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This post is a part of 90s Month.

There were many different genres of music that were popular in the 90s but my all time favorite is alternative (or alternative rock). Much like disco music, which had a brief resurrection in the 90s, my favorite genre of music is dead, despite what Wikipedia says. They also list about a billion bands under this moniker, many of which I disagree with. However while putting together this playlist I figured out why. It’s a little trickier to define than I thought. It seems to have grown out of punk, goth, metal, ska and who knows what other genres. It’s also sometimes used interchangeably with grunge. Looking back, some bands straddled many genres or even just made 1 alternative album (ala the disco phenomenon).

Alternative just encompassed the slacker feeling of the 90s. Although alt rock is often considered depressing, it’s not the same as when you go through a goth or heavy metal phase (aka music to slit your wrists to), in that it’s not as depressed. I mean, it is, but you get a sort of a unifying feeling of everyone’s life sucks, not just yours, so get used to it.

I think for a while that we thought that alternative would come back, but then the good radio stations either folded or switched to pop or whatever this easy listening rock that is out now is called, it became apparent that Gavin Rossdale really was just a stay at home daddy (who occasionally pops up to sing ballads, ballads, ballads, sorry, it’s still horrifying) and even Eddie Vedder (who I was never crazy about or anything) decided that ukuleles were cool.

But let’s ignore that and just listen to this playlist of tunes, shall we?

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

BONUS: shirtless pics of Gavin Rossdale from the 90s. (click for the full size pics)


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My current obsession is Costas Mandylor. I went a little overboard on the video clips in this ‘The Sexy’ installment because I wanted you to see Costas doing more than just murdering people. I’ve had a crush on him for years, before I even knew his name. He was one of those actors who showed up as the ‘special guest star’ of the week on a lot of shows that I watched. If not for him becoming an integral part of the Saw franchise I would probably still think of him that way, much like a Jason Carter. Carter is an actor I met at an Angel convention in ’05 and was even making the rounds at many of the same shows as Costas in that time period.

Over the summer I took a day off from guiding (shockers, I know) to just chill, cook, swim and watch all of the Saw movies back to back (Thanks Walmart/flea market!). So I’ve pretty much been really into Costas since then. After I went to see Saw 3D (or Saw 7, the Final Chapter, etc) came out I hopped right on Netflix to see what else he’d been in and was rewarded with the hot and racy Delta of Venus. NC-17, i.e. sex scenes with his butt, yum.

I’ve also been watching some of his other movies. It seems he’s made a lot of direct to DVD and made for TV fair, which can be bad/cheesy but also fun to watch. Plus I just discovered this Secret Agent Man show on YouTube last night that apparently had a one season run in the ’90s. This is obviously the best discovery since penicillin/sliced bread as he gets to play a James Bond type who apparently just gets to run around bedding women and then having to run off for important missions.

She Spies



Delta of Venus

Secret Agent Man

Saw Fan Video to Myah Marie

He is originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but worked hard early in his career to lose his accent so he wouldn’t be type cast.
He was originally a professional soccer player for Green Gully until he had a stress fractures to his shins.
He was one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1991.
He is the older brother of actor Louis Mandylor. They have appeared in many shows and movies together including on Charmed and She Spies. Louis is also a cutie.
He is either 45 or 48 years old. The IMDB lists his birthdate as September 3, 1962 while Wikipedia says it’s September 3, 1965.
He has appeared in 3 films and a TV series with Ice-T. I don’t know if they were buddies or managed by the same company or what.
His original last name was Theodosopolous but he changed it to Mandylor from his mother’s maiden name of Mandylaris when he started acting.
“I’m not gonna sit there in character, life’s too short.”-Costas Mandylor on the making of Saw 3D
He is the only man I have ever seen who still looks hot with his face tore open and then while sewing it up himself (Saw 7). Yes, this is a fact!

