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Christmas is almost here but many sites will still get you the item by Christmas if you order soon. Check their shipping info to be sure. I also recommend just hitting up a local store if you know that they have these specific items. I recommend checking the store’s site to see if it’s in stock first (it’s not always accurate though).

Couch Potato

Fun TV Gifts

Fun TV Gifts by missemmamm on

If you are buying a gift for a TV or movie fan there are a few things to think about.

Do you know what show or what type of show that they enjoy?
Obviously if you already know that someone loves Friends then they’ll probably like drinking out of that Central Perk mug. If you buy a drama for someone that only watches sitcoms though then they may just lay it on a table and never watch it.

Do they already own that show?
For instance my sister loves Buffy. However she’s not even sure what seasons she owns and which she needs so I wouldn’t want to try to buy her one as a gift.

What size do they wear?
If you know that someone loves a show and already owns it on DVD or Blu-ray then get them some memorabilia. If you know their size a tee that references something from the show is great.

If not then glassware may be appreciated. Many programs have put out relevant mugs and other glassware.

Not everyone is going to be into a mouse pad but this It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia one is awesome.

This makeup set from True Blood gets rave reviews and is unique, especially if your recipient doesn’t spend much time online.

If the person is a reader then a related book is a cool idea. I like True Blood but I still haven’t read all of the books (P.S. That set doesn’t include all of the books to date.). A more casual reader can still enjoy a book that is readable in bit sized bits, such as The Playbook from How I Met Your Mother. Many shows also release episode guides. Those are especially useful if you know the giftee already has the series.

Now if you want to buy them a DVD of their favorite show go with the newest release because it will be less likely that they’ve had the time or money to buy it yet. All of these shows have been released within the last month and a half.

Film Fanatic

The same can be said about a movie. Try to get something up to date.

Another idea when buying films or series is to go for a special gift set. Even if they happen to have already bought the show or movie they are less likely to own the special tricked out edition and the fun extra that’s included. These can include basically anything. A popular item that’s included in some is a tee shirt.

The WBShop has a very neat suitcase edition of The Hangover Part 2.

Margaret Cho has really great, affordable gift sets (DVD, CD and shirt for $35!) from her last stand up act in her store. They are also autographed (as far as I know).

Best Buy Exclusive DVD and Blu-ray Releases-They have a ton of stuff.

Many stores, including Target and FYE have little extras included with the funny flick Bridesmaids (and everyone seems to have overstocked it too, so you can probably still find one). Items that may be included (not all of them but at separate stores) are lip gloss, earbuds or a wine stopper.

For more gift ideas check out the other entries in my Holiday Sales Series.


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This post brought to you by Gift Card Weekend. All opinions are 100% mine.


Guess what? Gilbert the Gift Card Machine (how cute is that name?) is giving away more than 100 free gift cards during the week leading up to Gift Card Weekend.

I’m sure you stylin’ babes would like to snag a $20 Sephora gift card. Well you’re in luck as they are giving them away daily on their Facebook page from December 19th-December 23rd. What will you choose if you win? I would definitely choose something from their Value Sets.

To win all you need to do is to like the Gift Card Weekend Facebook page. You can also share the Facebook page with your friends to get an extra chance to win for every ‘like’ that you influence. Then keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways on their page all month long. I’ve already entered.

You might be wondering what Gift Card Weekend is. Well after you’ve liked their Facebook page check out the Gift Card Weekend site.

Gift Card Weekend is an event that happens only once a year. During this weekend participating retailers give featured offers for gift cards that were bought during the holiday season.

What that means is that the card that you buy someone for Christmas will have a bonus offer if they go to the Gift Card Weekend site and spend it from January 6th to January 8th, 2012.

The following businesses are participating in Gift Card Weekend so if you have anyone on your Christmas list who is a fan of these businesses (and I’m sure you do) then you can buy a card from them and your pal will be even happier in 2012.

-Regal Cinema
-Spa Finder
-Buca di Beppo
-Giant Eagle
-Bass Pro Shops

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This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wow, you guys need to check out the LG DoublePlay™ . It’s a fantastic phone to use if you like to stay up to date with your friends and family. Who doesn’t need to do that, especially during the holiday season.

The amount of social networking you can do with this is staggering with features such as a split QUERTY keyboard and 2 touch screens. That means that you can check your Facebook timeline while texting friends at the same time. Plus it has a bunch of messaging options like Cloud Text and Group Text. Wow!

If you’re anything like me then you love to take photos. You can get great pics with this. It has a 5MP camera and records video in 720P. Then you can shoot that right over to your Facebook friends.

Are you an app addict? If so this baby will keep you finger deep in apps since it has Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the Android Market. You can set that up however you want with up to 7 home screens and 9 shortcuts.

Now you can only buy this handy phone at T-Mobile so don’t waste time checking other stores for it. You know you want to go check this out.

Think about how quickly it will let you interact with your IRL and online friends. How many hours do you spend texting and using social networking sites on your phone? How do you think the LG DoublePlay™ would change the way you use them?

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This post brought to you by TravelPro. All opinions are 100% mine.

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®

Wow, you have to check out this great Sweepstakes from Delta SkyMiles & Travelpro. To enter to win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles and 2 fantastic Travelpro Rollaboard bags visit the TravelPro sweepstakes . It’s super easy to enter.

If you win you will be able to visit anywhere in the world that you choose. You could experience South America, Europe, Asia or any of the great attractions here in the good old USA. The destinations that you could choose from are endless.

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®

Plus the winner will be bringing along their new Travelpro luggage. Travelpro is renowned for their durability and style. These bags feature telescoping handles which ensure a comfortable roll. They are made with convenience in mind and have a wonderful packing capacity. That’s what makes them the choice of frequent travelers and flight crews all over.

Travelpro luggage is rugged enough to go the distance, any distance. That includes 500,000 miles from the Delta SkyMiles Program. Those Delta SkyMiles could take you to so many different locations.

The Grand Prize consists of: 500,000 miles from the Delta SkyMiles program and two Travelpro Rollaboard bags!

Check It Out:
Travelpro on Facebook
Delta Air Lines on Facebook

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This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

Net10 is a great cell phone service that offers reliable service at an affordable price. As Rob mentions above Net10 is is a part of the well known Tracfone Wireless service. I first tried a Tracfone many years ago when cell phones were first becoming affordable to the public and I was very impressed when I was able to get a signal even in remote areas.

Net10 is a non-contract cell phone service. Plus their reception is top notch. This versatile service is a great choice for your home or workplace.

They offer various plans including The Net10 Unlimited plan, which is very easy to use and an amazing deal. It includes nationwide coverage and unlimited talk, text, and data, for the low price of $50 a month.

Easy Minutes Plus is an automatic minutes plan that starts as low as $15.00 for 200 minutes. Or you can choose a Pay-As-You-Go Plan and your minutes will simply roll over as long as you keep your service active. Since you aren’t locked into a contract you can easily choose whichever option is perfect for you that month. They even offer International Long Distance so you can keep in contact with friends or business contacts in over 75 countries.

Watch Rob break down the savings that Net10 brings in this video.

To sign up for service with them simply visit Click here to pick out and buy your phone, create your account by clicking here and visit this page to activate your phone.


Cute NET10 commercial

Net10 offers both simple phones that are great for calling and texting (under $15) and phones with more essential features such as a camera, video recorder, blue tooth capability and web (under $40). In addition to those you can pick out a more tricked out phone, such as those with QWERTY keyboards, sliders or touch screens (under $60).

For More Fun Visit:
Net10 on twitter
Net10 on Facebook
Watch an interview with Net10 user Mike

Real NET10 customer

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