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tony horton p90x

Have you been looking for a new workout plan? Want to get sexy for this summer? BeachBody is currently having a huge sale of up to 50% off some of their popular exercise programs. You can click here to go see everything that’s on sale. Shop quickly, this sale ends on June 9th.

Programs that are currently available include the well known P90X, the next step up P90X2, the low impact Tai Chi flavored Tai Cheng, the kick butt Insanity: The Asylum with a free chin-up bar, the fun Hip Hop Abs Dance Party Series-Rockin’ Abs/Hard Body (you know I love to dance), Les Mills Combat for when you want to kick butt and Slim in 6 in case you want to get healthier in a not so hardcore way.

Check out these videos to see which program would be perfect for you.

If you need a free coach, please click here and I will be your free, supportive coach on your fitness journey.

Note: I am currently an Independent Team BeachBody Coach. So yes, I do get a commission if you make a purchase through the above links.

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That Weekend


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photo is by Kevin B 3

photo is by Kevin B 3

It didn’t seem right but what was right? They say life is what happens when you are making other plans. That seemed about right. All of her major life plans were made on a whim. Vacations, parties? planned to a tee. Jobs, housing? flying by the seat of her pants.

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Vanilla Shakeology

Vanilla Shakeology

This year started out with me being unhappy with myself physically. I incorporated a variety of lifestyle changes (how I eat and how I exercise) and lost over 20lbs. I did this in a more healthy way than I have in years. I’m currently not striving to lose anymore weight or to get skinny (like I would have when I was younger). I just want to be healthier and more muscular/toned.

This led me to find out about Beachbody. I decided that I wanted to try a challenge pack. A challenge pack is one of their at home exercise programs combined with their unique health drink called Shakeology. I was so excited that I decided that at the same time that I wanted to become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.

I love watching unboxings for various products on Youtube so I had to make my own about this whole thing. I recorded this video last week. I won’t be in my coach’s challenge group for over a week from now but I decided to start my DVDs this past Monday anyway. So far I’m pleased with them. I chose Turbo Fire, in part because of the fact that it’s currently on special but also because it has a dance feel to it (even though it’s primarily kickboxing).

If you have any questions regarding my being a coach, your becoming a coach or joining an upcoming challenge group of mine as a customer, my workout program or Shakeology, please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment. I’d love if you joined me on this quest.

You can actually create a free Team Beachbody account here and then decide later if you want to purchase anything. If you want me to be your coach, under Coach Referral choose “I have a coach” and input my Screen Name as missemmamm.

If you know that you definitely want to buy a challenge pack or a single exercise program (such as T-25 or P90X), you can check out my coach store, here. If you just want to buy the nutrient dense Shakeology click here. For the Ultimate Reset click here.

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This is my choice for The Film Experience’s X-Men Hit Me with Your Best Shot series. In this series we choose a shot from a movie that is in some way meaningful to us.

I had to go with this shot because of the relationship between Rogue and Wolverine in the movie. This is a very visually stunning movie, especially considering that it is now 14 years old. Wow, time flies. However one of the things that has always stood out for me is both Anna Paquin’s fantastic performance as Rogue and her tenacity in dealing with Wolverine. In Rogue we have a character who is fearful of herself but not so much of hunting down the seriously tough Wolverine, in a dive bar so dangerous that I might not even visit.

Despite her fear of injuring others with her power, she can’t help but run to Wolverine’s side during a night terror. In the scene above we see him accidentally stabbing her due to a protective reflex in his sleep. Even in this situation, she is strong enough to come to terms with things quickly enough to heal herself from this deadly injury by feeding off of Wolverine’s power.

Of course, she hasn’t mastered her ability yet and is lucky not to kill him but we all have to start somewhere. I bet there are Freudian explanations of this scene out there equating it to penetration but I would disagree. Yes, there is unrequited sexual tension between them (since she’s a teen & he’s who knows how old) but this is more about trust and friendship.

If you are one of those naysayers who hates True Blood and hence disparages Paquin’s acting, I urge you to watch not only this movie but her young 90’s work. She’s always been quite talented. Dislike Sookie, if you want, but don’t blame it on Anna.

The top screencap is my my choice but I also included the following two to really flesh out what the scene is about. Plus I’m writing a lot about Paquin so I couldn’t not include a cap with her face actually in frame.


xmen 3

You can rent X-Men via Amazon Instant here (affiliate link).

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missemmamm dcp audition outfit

missemmamm disney look makeup

missemmamm disney look nails

In March, the day after I was accepted into the Disney College Program, I attended a Disney Entertainment Audition in Philadelphia, PA. It was my first ever live audition for anything. So I was both excited and nervous, as you’d expect. The photo above is what I wore to my audition. I’ve also included photos of how I did my makeup and nails because I was trying to look cute and young but stay within the Disney Look.

Please watch the videos below for info on what it was like and what you may experience if you decide to attend an audition in the future. I was hoping to be cast as a fur character. I was quickly cut but it was definitely an experience that I’d recommend if it’s something you are passionate about. I plan to audition again while I’m doing my program in Orlando.

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