(On Netflix)
Saw 6
Delta of Venus
(On Hulu)
Picket Fences – I think this show was popular with Gen X. I haven’t watch any yet, it’s like right before my time.
The Outer Limits
The Toxic


Official Costas Mandylor Site
Official Saw News
Costas Mandylor Meets His #1 Fan


Gay Boys Kissing


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So awhile ago I was horny and looking at a bunch of these clips on YouTube and thought it would be a shame not to share. There’s more to it than that though but feel free to skip my life story and just watch the hot guys. I’ve been accused (unfortunately the accurate word because of the place where I live) of being gay multiple times. Things like being a subscriber to Maxim and explaining to someone how the song I Kissed A Girl is appealing because I have are just some of the things that have given people pause. FYI: If I were gay, I’d have a girlfriend not be alone.

Anyway, I’m something else that is probably harder for many people to wrap their heads around. I’m a fag hag. I’m not a cute, cuddly Grace type fag hag. I’m more of a Karen who would egg you on to kiss a guy.

Although I was a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (thanks Dad) and was always fond of things like that it wasn’t until I saw Velvet Goldmine when I was 15 that the light bulb went off. ‘Guys in love and making out are totally hot’. I knew I had to see the movie because it starred two of my crushes, Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale, but I didn’t know that it would be so amazing (and introduce me to tons of artists like David Bowie and Oscar Wilde). I was totally into it. I made all my friends watch it and if they expressed an interest in it I’d buy then a copy for themselves. I had a DVD player but I had to own it on DVD and VHS just in case something happened to one of the copies. I even got into reading the slash fanfic about it. I haven’t read fanfic in years but yes, I did subscribe to some newsgroups, lol.

It wasn’t long before the US version of Queer As Folk came out and I had a new addiction. Yes, an over the top sex filled soap opera about gay guys, fantastic. Luckily my best friend in high school also shared my love of QAF so she and I would discuss the adventures of Brian and Justin together.

Since then I’ve come to love most movies about gay guys or even the occasional inferred but not really there gay moments between characters (man I wish I could find that video of Angel and Lindsay from Season 5 of Angel). Enjoy!

Velvet Goldmine
(where it all began)

Queer As Folk Pilot

The Velocity of Gary
I was a fan of Thomas Jane long before Hung thanks to this flick. This isn’t my favorite kiss (can’t find that one on the net) between he and Vincent D’Onofrio in the flick but it’s still very good.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I didn’t think Tim Curry was sexy in this but I was always rooting for him.

Party Monster

Awesome movie, the second clip isn’t hot but it really shows you how good the flick is.

Dude Where’s My Car
I saw this at the theater and cheered when they kissed. Yes, I’m a drama queen.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Interview With A Vampire

No men (including heterosexual men) could resist Mango the male stripper’s mojo. Mango later said he was married yadda, yadda which was lame.

Total Eclipse

In & Out

Gods And Monsters

The Sum of Us

Original Sin

How I Met Your Mother


Young Americans

Actually a girl, The L Word’s Katherine Moennig, but she’s dressed in drag, so he doesn’t know that.

The Lair
Apparently this is a show about gay vampires! I haven’t seen it yet but I do have it in my Netflix queue.

stars Roswell’s Brendan Fehr

Satan’s Alley-Tropic Thunder

The Reward’s Yours…The Man’s Mine from 1969

I can’t get these to show up here but just click on the URLs to view them.
The Rules of Attraction

My Own Private Idaho

Brokeback Mountain

I Love You, Man

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Patrick Warburton might not immediately come to mind when you think sexy. However when I watch Rules of Engagement on Monday nights (BTW-grows funnier each season) I always think ‘that’s like a whole cast I would do’ because everyone on there is hot. This includes Patrick Warburton as the simple yet loving husband Jeff. I’ve always had a thing for big doofy looking guys which Warburton does so well.

Of course I first noticed him as Elaine’s boyfriend David Puddy on Seinfeld. It always cracked me up how they were always breaking up and getting back together. In addition to his regular acting roles Warburton has also done a bunch of impressive voice acting, most notably as Joe on Family Guy.

So ladies you can keep your emo boys I’ll stick with the Jeffs and Puddys of the world.

Rules of Engagement: You Ask They Tell: Patrick Warburton

Rules Of Engagement-Russell Vs Jeff

Rules of Engagement-Jeff in an adult store

David Puddy on Seinfeld Compilation

He is 6’3″.
He is married and has 4 children.

