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You may have noticed that I don’t usually write about food. I don’t have a discerning palette and I don’t go out to fancy restaurants. I rarely eat out and I don’t cook. I eat a lot of frozen or dried meals. When I saw the new KFC Double Down I thought it looked pretty cool. However a quick search for reviews yielded mostly blurbs about how it was gross and they were practically forced to eat because they’re reviewers. Plus it always seems to be a shock to people that fast food has a lot of calories and fat. Duh. You’re not supposed to eat it all the time. So I thought I’d do my own.

KFC Double Down Collage

The KFC Double Down is the new bunless sandwich at KFC. It’s 2 chicken filets with 2 slices of bacon, 2 slices of cheese (pepper jack & monterey jack) and the Colonel’s Sauce in the middle. You can get it in original recipe or grilled. It comes in a wrapper so you can hold it without getting your fingers greasy. The meal deal was $6.99 at my local KFC (Southwest Pennsylvania) or $4.99 for just the sandwich. I opted for the original recipe meal.

The sandwich seemed kind of small in comparison to the container. I had a hard time trying to eat it like a sandwich so after a couple of bites I pulled it apart and ate with a fork. The best part of the sandwich was the chicken. The cheese wasn’t completely melted. I am usually a big fan of cheese but I just didn’t like the kind they used. The flavor was off. It would also taste better with more bacon. The special sauce was okay but nothing to write home about. Due to the sauce and cheese it has a slightly spicy flavor.

It was okay but in the future I’ll stick with my favorite KFC item the Twister.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Ingredients: KFC Original Recipe Filet, Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, Colonel’s Sauce (Soybean Oil, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Egg Yolk, Sugar, Salt, Modified Corn Starch, Paprika, Xanthan Gum, Monosodium Glutamate, Spice, Chicken Broth, Garlic Powder, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Potassium Sorbate, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Soy Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Natural Flavor, Chicken Fat, Dehydrated Chicken and Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten.
Contains Egg, Wheat and Soy.)
Grilled Double Down: KFC Grilled Filet or Tender Roast Chicken Filet, Colonel’s Sauce, Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese
Calories 540 Calories, 290 Calories From Fat, 32g Trans Fat, 10g Saturated Fat, 11 Carbohydrates
Grilled Double Down 460 Calories, 210 Calories From Fat, 23g, 9g Saturated Fat, 3 Carbohydrates
Full Nutrition Info here on the official KFC site.

If you want to try to make your own check out Can’t Wait for the KFC Double Down Sandwich? Make It Yourself? by Robert Sietsema.

KFC is currently raising money for Susan G. Komen For The Cure for Breast Cancer. Check out how you can help here.
KFC Double Down Commercial


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Death at a Funeral is Neil LaBute’s new dark comedy about a family who come together at their father’s funeral and learn more than they wanted to know about him. It stars Chris Rock, Loretta Devine, Peter Dinklage, Danny Glover, Regina Hall, Martin Lawrence, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Luke Wilson. It is a remake of Frank Oz’s 2007 British film of the same name. The original film stars Ewen Bremner, Alan Tudyk and Peter Dinklage. Dinklage reprises the role he played in the original film. The original was released in the US but without much fanfare.

Ryan: “So you come to a lot of funerals?”

Aaron: “Come on man. She’s like in the 12th grade.” Ryan: “Well she might be in 12th grade but that ass is in grad school.”

Oscar: “Did you just see that?” Elaine: “See what?” Oscar: “That coffin just moved.”

Aaron: “Look at the damn body man. You got Jackie Chan in there.”

Aaron: “It’s not Burger King. You can’t just mess up my order.”

Ryan: “You gonna bring a gat to a funeral?”

Jeff: “What you thought was Valium was not actually Valium, Yikes.”

Uncle Russell: “Let’s just burn him and get it over with.”

Elaine: “I was drunk. You could’ve been a donkey for all I knew.” Derek: “Thank you.”

Norman: “Damnit Uncle Russell. I love you but you gonna be in the box next.”

