Photo Set: Call Me

This photo set was shot for the newest Pinup Lifestyle contest, “On The Phone”. Please go here or click on the first image to vote for my submission, “Call Me”. You can view the rest of the lovely… Read More


Photo Set: Burlesque

So a couple of weeks before the highly anticipated (by me) film Burlesque came out I decided that I had to do a photo set inspired by it. Of course I got sidetracked. I couldn’t just throw something… Read More


Photo Flashback: Miss Claus

Since it is (or, ahem, was yesterday) the holiday season I have been using some of these old photos on my social networking profiles. Those were just copies of the old, barely edited copies that I had on… Read More


Photo Set: Candy Queen

This is another set that I took because of a Pinup Lifestyle Contest. They truly do come up with the most awesome ideas. The title of this contest is Sweets & Candy. Click here on the first photo… Read More


Photo Set: El Arbol Muerto

Last month I bought a cheap tripod (so cool), headed to what was my favorite cemetery growing up and took some photos for the Pinup Lifestyle’s Dia de los Muertos Contest. Go here to learn more about the… Read More

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