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You know how much I adore the work of Mina Vaughn. Check out this excerpt from her upcoming 2015 release, How to Punish Your Playboy.

According to Mina Vaughn:

HOW TO PUNISH YOUR PLAYBOY is about a pin-up model and the naughty restaurateur she manages to tame. You’ll love watching her teach this spoiled playboy a lesson.

Trust me, ladies, when I say you’re going to want Aston Delano to prepare all your tasty delights. He’s got sensitive taste buds and knows how to fork.


I walked instead toward the man who bought the car…and the date with me, just as he was settling up with the charity. They handed him the keys and I felt my stomach clench. It was over. I placed my hand on his wrist and smiled. “Thank you. It’s a great cause.”

The suited man stood by the window of the convertible and lowered his glasses as he peered inside. “She’s a beauty,” his low voice purred. I felt my body tingle at its tenor.

“It’s a he.”
The man looked up. “Excuse me?”
“Johnny. My car. It’s a he, not a she.”
He walked behind the car and bent to look underneath. “Sorry, didn’t notice those. I’ll just pretend it’s cold out.”
I stifled a chuckle.

The man slid his glasses completely off, folded them and tucked them neatly in his jacket pocket. He stood there in the summer heat, fully dressed in a stifling business suit, and not a bead of sweat graced his forehead. I hated the way I was gawking at him—I was typically under control when it came to my hormones, but this guy was making my brain do naughty mental gymnastics.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he said, extending his hand to me, “I’m Aston Delano.”


excerpt is via Mina Vaughn

You can pre-order the book here on Amazon (Note: This is an affiliate link.)

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by Elvert Barnes

by Elvert Barnes

So, after knowing that I’ve been accepted into the DCP since March, I’m finally really packing just days before my departure. It’s difficult to decide what to pack for four months. You need business, casual, workout and sleep wear. Plus shoes! I actually went with a smaller suitcase. This one was coming out to a little over 40lbs, which is the cut off. I’m not going to pay $100 extra (which Spirit charges if you are over). Instead my smaller suitcase is coming out to about 29lbs.

blk dress outfit 2

This is the dress that I hold up and refer to in the video.

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5 out of 5

How to Reprimand Your Rock Star cover

How to Reprimand Your Rock Star
by Mina Vaughn
published by Pocket Star (Simon & Schuster)
release date: July 21, 2014
provided by NetGalley

Last year, rising author Mina Vaughn released my favorite book of the year, How to Discipline Your Vampire. BDSM has become mainstream in the last few years. However, Mina’s twist is that she writes strong, multi-dimensional heroines who take the dom role. Yes, sexy women in control!

Earlier this year, she released an excerpt from her newest novel, How to Reprimand Your Rock Star. It definitely got me psyched for the release.

As with her previous novel, Vaughn puts the woman in the dom role. This time, we get a dom who is just discovering this side of her sexuality. This isn’t just a romance novel about the couple. It’s also about a woman who is coming into her own in many areas of her life.

Thea is a freshman in college, who is there to show off her basketball skills. We not only get to read about her love life but also her love of the game. I am not an athlete and really only enjoy shooting hoops solo. Vaughn writes in a way that lets everyone understand Thea’s point of view. She doesn’t assume that you know things, even basic things like the game H-O-R-S-E, but she also doesn’t dumb down any of the explanations. Keaton is a rock star, but Thea’s not familiar with his work. This and their shared interest in BDSM are what initially draw them together.

The most important thing to remember is that Thea is driven. She’s driven in all areas of her life. So when she meets a super sexy older man, Keaton, she goes full speed ahead at that as well. She does her BDSM research and practice, to the max!

Since Thea is new to the BDSM scene, it’s refreshing to watch her learn, through her eyes. She gets a bad ass, super sultry mentor, Scarlett. These are some wonderful parts of the book. I never felt like, oh, just get this over with and get back to the main couple. No, these parts really added to Thea’s journey.

rr sub info

Yes, this book is full of what is fantasy for many of us, when it comes to the rock star life. Plus, it offers a hint of what ivy league college life is like to those of us who haven’t ventured in that direction with our lives. What’s very cool though is that there are many small touches here and there that truly make the story feel realistic. There’s an overenthusiastic best friend, lots of text and Facebook drama and dealing with a, sometimes, long distance relationship.

rr friend

rr texts

All of that and the sex. Yes, the sex scenes are fab. If you enjoy a lot of introductory BDSM play and a good deal of foreplay, they are probably perfect for you.

rr goddess

rr sexy 2

It’s often easy to assume that a book like this will definitely end happily but there is actually a sense of will they or won’t they, because of their conflicting schedules.

I highly recommend reading How to Reprimand Your Rock Star. If you enjoyed Vaughn’s first book then you should definitely have this on your to buy list. There are some parallels between the two, though they are their own stories. If you haven’t read How to Discipline Your Vampire for whatever reason (maybe you don’t like vampires), jump on this. No, you don’t have to be into sports to cheer on Thea. Her story is not always easy, but definitely, always a good ride.

You can buy How to Reprimand Your Rock Star here on Amazon. (Note: Clicking this Amazon link and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.)

