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Photos from Exclusively Marisa & Leave Me The White

You’ve heard the old saying “All I Need To Know I Learned From…”‘. I’m not the first to have noticed and implemented things from films and tv.

Doug-It’s All Been Done Before. In the episode of “Doug En Vogue” Doug is accused of copying his own clothing style. This leads him on a journey for a “totally original look”. This is when we learn that nothing is completely original anymore. You can adapt or fuse new styles of whatever-clothing, music, writing-together but it still won’t be completely new. When you have writer’s (or any other kind of) block you may remember this and stop beating yourself up.

Untamed Heart-Marisa Tomei’s character teaches us that if you spray the perfume then walk into it, you will smell good but not overpowering.

Trainspotting-Drugs are bad, mmkay.

Raiders of the Lost Ark-Why fight someone when you can just shoot them?

A Clockwork Orange-People never really change.

The Big Lebowski-Most things are easier to handle with a “beverage”.

Showgirls-Life is nothing if you don’t have a dream.

To Die For-“What’s the point of doing anything worthwhile if there’s nobody watching?”

Tomcats-Men will do some stupid shit for pussy.

Eurotrip-Yeah, we’re all gonna give up drinking tomorrow.

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead-Lying your way into a job is possible. You can get rid of a dead body if you pay off the flunkies who work at the funeral home.

Superbad-If something embarrassing happens to you, use as a funny self depracating story to get everyone’s attention.

Striptease-People in the sex industry are usually looked down upon by “regular folks”.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure-History is hard to remember.

Will & Grace- You can’t make a gay man straight.

In Her Shoes-Sisters can be total bitches.

Gossip Girl-High school is completely superficial.

The Office-Just because someone is your boss doesn’t make them smarter than you, or a monkey.

The Devil’s Rejects-Everyone likes ice cream. Even serial killers.

High Fidelity-Even if a guy is a complete asshole who cheats on you, you’ll still want him if he’s hot and can talk a good line of bullshit.

The Last Seduction-Sex is a tool.

Titanic-If a guy really loves you he will let you live while he drowns.

Velvet Goldmine-Most of us are groupies at heart.

Detroit Rock City-If you win a radio contest don’t hang up before they get your name, address and phone number.

Clueless-If you try to help someone they may overshadow you.


Web Oodles 2/10/10


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I’d like to start doing this feature once a week or biweekly. It’s just to let you know about some cool stuff on the web.

Tonight at 8PM ET (5PM PST) there will be a super cool Alice in Wonderland Fan Event on Ustream Director Tim Burton will introduce cast members including girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter, Crispin Glover and Anne Hathaway. There will also be performances by the following bands: 3OH!3 (woohoo!), Metro Station, Kerli and Never Shout Never.

While working one night I stumbled upon an interview with Paul Rudd The Many Faces of Paul Rudd It’s from 2009 but I rarely see interviews with him so I felt the need to share.

Val Kilmer has recently become the king of direct to dvd movies. He cranks them out right and left. Many of them are quite enjoyable. I know I’m not the only one renting them because I often have to get them from the Redbox because they are on Long Wait or Very Long Wait on Netflix. His latest is Double Identity (also called Fake Identity). It will be released this Tuesday, February 23rd and will be available on Netflix streaming the same day! This excites me greatly.

Fun Pics, Just For Kicks
This photo is from when when Gerard Butler hosted SNL last October. I must say that I love how NBC now has the photo bumpers up on their site. Go here to see more photos from this episode and here to watch the sketches. My favorites are Beauty and the Beast and The Spartans.

I saw this ad on a site a day or so before Valentine’s Day and had to screencap it because it’s so adorable. Doesn’t it look like Conan O’Brien?

I put together a few Polyvore Sets of fun clothes. Most of the stuff is under $50. Sorry about the expensive shoes but the under $50 search function seems not to be working properly on shoes. I didn’t even know they were hella expensive until I was done.

Get Here Soon Spring!
Get Here Soon Spring! by MissEmmaMM featuring Alejandro Ingelmo shoes
Items in this set:
Heather, $68
Saltwell Short Shorts, 59 GBP
Patent Platform Pumps, $450
Candyfuture Opaque Lipstick – No She Didn’t, $16
Bee, Out There
Bee, Out There by MissEmmaMM featuring Alexander McQueen shoes
Items in this set:
Basket Weave Coat, $40 – New Arrivals – Apparel – 2072967570, $33
Alexander McQueen Geometric leather pumps, $810
Mustard yellow large over shoulder bag handbag tote with gathered…, 20 GBP
Animal Interest
Animal Interest by MissEmmaMM featuring Betsey Johnson jewelry
Items in this set:
Animal Striped Bandeau Top, $7.80
Hooded Padded Jacket, $25
Womens Skinny Jeans – Worn Midnight, $35
stud strap peep toe bootie, $26
Betsey Johnson – Dot Dot Dot Leopard Hearts W/ Pearls Necklace…, $48
Chillin by MissEmmaMM on
Items in this set: – Sneaker news, Releases Dates and History. -…
Blue Banana Glitter Heart Design Purse (Silver) | Blue Banana -…, 2.50 GBP
sweetheart sunnies, $11 Miley Cyrus & Max Azria – Juniors Animal Zip Hoodie:…, $12

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Photo by Larissa Meeks

Today is Madly in Love with ME/Self Love Day. I read about this on gala darling’s Carousel. I’m still figuring out how to love instead of hate myself. I’ve decided to write five 5 things I’m happy having accomplished each day in my Radical Self Love Bible. If I can’t think of enough things then it will spur me on to doing good things (even little things) for myself.

