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Kath & Kim was a quickly canceled sitcom on NBC. It was a remake of the Australian Kath & Kim which ran for 4 seasons. I have never seen the original. I thought that the remake was very funny though. I was already a fan of both Molly Shannon and Selma Blair prior to the show. It was about a spoiled adult who is still living with her mother who is trying to break free from her to have her own life. Fans of the original didn’t like it for various reasons including that they thought that Selma was too skinny to play the lead. She did try by gaining 20lbs for the role. Many Americans thought it was unfunny. I was one of the few who liked it. Anyway the characters have a completely over the top fashion sense that is too fun. Sometimes it’s cringe inducing and sometimes it’s so bad it’s (almost) good. You can buy it on DVD.

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Black and White Floral Trend – Black and White Floral Trend for Spring…

April Movie Showers


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Yes, this is super late. I meant to do this post a couple of days before April started but I got distracted with other entries and sms work.

Clash of the Titans-4/2-(This film had been pushed. It was supposed to open in March.)
Clash of the Titans is a big budget Greek mythology flick. Of course they had to capitalize on the 3D trend. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet but the trailers blew me away. It’s been getting not so stellar reviews but I don’t care. I used to read about all of that stuff when I was in grade school. Plus it stars the super hot Sam Worthington. Those who have seen it recommend saving the extra few bucks & watching it in 2D. I’m gonna go with 3D myself though.

Date Night-4/9
Photo is from the April 2010 Issue of Esquire


It’s Tina Fey and Steve Carell in a comedic case of mistaken identity. It features a ton of awesome supporting players including Ray Liotta (squee!), Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Kristin Wiig and Mark Ruffalo. I would have seen it this weekend if I wasn’t all booked up with work.

After.Life-04/09 (Limited)

This is a creepy looking flick about Christina Ricci as a ghost, or something. It co-stars Liam Neeson, Justin Long and Josh Charles.

The Runaways-4/9 (opened in limited release on 3/19)
The flick about The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. It looks pretty good but we still haven’t gotten it here so I guess I’ll have to wait for the Blu Ray.



As soon as I heard the buzz on this wannabe super hero movie I checked out the trailer…and was disappointed. It just doesn’t thrill me like it’s doing for so many others. As I’ve seen it a few more times in front of films at the theater it’s grown on me a little. I concede that it looks sort of interesting. I’m surprised that they don’t even mention Nic Cage’s name in many of the commercials. I’m a little disturbed by the fact that I’m now attracted to McLovin. Tidbits: Some people are in a huff that the little girl in the movie says cunt. It has already opened in the UK. So while working this weekend I had quite a few showtime requests calling it Kick Arse instead which amused me.

Death at a Funeral-4/16
Yes, there is funny stuff in the commercial for this comedy about a funeral that is a remake of a movie that is only 3 years old. However I get sick at the thought of a funny funeral movie because I’ve lost so many loved ones in the last few years. Believe me, a real funeral is devastating, not funny.

The Joneses-4/16 (Limited)
This flick starring David Duchovy, Demi Moore and Gary Cole looks pretty interesting. It’s about marketing your lifestyle to people without them knowing it. It looks like it might have an unnecessary romance thrown in but it might work. I haven’t seen any commercials or trailers for this aside from stumbling across it on the IMDB.

The Losers-4/23
This looks like a fun action comedy. It stars Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The Back-up Plan-4/23
backupbackup 2
Jennifer Lopez thinks it’s still 10 years ago so she decided to put out another romantic comedy and appeared on SNL in a Smash Mouth sketch. Personally if I were hosting I wouldn’t date myself by including a sketch like that. It just reminds me of when she was on top. This might sound negative but I actually really want to see this. I’m a fan of both good and bad romantic comedies. I loved the Wedding Planner way back when but Maid in Manhattan was a let down. Plus I don’t need an excuse to see a movie that makes use of the smokin’ hot Alex O’Loughlin without a shirt. I loved him on Moonight. I prefer the long hair but I take what I can get. It’s directed by Alan Poul of the canceled show Swingtown, which I loved. Plot, who needs a plot? But seriously, it’s about a woman who meets a stud right after getting artificially inseminated. (If I had a nickel for everytime this has happened to me)

A Nightmare on Elm Street-4/30
nightmare poster
I was a big Freddy fan growing up but I think the magic of Freddy Krueger is embodied by Robert Englund. Many people are excited about this remake because Freddy is being played by Jackie Earle Haley whom people loved in Watchmen. It has the potential to be interesting but there’s no way it could take the place of the original.