Rules of Engagement on
Family Guy on hulu
Seinfeld on TBS

(On Netflix Streaming)
Big Trouble
The Tick
Family Guy

Rules of Engagement on Amazon

Patrick Warburton on twitter
Patrick Warburton on Myspace
Rules of Engagement on

Don’t forget to catch episodes of Rules of Engagement on Thursday nights at 8:30PM ET on CBS.


The Sexy Ken Marino


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“A Goof”-The Ten

“Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife”-The Ten

Soup R Crackers on Party Down

as “I wanna dip my balls in it!” Louie on The State

as Miles on Charmed

When I was a little girl (let me enjoy this, I only get to be a little girl in flashbacks) I didn’t watch a lot of TV but I did tend to watch MTV at night. I thought it was like getting a glimpse at adults. Of course, in retrospect, it really wasn’t. It was more like a bunch of 20 somethings acting silly which can be a lot of fun. For years when I’d hear something about this show The State I remembered the title and watching sketch comedy on MTV back in the day. That’s as far as it went though. I didn’t remember the actual show at all. However it turns out I’ve been watching and enjoying the collected works of the cast (also writers) of the show for years. Recently I’ve been marathoning the show on Netflix and it’s so sarcastically hilarious. What am I getting at? This was the springboard of the fantastic Ken Marino’s career.

I first noticed Ken Marino as nice and sexy Officer Russotelli in 2000’s 101 Ways (The Things a Girl Will Do to Keep Her Volvo). I happened to be surfing movies channels years ago, came across and was absorbed by it. I recently rewatched it and still enjoyed it immensely. It’s about a young female writer trying to get by. Marino plays the only normal guy in the film so I didn’t realize he was a comedic actor.

As time went by I’d see him in small roles here and there and go “Oh, it’s that hot guy” but I didn’t know his name or follow his career. One of those times was when he played one of Phoebe’s many love interests on Charmed. Yes, I was a huge Charmed fan.

I was really happy to see him in recent years opposite his The State costar Michael Ian Black on Reaper as part of a cool gay demon couple. He also really shined in The Ten. You can watch his whole part in that film by viewing the top 2 videos.

What caused me to be so enamored with him as of late though is his kick ass performance as team leader Ron Donald on Party Down. Ron Donald is always trying to be optimistic (as with his Soup R Crackers goal) but things just never seem to go his way. I really dig him in this role because I have a thing for big doofy guys. I am attracted to a lot of different men but if I had a type it would be the big dumb guy.

Obviously Marino himself is very intelligent though. He’s a writer, producer and director. Most recently he directed the season 2 finale of Party Down. There’s a lot of talk about Party Down coming to an end after this season because it’s more of a labor of love than a cash cow for the cast but I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen because it’s definitely one of the funniest shows out there right now. Marino has been very vocal in his distaste of members of the cast leaving the show and his co-star Martin Starr has also expressed worry over the show’s future on twitter. I really hope a 3rd season somehow gets made.

There is no way I could go into all of his roles. Go check out his filmography and see what appeals to you.

Marino is married to Erica Oyama who appeared on another MTV show Undressed. They have one child.

“My big theory is that comedy is a lot like porno now: there’s something out there for everyone.”-Ken Marino

Party Down Season 1 & 2
The Ten
Wet Hot American Summer
The Baxter
Reaper Seasons 1 & 2
Men Behaving Badly Seasons 1 & 2
Tortilla Soup
(On Netflix Instant Streaming)
Reaper on Hulu
Selected episodes of Party Down on the Starz site
clips/episodes of Childrens Hospital on


A Suicide Girls interview with Ken Marino from 2006 about The Ten.
Ken Marino Says a Third Season of Party Down Could Happen
Gawker Walker: Midnight Munchies with Famous Fat Dave
A Brief History of The State
Party Down, bitches tumblr

I think we should write Ken Marino and tell him how amazing he is. He is so underrated that while putting this together I couldn’t find any fansites for him and had to get some of the pics from his own, abandoned Myspace page.

Ken Marino
Schachter Entertainment
1157 South Beverly Drive
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Yes, I did just get all snail mail on your ass.

P.S. Things change, follow Ken Marino on twitter

(last updated 06/11)

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