeared during the series run, including Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2008)
dr horrible
This musical miniseries was written during the Writers Guild of America strike. It’s not really my thing but does star the awesome Neil Patrick Harris and Whedonverse actors Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day.

w woodward

with Jonathan Woodward

Firefly (2002) & Serenity (2005)

Yep, Firefly was the quickly canceled Western space drama starring Nathan Fillion. I’m not a Western girl so though I’ve seen the series and it’s big screen movie adaptation (Serentiy), I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’m not a Browncoat, sorry.

Angel (1999-2003)

with Mercedes McNab and Julie Benz

with Mercedes McNab and Julie Benz

Though Angel was Buffy’s spin off I prefer Angel. It’s definitely my favorite Whedonverse series. Angel (Buffy’s ex and a vampire) works with his own team to help those with supernatural problems, who live in LA. Ostensibly he runs a detective agency but it doesn’t really turn a profit.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2002)

with James Marsters and Hot Donna

with James Marsters and Hot Donna

with Clare Kramer

with Clare Kramer

I didn’t get into the Buffy series until it was well into it’s run. This was for two reasons, it was popular (hey, I was a teen, I wanted to like what was unpopular, like me) and I love the movie. I’d read articles about the series in movie magazines featuring Whedon (who wrote the movie) commenting on how he was disappointed with the movie and that the show was better. So being a huge fan of the movie, I just ignored it. However once I actually watched the show (starring Sarah Michelle Gellar) I became a fan. Buffy is a slayer of vampires who happens to also fall for vampires and have to defeat other creepy monsters as well. She’s aided by her watcher and a group of friends, The Scooby Gang. You didn’t ask but Season 6 is by far my favorite, it’s dark and realistic. I mean, c’mon Buffy even works in fast food!

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
It’s animated which isn’t really my bag, so I’ve never seen it. “A young adventurer named Milo Thatch joins an intrepid group of explorers to find the mysterious lost continent of Atlantis.”-via

Titan A.E. (2000)
titan ae
Ditto about this animated flick. “A young man learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does in order to secure the survival of humanity.”-via

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virgin cast

The 40 Year Old Virgin is a hilarious 2005 comedy starring Steve Carell in the title role. It was helmed by Judd Apatow so it’s no surprise that it was one of Seth Rogen’s first funny breakout supporting roles. Rogen plays Cal, a stoner and aspiring author. Enjoy some select movie quotes from Cal below.

Cal: Oh, man, I had a weekend…We went to Tijuana, Mexico, you know? And we thought it would be fun, you know, to go to a show. Everybody says you gotta check out one of these shows. And… it’s a woman fucking a horse. We get there and we think it’s gonna be awesome and… it is not as cool as it sounds like it’s gonna be. It’s kinda gross…You think ‘A woman fucking a horse’ and you get there and… it’s a woman fucking a horse.’…It was really giving it to her. And you know what? To be honest I just felt bad for her, we all just felt bad for her…and I kinda felt bad for the horse!

virgin gay

Cal: You’re gay now?
David: No, I’m not gay. I’m just celibate.
Cal: I mean, that sounds gay. I just want you to know this is, like, the first conversation of, like, three conversations that leads to you being gay…”

David: You know how I know you’re gay?
Cal: How?
David: You like Coldplay.

Cal: I mean, seriously, Asia? You framed an Asia poster? How hard did the people at the frame store laugh when you brought this in?

virgin work

Cal: Listen, when I was growing pot, I realized that the more seeds I planted, the more pot I could ultimately smoke.

Cal: Go plant that seed man. Plant it with your finger.

Cal: You wait for it to grow into a plant and then you fuck the plant.

Cal: What he’s saying is that you are gonna be so bad at sex the first time that you don’t wanna have sex with someone you like, cause they’ll think you’re a weirdo for being so lame at it. So you wanna have sex with hood rats so that by the time you get to a girl that you do like, you won’t be terrible at sex, you’ll be mediocre at it, probably still pretty bad, though.

Cal: T…look at me. I am ugly as fuck by traditional standards, but, I get with women. Aren’t you curious as to how that’s possible?
Andy: I am not ugly as fuck.
Cal: I didn’t say you were ugly as fuck.
Andy: Well, you implied it.
Cal: Okay, okay, it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly as fuck, or you’re ugly as shit. It’s about talking to women, and I know how to do that because I observe, because I am a novelist.

Cal: How much have you had to drink, man?
Andy: Oh, how much have I had to drink? Hey, how many pots have you smoken?

Cal: I watched this movie called Liar Liar and the message was don’t lie and that was a smart movie.

virgin dance

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At the beginning of this month Hot Donna and I attended the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con for the second year in a row. As with any convention one of my favorite parts is checking out everyone’s costumes. Somewhat surprisingly I’m not (yet?) a cosplayer myself but I sure do love when others dress up.