Springy Photo Set


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I had planned to take pics and write a review of the Sergeant sexy costume – Costume – EdenFantasys today but I’m not having a good day and don’t feel up to it. I figured for fun I would post this set. I didn’t plan it. I just felt good and took some pics after I saw Hot Tub Time Machine recently. As always, just click the photo to see it full sized. Enjoy!



Happy Easter!


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Yes, I’m an atheist but I still like religious holidays because they are an excuse to spend time with family and dress up (when I feel like it). A couple of years ago my friend Jen had a few of us over to decorate Easter eggs (adults only) and I couldn’t believe that it was still fun.

early Easter family photos, I've always loved hats!

early Easter family photos, I’ve always loved hats!

easter dog

Eddie Izzard on Easter

Ernest on Easter

R.I.P. Jim Varney

Fun Links
How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi.
Easter Party Ideas for Adults.

Spring Fling
Spring Fling by MissEmmaMM featuring Liberty of London dresses

Web Oodles 4/03/10


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Step Up 3D Trailer-for the preteen in you


Marmaduke Trailer starring Owen Wilson-for the child in you

If you want to watch a movie right now the following can be viewed for free on your computer.

On YouTube-The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Little Princess (Shirley Temple Version), Night of the Living Dead and Slacker.

On Hulu-Calendar Girls, The Saint, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Smiley Face, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Soapdish, The Last Days of Disco, Babes in Toyland and Clifford,

On Fancast-House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price-original) and The Doom Generation. Many of these films can be seen on all 3 sites. I have seen and recommend all of them.

If you need a laugh check out Porn Parody Trailers. They crack me up.


The Big Bang Theory

If you like those, you should also check out the trailers for the porn parodies of 30 Rock, True Blood and Charmed.

If you are a movie junkie, check out this post by Repo! The Genetic Opera’s Darren Bousman.


// New Christina Aguilera Song-Not Myself Tonight

Free Full Albums From Amazon-I Never Knew You by Cage & 20 In 10: Digital Collection by Sister Hazel

Free MP3 Singles from Amazon-Detroit City by Alice Cooper, Rock Steady by Bad Company, Suicide Messiah by Black Label Society, Doomsday Jesus by Black Label Society, Let The Riverrun by Carly Simon, Thorn by Fuckface, Rapture of the Depp by Deep Purple, If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping With Sirens, Perfect Stranger by the Donnas, Are You Gonna Move It For Me? by The Donnas

They have a lot more available but these are my picks.


Mag Cloud is a service that will publish your magazine for you. I used to run an e-zine when I was in high school so this is right up my alley. The cons are print media isn’t being read as much when you can get so much on the net for free and a single issue can get pricey when you add up $.20 per page for the company plus shipping and your markup.

Zoe Saldana: Center Stage in April’s Nylon. I recommend picking up the issue to check out the full article. She doesn’t tip toe around what she believes in. She even makes a remark about (I’m guessing) her Death at a Funeral costar Chris Rock.

Gerard Way Meets Iggy Pop from Spin Magazine.

Surfing Savant Clay Marzo from Rolling Stone. He has form of autism called Aspergers. This is a very interesting read. You can see him surfing here.

Actress Jane Krakowski has done this video for Jergens to advertise their Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. The great thing about it is that everytime it is viewed $1 will be donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Mostly Recent Magazine Shootsz

The best of recent magazine shoots in one place includes (from top left) Chloe Sevigny, Scarlet Johnansson, Mila Kunis, Lady Gaga, Tara Lynn, Shia LeBeouf, Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan (old pic) and Zooey Deschanel.

America’s Next Top Model had a vampire shoot this week. Apparently it was to capitalize on the current vampire craze. I’ve always loved vampires & was hoping for more. Some of the photos were cool but as a whole the girls didn’t seem that into it & the judges didn’t make enough ridiculous complaints. (Yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure to like that, I know.)

Check out these photos-If Lady GaGa and Dita Von Teese Were Korean

Sweet Vs Sassy
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H&M Shop Online
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