Happy Easter!


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Yes, I’m an atheist but I still like religious holidays because they are an excuse to spend time with family and dress up (when I feel like it). A couple of years ago my friend Jen had a few of us over to decorate Easter eggs (adults only) and I couldn’t believe that it was still fun.

early Easter family photos, I've always loved hats!

early Easter family photos, I’ve always loved hats!

easter dog

Eddie Izzard on Easter

Ernest on Easter

R.I.P. Jim Varney

Fun Links
How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi.
Easter Party Ideas for Adults.

Spring Fling
Spring Fling by MissEmmaMM featuring Liberty of London dresses

Web Oodles 4/03/10


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Step Up 3D Trailer-for the preteen in you


Marmaduke Trailer starring Owen Wilson-for the child in you

If you want to watch a movie right now the following can be viewed for free on your computer.

On YouTube-The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Little Princess (Shirley Temple Version), Night of the Living Dead and Slacker.

On Hulu-Calendar Girls, The Saint, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Smiley Face, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Soapdish, The Last Days of Disco, Babes in Toyland and Clifford,

On Fancast-House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price-original) and The Doom Generation. Many of these films can be seen on all 3 sites. I have seen and recommend all of them.

If you need a laugh check out Porn Parody Trailers. They crack me up.


The Big Bang Theory

If you like those, you should also check out the trailers for the porn parodies of 30 Rock, True Blood and Charmed.

If you are a movie junkie, check out this post by Repo! The Genetic Opera’s Darren Bousman.


//www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT12cKlxKeMa New Christina Aguilera Song-Not Myself Tonight

Free Full Albums From Amazon-I Never Knew You by Cage & 20 In 10: Digital Collection by Sister Hazel

Free MP3 Singles from Amazon-Detroit City by Alice Cooper, Rock Steady by Bad Company, Suicide Messiah by Black Label Society, Doomsday Jesus by Black Label Society, Let The Riverrun by Carly Simon, Thorn by Fuckface, Rapture of the Depp by Deep Purple, If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping With Sirens, Perfect Stranger by the Donnas, Are You Gonna Move It For Me? by The Donnas

They have a lot more available but these are my picks.


Mag Cloud is a service that will publish your magazine for you. I used to run an e-zine when I was in high school so this is right up my alley. The cons are print media isn’t being read as much when you can get so much on the net for free and a single issue can get pricey when you add up $.20 per page for the company plus shipping and your markup.

Zoe Saldana: Center Stage in April’s Nylon. I recommend picking up the issue to check out the full article. She doesn’t tip toe around what she believes in. She even makes a remark about (I’m guessing) her Death at a Funeral costar Chris Rock.

Gerard Way Meets Iggy Pop from Spin Magazine.

Surfing Savant Clay Marzo from Rolling Stone. He has form of autism called Aspergers. This is a very interesting read. You can see him surfing here.

Actress Jane Krakowski has done this video for Jergens to advertise their Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. The great thing about it is that everytime it is viewed $1 will be donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Mostly Recent Magazine Shootsz

The best of recent magazine shoots in one place includes (from top left) Chloe Sevigny, Scarlet Johnansson, Mila Kunis, Lady Gaga, Tara Lynn, Shia LeBeouf, Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan (old pic) and Zooey Deschanel.

America’s Next Top Model had a vampire shoot this week. Apparently it was to capitalize on the current vampire craze. I’ve always loved vampires & was hoping for more. Some of the photos were cool but as a whole the girls didn’t seem that into it & the judges didn’t make enough ridiculous complaints. (Yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure to like that, I know.)

Check out these photos-If Lady GaGa and Dita Von Teese Were Korean

Sweet Vs Sassy
Sweet Vs Sassy by MissEmmaMM featuring DKNY bags
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Tie-Dye Blue Sparkle Spangle Panda Dress
Aaliyah Stud Detail Strapless Dress In Black
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Womens – Accessories – Caged – Caged Skirt – Style #38-626, $53
Laid Back Rocker
Laid Back Rocker by MissEmmaMM featuring Forever21 tops
Items in this set:
Rock N Roll Rebellion Top, $15
H&M Shop Online
H&M Shop Online
Cherry Red Boutique – Bags – Piratey Love Tote, $24

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Lou: “It’s called male bonding. Haven’t you even seen Wild Hogs?”

Nick: “Excuse me miss, what color is Michael Jackson?”

Lou: “We could combine Viagra with fucking  twitter, twittagra boom.”

Lou: “Whatever, semantics, I want an escort to escort our penises into her vagina.”

Adam: “You look like Kid ‘N Play.” Nick: “That’s actually 2 people.”

Jacob: “Who are you, Hunter S. Thompson?”

Kelly: “I feel pregnant.”

Phil: “Is this a rape?” Jacob: “Are we gonna rape him?”

Jacob: “So when you want to find porn or directions you Lougal it?”

Lou: “You want port or starboard, huh, what hole do you want, Uptown or downtown?”

Nick: “Hurry up, I can see the ’90s!”

Lou: “I get hard whenever I want okay? I’m fucking hard right now. I’m boy scout hard.”

Jacob: “Is there some kind of retro thing going on this weekend?”

Nick: “I don’t understand how we back in time.”

Jacob: “Can I text you later?” girl: “Can you what?” Jacob: “Are you online at all?” girl: “I have no idea what you’re saying.” Jacob: “How do I get a hold of you?” girl: “Come find me.” Jacob: “That just sounds…exhausting”

Jacob: “Come on, do I really gotta to be the asshole that says we got in this thing and went back in time?”  Nick: “It must be some kind of hot tub time machine.”

