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Today I'd like to introduce you to a great Fine Art Gallery. Paragon Fine Art is an online art gallery. However they also operate a full service gallery in the San Fransisco Bay Area (open by appointment only). In addition to that they operate an eBay store and offer consignment sales.

A very cool aspect of this gallery is that they offer a myriad of choices. There really is a piece of art for everyone. They specialize in Contemporary, Traditional, Commercial and Disney Fine Art. Their artists include PinoVladimir Kush and Royo.

The late Pino Daeni was an Italian artist known for his Impressionist paintings and book illustrations. If I were to choose a piece by him it would be Private Moment or Morning Reflections. Both are soft and sensuous. Vladimir Kush is from Russia. He describes his art as Metaphorical Realism. If I were to choose a piece by him I would go with Purple Horse at Chartres or Always Together. Both are very different but eye catching.

When it comes to Disney Fine Art, I could definitely go on for a while. Check out Toby Bluth's Maleficent, Downtown Toontown by Mike Kungli and Mad Hatter's Tea Party by Harrison Ellenshaw. Any would be sure to thrill a huge Disney fan, such as myself.

Check out Paragon Fine Art today. This company has been in the fine art business for over 15 years, which definitely reassures me of their upstanding reputation.

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Mad Men Season 7 Promo Collage

Like everyone else, sometimes all I need are some fab photos. Today if you are subscribed to the Mad Men email newsletter you have also received the new season 7 promo photo collage in your inbox. If you didn’t get a chance to check that out I’m also sharing it right here. Check out some of my other favorite new promotional photos as well.








Photos are by Frank Ockenfels/AMC

series recap

“What is happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness.”Don Draper

Now whom else is excited for the last season of Mad Men, starting Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 10PM ET on AMC?

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missemmamm at her 60s style Mad Men House Party

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I’ve been a fan of Dancing with the Stars for years. As a fan I couldn’t help but notice the many changes taking place this season, including dropping a host (the gorgeous Brooke Burke-Charvet) and switching partners mid-season (seriously? It takes a long time to build the trust to let someone throw you around a dance floor). However my big concern or should I say irritation came with the announcement of the celeb line up. Billy Dee Williams (that’s right Lando Calrissian himself) is one of the cast members.

What am I talking about, may be your first thought? I thought you loved Billy Dee? Well, I did. If this announcement had been made in 2011, my panties would have been immediately damp. It’s not like I dislike him now, let me get that out up front.

I just don’t believe that he should be competing on this show. You see he has health issues that could make it very painful. In fact, they make it very painful for him to move around a tiny bit in a seated position. I don’t know if you are aware of this but he has had two hip replacements. No, I didn’t find this out online. His son told me.

Now, let’s travel back in time since I know you are very confused at this point.

colt 45 billboard

In 2012 I was attending a somewhat local convention, that I frequent fairly often. I became incredibly excited when Billy Dee Williams was announced as a guest. OMFG! the fangirl in me screamed. I knew I was going the moment I read about it.

So what happened?

with Billy Dee Williams and his son Corey Dee Williams

Meeting Billy Dee Williams was, uh, not what I expected. Having my sister bring me a 40 of Colt 45 seemed clever at the time but apparently it’s been done…often. Autographs were not cheap and I kind of thought that I should have just skipped it but I was lugging this thing around. Plus Pennsylvania has odd liquor laws which is why I had to have her bring it from Maryland. Mr. Williams didn’t seem all that friendly. If you’ve ever met Tom Savini then you’ll know what I mean. It was a bit like that. I gushed over my love of his work in Star Wars and Undercover Brother. He was nonplussed.

I did want to get a photo with him as well so I purchased the professional photo (the only option in this instance). I had to wait about an hour to get my photo taken. In that time I was able to snap a couple of other fun pics. Plus I took something for my anxiety. It had kicked in when I showed up for the photo so while I do feel that he was way cooler/nicer during said photo this could just be from my somewhat altered state of mind.

Sidenote, while waiting I (and some guys I overheard) were remarking/thinking about how much Billy Dee’s son (Corey Dee Williams, Klaatu in Return of the Jedi) looked like him when he was younger (it’s more noticeable in person, he was also his stand in during filming of Return of the Jedi) so I decided to pay a few extra bucks and buy a double photo at the last minute. Now this was crazy. The dude who was assisting whistled for Corey. He whistled like people do to dogs. Corey looks at us (yes, now in my mind Billy Dee Williams & I are an us, xd) and says “Did he just whistle at me?”. I was stunned as well.

I got a great photo, they were awesome and as I walked out of the makeshift room (a curtain) I said “You both look great by the way”. Yes, I hit on both of them at once. Because apparently (according to my sister, who is correct), that is my thing.

If you are a loyal reader you may wonder why you’ve never seen that before. Well I originally posted it in May the 4th Be with You (& Me) in 2012. The next day I was contacted by Billy Dee Williams son, Corey Dee Williams. That correspondence is as follows. Thanks Yahoo Mail. (I would also like to note that my awkwardness aka severe social anxiety and fumbling attempts at talking to other cast members is in that post and none of them or their family members have messaged me to make me feel like an asshat. Thank you Jake Lloyd, you are awesome.)

corey dee williams email - Copy

When I received that email I had some conflicting thoughts. When it came down to it I felt bad. I felt like I was the worst human being ever. So I spent over $100 to meet an actor, get something signed and get a photo with him, so what? He was elderly, like my parents. At that time Billy Dee Williams was 75, my parents were both within a few years of that age. Corey made sense. I changed my blog post. I sent an apology email. Shown below.

corey dee williams apology - Copy

BTW-Both of us were wrong about how I could have been contacted at that time. He could have done what he did, which worked or he could have left a comment, which would have also worked. I was wrong, because I hadn’t been using Facebook that much and it was auto set to block messages from people I wasn’t friends with. I’ve since corrected this.

