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I haven’t done a photo set in forever. So I’ve been itching to do one, but not a scantily clad one. Then last week we had this beautiful snow storm. So I knew that I had to put something together and take photos before it turned into sludge.

The only thing I was sure of was wearing some blue tights that I scored for $1 at It’s A Buck (yes!). At first I decided on a lovely blue and green dress but when I put it on I felt that it was nice but that it wouldn’t pop enough against the snow. Then I threw dresses all over my bedroom until I came upon my yellow dress. It was perfect. While doing my makeup I decided upon blue eyeshadow and then thought, “make it crazier…SNOW ALIEN!…and I did. You see she can’t feel how cold it is.

I took the advice that I usually ignore and didn’t include a bunch of similar shots. However I did include one because I really liked it and it was nice to edit a photo that didn’t have my face in it.

taken just to show the makeup

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Snow Angel


Snow Angel by missemmamm featuring opaque tights

I’m wearing an American Apparel halter dress, Route 66 platform sandals, a Rose Marie Reid bathing suit coverup, blue Albertus Swanepoel for Target Dora Hat and Oh No She Didn’t lipstick from Lime Crime.

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Just click the pics for the larger versions.

Last fall during the Halloween season Lime Crime was running a makeup contest on their Facebook entitled Kiss Me Deadly.

I thought that it was a really cool, sexy Halloween look so I entered. I’m a novice at this type of makeup stuff though.

I tried to take them as beauty shots (focusing on the face) because it was a makeup contest. When I entered them I didn’t use any effects and cropped them down to just the face on the one’s that came out little further away. Since I’m reposting them here though I’ve tinkered with them for fun.

The Kiss Me Deadly Tutorial Video:
(in case you want to do your face up for a sexy Halloween look)

The Lime Crime products that Xenia used in the video were Smooth Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper, Empress Magic Dust, Siren Magic Dust and Styletto Lipstick.

I don’t happen to have any of those so I had to mix up a bunch of eyeshadows that I had laying around. For cheap, bright eyeshadow I also recommend LA Colors.

Info on the model, MUA, etc. can be found on

Click here to see my original entry.
Click here for the silly one that reminds me of the o face comment in Office Space.


Photo Set: Gig


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I was going for a cyberpunk/Repo the Genetic Opera vibe.

(Click the photos to view the full size versions.)

Plus some fun tracks to listen to.

Note: I do not play guitar. This would look cooler with an electric guitar. Lingerie is by Lip Service Fetish and Victoria’s Secret.


Photo Set: USA


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Last month I decided to enter another pinup contest at the last minute. Unfortunately I had just bought a SD card and taken the photos without knowing that it had to be formatted first (WTF KMART?!?). I finally bought a SD card reader so I was able to get these up. The theme was red, white and blue and I was having a hard time coming up with a good costume idea. Then I remembered that last Halloween I bought a few Lady Gaga costumes including the American Flag costume. So I paired the top and bandana from that with an 80s bathing suit, some red heels and a red, white and blue headband that I wore on the 4th of July. Voila!



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Well I’m not going into what this was shot for except to say that I was brutally rebuffed. Since I like to keep this blog positive that is that. Unfortunately after I had my background, tripod, etc. set up, but before I was dressed and had my hair and makeup finished, the sun went down. I didn’t realize and forgot to light the room. This resulted in a bunch of unfocused shots. Plus a stupid curtain fell while I was shooting and appeared in some of them. However I thought that I would still try to do something with them, so used a lot of effects on them. Not perfect, but still fun.

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First Mate

First Mate by MissEmmaMM on

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