Lou: “Tell us how it’s scientifically possible Professor Fucking Hawking in your robot voice?” Jacob: “I will because I write Stargate fanfiction. This is my bread and butter man.”

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90s Love


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Lately I’ve really gotten back into all things 90s. Not really surprising because that was my era.

Pauly Shore
I’ve watched Encino Man many times over the years and it still holds up. I recently rented In The Army Now because of my whole military fetish and it wasn’t quite as good as I remember. Of course, Pauly Shore always was an acquired taste but I had a crush on him. I remember when I was at an Angel con a few years back and James Leary told us about him trying to trick girls into coming to his place by mentioning his dogs. I was like “It would work on me”.

Netflix currently has some fun 90s movies on streaming including 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, Josie and the Pussycats, The First Wives Club, Scream, Spice World and Sugar & Spice. (You must already be logged into your Netflix account for those direct links to work.)

90s Style
I’ve even been looking back at the 90s makeup fondly while watching Untamed Heart and Threesome which is funny because I didn’t like it when some of my friends actually did their makeup like that back in Jr. High. Some of the fashion was fun and some was awful. Plus we even got bad advice. When I was in Jr. High I was in a teen book club. One month I got a book on beauty that featured a photo of the cast of 90210. It said if you want to look good try a white tee tucked into jeans (they were high waisted). You can see most of these are from TV shows but I’m not going into TV because I watched a lot of it back then and it would take forever. Some of it doesn’t stand the test of time. I did love SNICK though.






I just had a ball reading tons of articles about 90s fashion. Check them out.
Fall 2009 Fashion for Women in Their 20s by me. I mentioned the comeback of 80s and 90s clothing.

90s Fashion Trends

What Will Be The Next Terrible Trend To Resurface During The 90’s Revival? by Hortense

It Was Acceptable in the ’90s (So Why Not Now?)

Sex and the City-90s fashion wearable now? by Sharon Rose Pixie

Back in the 90s

My inspiration sources & fashion cravings 2009! 1990s fashion

May Fashion Story: ’90s Fashion

90s Playlist-Just Click It

Standalone player
90s Fun
90s Fun by MissEmmaMM featuring GAP shorts

Items in this set:
Set: Floral Print Dress + Slip, $50
Casual Striped Dress, $11
Striped Daisy Cropped T-Shirt | Tops | ASDA direct, 8 GBP
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Daisy And Minnie PJ Set, $32
90s Style
90s Style by MissEmmaMM featuring Clu dresses

Items in this set:
Slip Dress, $210
Sheer Tactel slip dress, $175
Slip Dress, $145
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90s Grunge
90s Grunge by MissEmmaMM featuring Lucky Brand jeans

Items in this set:
Holiday Gift Guide | Hot Topic, $45
Hot Topic Product Categories, $43
Passion Pit Merch Store – T shirts, Hoodies and other merchandise.., $25
Lucky Brand Trucker Carpenter Jean, $19
BKE Tyler Jean, $50

Web Oodles 3/22/10


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I have to admit that I love streaming Netflix over my blu ray player. Recently they added Woody Allen’s Whatever Works, Nine Dead starring Melissa Joan Hart and Weeds Season 5. I watched Whatever Works as soon as they added it and it was excellent. I haven’t watched Nine Dead but MJH has been tweeting about it for months. I watched about half of this season of Weeds on the net when it was airing and wasn’t getting into it as much as previous seasons but still want to catch up.




Recently Jason Trenton tweeted about an awesome artist named Jason Mercier. I absolutely adore his pieces. You can even send him your refuse for him to work with.



Veik makes DIY Lady GaGa Barbie Dolls. They are quite a sight to behold.

Airborne is back on tour and they have a new album out on April 20th. I saw them live (for free, yay!) in Bmore a few years ago & they were so much fun. I’m pissed because I just looked all over for the photos I took at the show & can’t find them. They are similar in sound to AC/DC.

Recommended Reading
The Michael Douglas Vanity Fair article was pretty informative. Also check out what Mia Kirshner has been up to.

Sexy Pics



Michelle Trachtenberg in the February/March 2010 issue of Complex Magazine. See the full gallery here.

Yes, the movie looks bad, there’s no way they’re dating and she bitched about the shoot but I still like it.


Old but I just saw it for the first time.

I am really digging cute, strange animals lately.


Capybara from Gala Darling’s Flickr

Squirrel Lemur

Turtle from Shrinkle’s blog

Take a look at Shoe Porn. So much fun.

Purple Passion
Purple Passion by MissEmmaMM featuring Michael Antonio shoes
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Romeo & Juliet Couture magenta taffeta gathered strapless dress, $98
White Striped Tights, $13
5″ Open Toe Shoes “Toki” from Michael Antonio for $45.00, $45
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Red Queen-Alice in Wonderland Style
Red Queen-Alice in Wonderland Style by MissEmmaMM featuring Disney bags
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Disney Couture ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Silver Plated Cheshire Cat Ring, $46
Fun Times
Fun Times by MissEmmaMM featuring Forever21 shoes
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Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Juniors Lips Rib Tank, $6
Unisex Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket, $45
Thigh Highs / Tutus | Hosiery | Accessories, $34
Jelly Strap Sandal, $6.80
Blue Banana – Neon ‘Smiley Face’ Print Shopper Bag (Yellow), 5 GBP
Steppin Out
Steppin Out by MissEmmaMM featuring Disney bags
Items in this set:
Dylan’s Candy Bar white jersey ‘I love candy’ crewneck t-shirt, $15
Double-Breasted Empire Long Coat, $35
Marc by Marc Jacobs normandy blue cotton ombré shorts, $89
Disney The Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Handbag for Women | Disney…, $38
Black Vinyl Knee-High Boots, $40
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