Mina Vaughn
photo is by Shannon Michelle Photography, via Vaughn’s tumblr

More Mina Vaughn on the Web:
I’m excited that she has another sexy book due for release next year, How to Punish Your Playboy.
official tumblr blog
official twitter
official Facebook
on Goodreads

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The Wanderer


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bar n

What was there to do, she pondered. Seven hours until I’m outta here. Not much to do, okay, not really anything to do, except sustenance. She did need to eat. Dying phone (plus no physical map either, fucking present), what’s a girl to do? Remember a previous time in this city, but of course.

It’d been a year, yeah, things change. She found it though, she fucking found it! Her yummy Mexican eatery. Overwhelming arrival? YES! Last year they had mentioned switching to a sports bar theme, but she didn’t know if that’d really go over. It totally did, like gangbusters, in fact.

She asked the hostess if she could get grub at the bar. After a yes, she made her way there. Fuck waiting on a table for one. Fuck that for sure.

What awaited her? A super “IMPORTANT” national sports event. Yeah, not her style. Looking back, it’d seem more calculated than it really was, but she scoped out the bar. She spotted “kindred” souls but it was a flock, a flock of dudes, not her style. She was more like a guy, go for the unencumbered one. Plus, he was hot.

A bit of chattering (not quite flirting, though), but it seemed there was a viable specimen. Cute and willing to chat. Don’t be too eager with food, her inner monologue instructed, that comes off poorly for women, stupid double standards.

Eventually, she got her grub on. More importantly, she was able to chat up the hot, single dude at the bar, conveniently seated directly to her right.

After a few brewskis, hours of a sport she just could not get into and some light flirting, she made a move and it fucking worked. SCORE!!!

They “hung” for a few hours. It was nice, it was sweet, it was sexy. She had no regrets. It was a nice time. That can be an anomaly in times like that.

“Pack my bags and mount my horse
I’m gonna ride on into the next town
Spend all my money on absolutely nothing
Need no man to pay for anything”-Imani Coppola-Legend Of A Cowgirl

“I roam from town to town
I go through life without a care”-Dion

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3.5 out of 5

sex tape movie poster

Early this year I caught the first Sex Tape trailer. I knew from the moment I started watching that I had to see it upon release. It seems like it’s taken forever to come out. Okay, that’s probably just me.

Sex Tape is about a married couple (Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel) who make a sex tape to spice things up. In these tech heavy times though things like this tend to get out quickly.

Let’s get the looks thing out of the way. This is a movie (albeit a comedy) with nudity and simulated sex so it’s not like I’m going to ignore what they look like. The last time we saw Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel together was in the hilariously awesome Bad Teacher. At that time I was super hot for Segel. Since then he’s gone super extreme with losing weight. His drawn face combined with his receding hairline is a bummer. Good news for Diaz fans though, she’s lookin’ good. I just watched her in The Other Woman, in which she was sporting some bad collagen and I’m guessing other plastic surgery don’t s. She’s looking much more natural here. And yes you do get to see her strut around in her undies, so for everyone who enjoyed that scene in Charlie’s Angels you’re in for a treat.

sex tape movie lowe

So, plot? It wasn’t quite what I thought it’d be. The flick opens with Diaz narrating for her mommy blog. Eek. Okay, I have read some, but this didn’t take my fancy. One subplot is that she’s trying to sell her blog to some big corporation headed by Rob Lowe. I did enjoy the Lowe scenes. At first he just seems to be doing his overly nice Parks and Recreation character but later it gets weird and fun.

sex tape movie early sex

Segel is somewhere up the line of the radio DJ hierarchy, which I am not familiar enough with to completely explain to you. Seems like a decent, fun job though. Between his job, her blog and MAINLY, their two children, they never have time to get busy. We know that it hasn’t always been like this since we do get a fun flashback of all of their early boning times back in college. I kind of think Diaz almost pulls off looking college age with her young do.

The movie starts out strained. I suppose it’s since that’s how they are feeling but it’s not so fun, aside from the screwing montage. Eventually (okay, it’s not even a long movie, but I’m impatient), we get to the night that they get down to business.

sex tape movie book

After many funny, failed attempts at getting busy, Segel even says “it’s like we forgot how to have sex”, (even his kissing technique seems to need a lot of work in this scene). Diaz finally gets a great idea! Making their own porn, of course. This is super easy since Segel always has a surplus of iPads due to his hazy job. I did enjoy their preparation, tequila and a vague porn plot, doing the entire Joy of Sex.

The rest of the movie is pretty what you’d expect from the commercials. They run around trying to stop others from seeing their sex tape and end up getting into some fairly funny hi jinx. Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper (both of whom I’m big fans of) costar as their married couple friends. Neither gets that much to do but both are amusing, as usual. I was surprised by some tech stuff in the flick but I don’t want to give it away. There’s also an awesome cameo.

I must admit that I am biased when it comes to this movie. I could picture something like this happening to me in my 40s. There’s even stuff I happen to be familiar with in the movie-3 hour sex sessions, a super long jelly dildo (I didn’t know any better) and YouPorn. So yeah, I’m kind of the target audience here.

Despite that fact it didn’t blow me away. I did enjoy it and it might be funnier on a second viewing but I’m not sure. I’d recommend seeing it during a cheap matinee or waiting for it to hit VOD and DVD.

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