Ryan: “If I don’t get some money soon I’m gonna have to do a damn reality show, It’s Hammer Time.”

Oscar: “Let’s go. Join the others.”

Aaron: “Let me get this straight. Our father was bromantically involved with a guy that could fit in his pocket and you’re mad cuz he’s white?

Ryan: “You tellin’ me our father was on the down low?” Aaron: “Way down low.”

Ryan: “I didn’t know he did yoga.”

Aaron: “Were you guys friends?” Frank: “Something like that.”

For a quick laugh check out my “eulogy” read by Chris Rock that I made on the official site. You can make one too.

For more on this flick check out:
Death at a Funeral Official Site
Death at a Funeral at Yahoo Movies

NOTE: This article was written for but rejected by another website. You can see what I think about this film by reading my previous post here.


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You may not be aware but independent filmmakers have been raising money on the net to fund their movies for a few years via Myspace and eBay. I have even contributed to a few of them. The thing is usually you usually have to wait for an unspecified amount of time to see the movie get made because it can take a long time to raise those funds. Plus many of the filmmakers are first timers which means you have no idea if the movie you’ve backed will actually be good.

How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song is different in 2 ways: 1. They are using Kickstarter and 2. The director is Gary King who already has many quality films under his belt. Kickstarter lets you pledge money to a project and that project isn’t completed unless they receive the full amount they are asking for. This means you don’t have to wait an undefined amount of time before you hear about the movie getting filmed.

photo from the official What’s Up Lovely site.

Now let me tell you about Gary King. King first came to my attention in 2008 while attending Horrorfind Weekend which is an annual horror movie convention. Gary King was there to screen his film Dismal. He also brought the cast who cheerfully signed posters and photos and posed for pictures after the screening. I thought the movie was awesome. Later I found the film, actors and King on Myspace. When I started using twitter I followed King on there and found out that he makes a variety of films. I haven’t been able to see his other films but I do watch the trailers and read his blog and they look really good. Don’t take my word for it though, his film What’s Up Lovely was listed on various film sites as one of the best films of 2009. King is very friendly to fans and supportive of other independent filmmakers on his twitter.

According to the official site How Do You Write A Joe Scherman Song? is “intimate tale about an aspiring Broadway songwriter who jeopardizes his relationships and budding career after he begins working with a talented singer”. For more on the film visit the official site and then go donate on Kickstarter. There is about a day left and the film needs a little under $3000 to get funded. You can donate as little as $1. I think that a really cool, affordable pledge is $151 because you receive a “Special Thanks” credit, copy of the movie, soundtrack, poster and DVDs of King’s previous films, New York Lately and What’s Up Lovely.

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Kath & Kim was a quickly canceled sitcom on NBC. It was a remake of the Australian Kath & Kim which ran for 4 seasons. I have never seen the original. I thought that the remake was very funny though. I was already a fan of both Molly Shannon and Selma Blair prior to the show. It was about a spoiled adult who is still living with her mother who is trying to break free from her to have her own life. Fans of the original didn’t like it for various reasons including that they thought that Selma was too skinny to play the lead. She did try by gaining 20lbs for the role. Many Americans thought it was unfunny. I was one of the few who liked it. Anyway the characters have a completely over the top fashion sense that is too fun. Sometimes it’s cringe inducing and sometimes it’s so bad it’s (almost) good. You can buy it on DVD.

Kath & Kim Spin
Kath & Kim Spin by MissEmmaMM featuring Volcom shorts

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Knee Socks @ Hot Topic, $6.99
GIORGIO ARMANI Women Closed-toe slip-ons, $160
Kath Dash
Kath Dash by MissEmmaMM featuring Dolce Vita shoes

Items in this set:
Dylan’s Candy Bar Candy Pocket Shorts in Fashion at Dylan’s Candy Bar, $25
Pela Crisscross Wedge Sandals, $170
Pink, Yellow and Blue Chunky Acrylic Star Necklace
Juicy Couture Heart Hair Claw Clip, Medium, $22
Kath N Kim Splash
Kath N Kim Splash by MissEmmaMM featuring GAP tops

Items in this set:
Lee Oversized Cropped T-Shirt, $17
Gap Short-sleeved cropped sweater, $20
women’s Farhi by Nicole Farhi cropped length trouser, 120 GBP
Pocket Front Denim Romper, $49
Black and White Floral Trend – Black and White Floral Trend for Spring…

April Movie Showers


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Yes, this is super late. I meant to do this post a couple of days before April started but I got distracted with other entries and sms work.