Since then I’ve felt conflicted though. Shouldn’t it be in a fan’s best interest to know about real interactions at conventions prior to laying out your (probably) valued dough? It’s not like I forced him to attend conventions. That probably had more to do with the fact that he needed cash. He’d put his house up for sale earlier that year. I felt the fangirl and the inner journalist duke it out. Yes, I’ve written quite a few advertorials on my site but I don’t try to blatantly lie or omit important things from posts. I joked about it with family and friends. Not his health, but his son’s over-protectiveness (that is the nicest way I’ve ever said this). That was how I dealt with it.

When I heard that he would be a cast member on the newest season of Dancing with the Stars last week, I was shocked though. Now you probably think that I have some weird personal vendetta against, frankly, a sexy, talented actor. NO, No, I do not. I still like him. I do. I do not think that he should be dancing on the show though. Is it “all of the sudden” gonna come out weeks into the show after other actors are eliminated that he has health problems in order to get your sympathy? Maybe, DWTS does that. I know that and if you are a regular viewer you know that. Does that make it right? Does that make it smart? No. Don’t be fooled. He’s a 77 year old man with bad health problems. Save your votes. Use them on someone who is making a wiser life decision.

BTW-I met Peter Mayhew after that (before his surgery, when he was probably in crazy intense pain, that I didn’t know of). No money changed hands. He was nicer. Just sayin’.

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5 out of 5

Naked Sushi

Naked Sushi
by Jina Bacarr
published by Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin
release date: October 15, 2013
provided by NetGalley

Naked Sushi is a seriously delicious read! It focuses on Pepper O’Malley. She’s a heroine worth rooting for, a somewhat insecure computer programmer, who sounds adorably quirky. Unfortunately she hasn’t been getting lucky IRL lately. So one night her flirting gets out of hand when a hot guy seems to be coming onto her in the copy room. It turns out that the boring company that she works for isn’t quite so boring. It also turns out that the man in the copy room is a FBI agent trying to collect incriminating evidence on her boss. Pepper gets canned.

After trying to get any job possible but being blacklisted, Pepper teams up with Steve the FBI agent in a bid to get her good name back and maybe score with him, yet again! Pepper really gets into her role since she actually wanted to join the FBI the past but let her insecurities over her background get in the way.

Spy romances aren’t always up my alley. Sometimes they get too bogged down in the details of the case and lose focus on the romance at hand. Not this time. In addition to romance we also get a fun best friend who helps Pepper into and out of trouble.

naked sushi

The title, Naked Sushi, refers to a particular scene involving a naked sushi model. You know those women you can eat sushi off of at very fancy restaurants? Think Samantha in the first Sex and the City flick.

If you like unique characters, a hint of danger and hot sex then Naked Sushi is for you. This is a novella, but at 90 pages, I didn’t feel cheated out of a story. I just felt like it was super fast, super fun read. You can read it twice if you are so inclined, I did!

Enjoy this audio excerpt from the author:

For more on Jina Bacarr:
official site
official Facebook
official twitter

(Note: This is an affiliate link.) You can purchase Naked Sushi here on Amazon.

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4 out of 5

johnny cash the life

Johnny Cash
The Life
by Robert Hilburn
published by: Little, Brown and Company
released on: 10/29/2013
provided by: NetGalley

This is an incredibly in depth, well researched biography of Johnny Cash. Instead of just inferring events as some biographers do, Robert Hilburn has went out of his way to exhaustively research Cash’s life. My qualms with this book are few and are massively outweighed by the knowledge I gleamed from it on JR. In case you are wondering though, they are as follows: it’s hefty at 688 pages but in truth I relished in reading this book for an extended period of time, it can be slightly dry at times due to the author’s thoroughness (but as I said, I appreciate that) and sometimes when events are laid out Cash is presented in a more favorable light than what is listed to have actually happened. I totally understand this though as it’s a book about him and you’re most likely reading it because you are a fan of Cash. As you can see, these are barely quibbles, as they make sense and are helpful at times.

Despite watching Walk the Line a few times, listening to a variety of Cash albums and seeing some of his specials I realized quite quickly into this book that I actually knew very little about the Man in Black.

It turns out that Cash himself did release a couple of autobiographies during his lifetime but he was a known exaggerator. The author was able to use his autobiographies, family autobiographies, actual interviews with Cash and a myriad of news clippings on him to give us a well rounded look at Cash’s life.

From his youth, to his time in the service, his first marriage and then his later marriage to the beautiful June Carter Cash we definitely get to learn about his personal life. The scandalous tales of drugs and car wrecks are also included.

What I highly appreciated though is the information regarding how Cash crafted his songs. I can write a lot of things but lyrics are not one of them. It was so interesting to delve into his process. From his early acclaimed work, through some experimental tunes to his later revival, info on all of it is right here, in one book! Cash has been gone for a while now so the end of the book focuses on how he balanced a myriad of health problems with his work. It is tear jerking. I literally cried several times and I’m no softy.

The author is even completely honest in his opinion on Cash’s work. In the index he gives you a list of his recommended Johnny Cash albums. I found this incredibly helpful while looking for more Cash to listen to.

While casual Cash fans may not be able to get through such a lengthy book this is ideal for those of use who have admired his work for years. It would also make a great gift for any friend or family member who is into both Cash and literature. Snag this masterpiece today!

(Note this is an affiliate link.) You can purchase this book here from Amazon.

For more on Robert Hilburn:
official twitter
official Facebook

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