Now for the fun. How would you like to win a ME Heart Token Necklace courtesy of Christine Arylo?

To do so, download the free ME-Love kit here. You must download this kit to take and share your self-love dare or vow in order to be a part of the giveaway contest. Then leave a comment on this blog telling either:  The self-love dare you took and why? or The self-love vow you took and why? Info on those two questions can be found in the ME-Love Kit. I will randomly choose the winner on February 24, 2010.

You can receive an extra entry by tweeting the following on twitter Check out @missemmamm’s Madly in Love with Me Heart Necklace Giveaway on her blog at Leave your twitter username in your comment so I know that you receive an extra entry.


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You can view the slideshow here


One of my favorite bloggers gala darling has declared February Radical Self Love month. I was a bit down the other day and decided to read many of the Radical Self posts that gala had linked to and noticed that sometimes people posted photos that made them happy. So I thought “what types of photos would make me happy?” and did a Google image search for puppies. It might sound silly. You might think, what’s the big deal? I love dogs but I don’t normally seek them out (aside from playing with my own dog) because of my past. I wanted to be a vet tech but that didn’t work out and I’ve been very bummed about it. A friend recently suggested to me that maybe I could become a groomer instead. Maybe I’ll look into that later on but the point is that I’m trying to not put myself down for my shortcomings. I also made the above Seth Rogen collage last because making collages is a fun hobby I enjoy that that I always end up putting off. I would also like to get back into doing yoga regularly.


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Credit: Lindsey8417 Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Lindsey8417
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

First of all, yes I am biased. I have been a Dane Cook fan since I caught his Comedy Central Presents episode in 2000. I signed up for his mailing list on his website and he was the sole reason I joined Myspace. The thing I’ve now realized is that is still one of my favorite things he has ever done. That and the sweater sketch from the 1st time he hosted Saturday Night Live.

Of course I follow him on twitter and happened to see a tweet by him about two weeks prior to tonight’s show advertising it. I’ve never had a chance to attend one of his shows live and $5 is definitely a bargain. If you don’t know what Ustream is, anyone can broadcast live on their webcam. Sometimes you can catch really great shows on there like the evening before last Thanksgiving when KISS put on a full show. This is the first Pay Per View event that has been hosted on UStream.

At about 6:30PM ET a comedian named Al Benson took a camera crew backstage so we could see people hanging around backstage at Dane’s live show. After not too long Cook joins him and 2 other people who later turn out to be the other two opening comedians for the show.

Then Benson sits down with Dane & everyone sends questions in, Benson reads, & Dane answers. Granted the Ustream chat was going pretty fast but I didn’t see any of the handles that this guy was reading off questions from. It was cool but nothing titilating was revealed. We did find out that Dane’s favorite movie is Goodfellas.

Then Cook had to go get ready so Benson started interviewing a lot of douchey people on the red carpet. This included bimbos who worked at a tanning salon, who were definitely getting their money’s worth and four 13 and 14 year old boys and girls who said they smoked marijuana.

Interspersed throughout were old clips of Dane performing at other shows which were pretty funny. The audio & video went out a few times but not too often.

The first comic up was Al Benson. I didn’t find much of his act funny and throughout his set and prior to he was somewhat racist to African Americans and Puerto Ricans.

Next up was the cute Nick Thune. He started off singing jokes which bored me, so I started reading a book. He did have one funny joke about sending people Starbucks gift cards without any money on them.

The last opener was Whitney Cummings. She was very funny but all of her humor was centered around dating. I feel that women comedians who focus solely on dating make men respect all female comedians less though. She looked really bad but I looked her up & she normally looks great. I think not looking your best in front of millions of people who are discovering you is a misstep.

I’m not going to give away Dane’s whole show as it’s a performance of his Isolated Incident tour which you can buy or rent the dvd of. First of all he looked great and had on one of those awesome angel wing back tee shirts. These were just a few high and lowlights to me. I did not enjoy a fairly long joke about urine and tons of stuff about masturbation. He interspersed bits of old beloved jokes such as “I Did My Best” and “The Pickles”. They weren’t the whole thing, more like a taste. I really enjoyed the “Twat Swatter”, “Black Baby” and “What Would Hilary Duff Do?” jokes.

The show was funny but Dane seems to be getting angrier and more vicious. The show dropped out and I had to log back into it 5 times so I missed some of the jokes. I have a great connection, so this wasn’t on my end. Ustream chat confirmed that a lot of people were going through this. Audio was all over the place during the show. I constantly had to readjust the volume as it would get really low or really loud for no reason.

After the show they aired some clips that appeared to be from this tour. Then Benson started interviewing people who are waiting to meet Dane. This was really boring and I had to login back in twice. Then they showed Dane meet people and take pictures with them while Benson interviewed people who were waiting. A quick search shows that 2 front row tickets and backstage passes were auctioned off for charity for this show for $2500.

Despite the technical problems this was a fun show. Ustream will probably work those bugs out for future events.

Note: This post originally appeared on Yahoo on February 6, 2010.

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