Clash of the Titans-4/2-(This film had been pushed. It was supposed to open in March.)
Clash of the Titans is a big budget Greek mythology flick. Of course they had to capitalize on the 3D trend. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet but the trailers blew me away. It’s been getting not so stellar reviews but I don’t care. I used to read about all of that stuff when I was in grade school. Plus it stars the super hot Sam Worthington. Those who have seen it recommend saving the extra few bucks & watching it in 2D. I’m gonna go with 3D myself though.

Date Night-4/9
Photo is from the April 2010 Issue of Esquire


It’s Tina Fey and Steve Carell in a comedic case of mistaken identity. It features a ton of awesome supporting players including Ray Liotta (squee!), Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Kristin Wiig and Mark Ruffalo. I would have seen it this weekend if I wasn’t all booked up with work.

After.Life-04/09 (Limited)

This is a creepy looking flick about Christina Ricci as a ghost, or something. It co-stars Liam Neeson, Justin Long and Josh Charles.

The Runaways-4/9 (opened in limited release on 3/19)
The flick about The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. It looks pretty good but we still haven’t gotten it here so I guess I’ll have to wait for the Blu Ray.



As soon as I heard the buzz on this wannabe super hero movie I checked out the trailer…and was disappointed. It just doesn’t thrill me like it’s doing for so many others. As I’ve seen it a few more times in front of films at the theater it’s grown on me a little. I concede that it looks sort of interesting. I’m surprised that they don’t even mention Nic Cage’s name in many of the commercials. I’m a little disturbed by the fact that I’m now attracted to McLovin. Tidbits: Some people are in a huff that the little girl in the movie says cunt. It has already opened in the UK. So while working this weekend I had quite a few showtime requests calling it Kick Arse instead which amused me.

Death at a Funeral-4/16
Yes, there is funny stuff in the commercial for this comedy about a funeral that is a remake of a movie that is only 3 years old. However I get sick at the thought of a funny funeral movie because I’ve lost so many loved ones in the last few years. Believe me, a real funeral is devastating, not funny.

The Joneses-4/16 (Limited)
This flick starring David Duchovy, Demi Moore and Gary Cole looks pretty interesting. It’s about marketing your lifestyle to people without them knowing it. It looks like it might have an unnecessary romance thrown in but it might work. I haven’t seen any commercials or trailers for this aside from stumbling across it on the IMDB.

The Losers-4/23
This looks like a fun action comedy. It stars Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The Back-up Plan-4/23
backupbackup 2
Jennifer Lopez thinks it’s still 10 years ago so she decided to put out another romantic comedy and appeared on SNL in a Smash Mouth sketch. Personally if I were hosting I wouldn’t date myself by including a sketch like that. It just reminds me of when she was on top. This might sound negative but I actually really want to see this. I’m a fan of both good and bad romantic comedies. I loved the Wedding Planner way back when but Maid in Manhattan was a let down. Plus I don’t need an excuse to see a movie that makes use of the smokin’ hot Alex O’Loughlin without a shirt. I loved him on Moonight. I prefer the long hair but I take what I can get. It’s directed by Alan Poul of the canceled show Swingtown, which I loved. Plot, who needs a plot? But seriously, it’s about a woman who meets a stud right after getting artificially inseminated. (If I had a nickel for everytime this has happened to me)

A Nightmare on Elm Street-4/30
nightmare poster
I was a big Freddy fan growing up but I think the magic of Freddy Krueger is embodied by Robert Englund. Many people are excited about this remake because Freddy is being played by Jackie Earle Haley whom people loved in Watchmen. It has the potential to be interesting but there’s no way it could take the place of the original.

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