There were so many amazing costumes. I’d have more photos but I was only able to attend for two days, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we had a ton of stuff to do (attending Q&A’s, getting photos with celebs, seeing Ghost of the Robot in concert, etc.) so I didn’t have much time to snap pics. Sunday we were exhausted. Plus there aren’t as many people dressed on Sundays (or so it seems to me).

game of thrones sm

We spotted this freaking awesome group of folks dressed as Game of Thrones characters right after Hot Donna picked up her ticket. They are fab!

xena sm
It was a possibility that I was going to interview Kevin Sorbo at this con (it didn’t end up happening), so when I saw a chick dressed as Xena I had to take a photo. Nice pose, BTW.

I’m one of those people actually enjoyed the film The Spirit so I totally had to get a photo with this guy, great job!

troma gumby
I’m not the biggest Troma fan. I think I’ve seen two of their films but c’mon, a killer Gumby? Fuck yeah!

simmons coll

This dude’s Gene Simmons (Kiss) costume was awesome! We ran into him a few times and he gave us tips on things to check out. At one point I jokingly commented to Hot Donna, “Why is Gene Simmons always telling me what to do?”. I want his boots, seriously.

dalek coll

dr who
I’m not a Whovian but thanks to my boyfriend I can spot a Dalek and a guy dressed as Dr. Who standing next to a Tardis. The Dalek was traveling very quickly so I had to chase him for a minute. Yes, that’s a real guy in there! I’m always impressed when I see robotic R2D2s at cons but this freakin’ blew my mind. You can check out Bob the Dalek’s Facebook here.

Tusken Raider
I love me some Star Wars costumes and this one was so neat. This guy was headed in the direction of the 501st Garrison Carida (a Pennsylvania, Delaware & West Virginia Star Wars costuming group). So, of course I had to flag him down and ask for a p0hoto.

A press pass to the convention was provided to me gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World. For more info on upcoming Wizard World conventions please visit the Wizard World site.

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kris q a coll

Kris Holden-Ried is a good-natured actor who is currently known for his portrayal of Dyson on Syfy’s Lost Girl. I was lucky enough to catch his Q&A and later meet him at the 2013 Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con. Lost Girl recently finished airing its third season. In case you aren’t in the know, Lost Girl is about a succubus who learns that there is a whole world of magic within our own. Kris plays Dyson, a police detective/werewolf. He mentioned that the cast is gearing up to film the fourth season this upcoming week. He just managed to squeeze this con into his schedule. The Q&A was moderated by Rebecca Housel.

Filming was allowed at this Q&A but Hot Donna and I had some technical issues. So while we were only able to film a few snippets of the Q&A, which you can watch below, we also took notes.

A few choices anecdotes:

fan: “Who was the biggest practical joker on set?”
Kris: “I’ve been known to walk onto set without my pants on.”

Kris: “I would definitely do superhero roles.”

Ried loves playing Dyson.

He has great on and off screen relationships with both of the main actresses, Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo (who play Bo & Kenzi).

While he doesn’t feel that he’s been typecast thus far as a werewolf in both Lost Girl & Underworld: Awakening (2012), he wouldn’t take a similar role in the very near future.

He is a fan of Games of Thrones. He’d like to appear on the show if it weren’t for scheduling issues with Lost Girl.

“I like everything from classical to rap”

on the episode “Original Skin”

also concerns and shows his his Dyson posture/walk
Hot Donna later told me that her initial thought when watching the show was “This guy (the character of Dyson) walks like a jerk”

“they’ve been inside each other literally…but not the p in the v kind”

kris sat pics coll

Hot Donna and I both purchased photos with Ried at his table on Saturday and Sunday, as he’s fun, friendly and sexy. The first time I mentioned he was hilarious at the panel, which he seemed to like. The next day I complimented him on his hat. He replied that it was his bad hair day. I said “Nah, you don’t have bad hair days” and he said “self inflicted”.

both kris sm

His convention manager, Holly Evans, was personable and even remembered us when we returned for another photo on Sunday. She told him that we were back, it was slightly embarrassing but funny. I said “yeah, we’re here every day” and he said “me too”.

Hot Donna would like to mention how huggable Mr. Ried is and I fully concur.

A press pass to the convention was provided to me gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World. For more info on upcoming Wizard World conventions please visit the Wizard World site.

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missemmamm & father with Henry Winkler at a 2011 Steel City Con

missemmamm & father with Henry Winkler at a 2011 Steel City Con

I’m super pumped as once again Hot Donna and myself will be attending Philly Wizard World this year. Last year we went and had a blast. I highly recommend it. The full programming schedule for this year’s convention can be found here on the official site.

This year’s convention runs Thursday, May 30th-Sunday, June 2nd. We will only be able to attend on Saturday and Sunday. However if I were able to be there all four days these are the top events that I would want to attend.

Thursday 05/30/2013
8:00–10:30PM Con Bro Chill Concert (Trocadero Theatre, 1003 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19107)-This really sounds like a lot of fun. It’s some sort of concert party featuring a group called Con Bro Chill (CBC), Connor Martin, SAMM, Ty Andre and Steve Felts. Note: This event is free to VIP badge holders with a separate paid general admission ticket available.

Friday 05/31/13
1:00-3:00PM Sci-Fi Speed Dating (Room 112)-It’s exactly what it sounds like, speed dating for science fiction fans. I’m not single but if I were I’d like to try out something like this. It seems interesting.
1:00–1:45PM Linda Blair Q&A (Room 113)-Yep, from The Exorcist
2:00–2:45PM Wanna Make Your Own Toy (Room 111)-Co-creator/Teddy Scares artist Joe DiDomenico will be giving tips on creating your own toy line and giving away some fun Teddy Scares items. Yes, I am a fan. I own a totally adorable murderous bear that I bought at a horror con a while back.
2:00-2:45PM Wibbly Wobbly Time: A Doctor Who Panel (Room 113)-Okay, I’m not a Whovian despite my man’s best efforts to convert me but I know that a lot of you are out there, so I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this.
3:00-3:45PM Kevin Sorbo Q&A (Room 108)-the Hercules/Poolboy star, sounds awesome
3:00-3:45PM Creating Characters That Readers Love To Hate (Room 111)-This may not be for everyone but I’m also a fiction writer so it sounds pretty helpful to me.
3:00-3:45PM Basic Costuming, FX Makeup & Armor-Like Creation (Room 113)-Cosplay fun.
4:00 -4:45PM Ray Park Q&A (Room 113)-He’s played Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1, Toad in X-Men and Snake Eyes in the G.I. Joe films. I’ve never met him but have heard great things about Ray Park.
5:00-5:45PM James Marsters Q&A (Room 113)-Ah, Spike of Buffy and Angel definitely gives great Q&A. I also recommend buying an autograph from him and chatting with him for a few minutes when he’s out on the floor this weekend. He’s very interesting/informative and of course, hot.
5:00-5:45PM Michael Rooker Q&A (Terrance Ballroom)-of The Walking Dead and Mallrats fame
6:00 -6:45PM Stan “The Man” Lee Q&A (Terrance Ballroom)
7:00-9:00PM 80’s Night with Andrew McCarthy: Presented by Awesomefest (Terrance Ballroom)-If it were at all humanly possibly I’d be attending this. I adore Andrew McCarthy. This is a freaking screening of Weekend At Bernies with McCarthy himself!

Saturday 06/01/13
11:00-11:45AM Vampire Lore and Other Urban Legends with Dr. Rebecca Housel (Room 108)-Hey, I have a thing for vamps, okay.
12:00-12:45PM Kris Holden-Ried Q&A (Room 113)-Yep, Dyson from Lost Girl will be at WW! I’m so stoked! Hey, he’s a sexy werewolf police officer.
1:00 -1:45PM Henry Winkler Q&A (Room 113)-Yes, Fonzie from Happy Days. I’m a huge fan of his work on Childrens Hospital. I’ve met him at another con and he’s super nice. He really appreciates his fans.
1:30-2:15PM Charmed Reunion with Shannen Doherty, Holly-Marie Combs & Brian Krause (Terrance Ballroom)-I can’t even describe how excited we are about this. Hot Donna and I have seen every episode of Charmed too many times to count. The first real site I ever ran online was the Charmed site, Charmed Fashion Boutique. Krause has replied to me on twitter in the past. I’ve seen him interact with other fans on there often, as well. Yes, IRL Leo sounds just as awesome as on the show.
2:30-3:15PM Buffyfest! with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter (Terrance Ballroom)-Cordy & Spike!
3:45-4:30PM Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker & Jon Bernthal Q&A (Terrance Ballroom)-Walking Dead fans take note
4:00-4:45PM Giancarlo Esposito Q&A (Room 113)-of Breaking Bad
Giancarlo Esposito is a celebrated television, film and stage actor whose acting career spans over several decades.
5:00-5:45PM Kickstarting Your Own Project (Room 108)-I’ve donated to a variety of Kickstarter projects in the past and always enjoying learning more about how they come together.
5:00-5:45PM Firefly with Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite & Gina Torres Q&A (Terrance Ballroom)-Yep, more Whedonverse fun. I’ve been to a Q&A with Adam Baldwin before and he was great.
6:00-8:45PM Lauren Holly Q&A and Screening of Dumb and Dumber: Presented by Awesomefest (Room 108)
7:00PM-9:00PM Wizard World Adult Costume Contest (Terrance Ballroom)-Costume contests are always fun to attend.

Sunday, 06/02/13
11:00-11:45AM John Barrowman Q&A (Room 113)-for you Torchwood fans

You can buy your ticket to 2013’s Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con by clicking here.

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