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3 out of 5

Note: This a review of the deluxe version. Some of these tracks are not included on the standard album. If you will be buying it I recommend spending the couple of extra bucks but hey, I am a completest.

britney jean cover

1. Alien
2. Work Bitch
3. Perfume
4. It Should Be Easy (featuring
5. Tik Tik Boom (featuring T.I.)
6. Body Ache
7. Til It’s Gone
8. Passenger
9. Chillin’ with You (featuring Jamie Lynn)
10. Don’t Cry
(deluxe tracks are as follows)
11. Brightest Morning Star
12. Hold on Tight
13. Now That I Found You
14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

Work Bitch 1

Work Bitch 2

Britney Jean is the 8th original album (not including the best of or compilation discs) from Britney Spears. I went into this baby with high hopes. After all, the first single is Work Bitch. That song is just fuckin’ fun. Fun to listen to and dance to, whether it be at home or in the club. Unfortunately I feel as though the album itself it’s a let down. At first I thought I was being too hard on it. Then I took a trip through many of her videos on Vimeo and realized how amazing even some of her lesser tracks from other albums are in comparison to those on “Britney Jean”.

I became a casual fan of Brit with her first single “Baby One More Time” all the way back in ’99. I own all of her albums so, yes I did eventually become an avid fan. Her first two were a bit sappy for me. I think my real obsession began when “I’m a Slave 4 U” came out in ’01 on her third album “Britney”. Even though I still don’t rank “Britney” up there with her best albums it got her going in more interesting directions. Her next album, “In The Zone”, was on repeat for me once I got it. Since then I’ve felt just as strongly about every album of hers: “Blackout” (my absolute favorite), “Circus” and “Femme Fatale” (well almost as strongly about this one).

britney spears bw

Don’t get me wrong, “Britney Jean” isn’t bad. It’s just not amazing, which is what I’ve come to expect. As a Spears addict any new songs from her are greatly appreciated. I remember when she scrapped an album a few years back and there was a Brit drought. Yes, I heard the bootlegs (some were surprisingly good). Back when that happened though it certainly made sense for her not to release her best work. I’m not sure if someone is editing her as well as they should be at this point.

If you don’t have to have everything by Brit then I truly believe that you need only buy the singles “Work Bitch” and “Perfume” from this album. “Work Bitch” isn’t deep but it’s a necessity.

perfume video still

“Perfume” on the other hand is so freakin moving. I mean it’s about not feeling secure in a relationship. Basically she feels like her boyfriend is still seeing his ex. You also just get that overall sense of anxiety that comes with many relationships, “I wait for you to call, I try to act natural”, this could describe so many calls I’ve waited for.

There are some other songs that are enjoyable if you don’t put too much pressure on them. “Alien” and “Now That I Found You” are sweet. “Alien” is also very catchy. “Tik Tik Boom” is hot. “Body Ache” is a good dance tune.

“Chillin With You” is a decent, easy going tune. The lyrics (ex. “I drank some red wine and now I’m walking on the sky”) combined with the fact that her sister guests on the song reminds me of my sister and puts me in a good mood.

“It Should Be Easy” is one you may catch yourself singing along too but it’s really not that great and wreaks of too much auto tune. “Til It’s Gone” has an angry vibe and also falls into the just okay category.

I honestly have nothing to say about the other four tracks (“Passenger”, “Don’t Cry”, “Brightest Morning Star” and “Hold On Tight”), as they are that bland and forgettable. Hmm, maybe that’s why two of them are only bonus tracks.

Do you want this album? That’s up to you, considering how much of a fan you are. Do you need it? Probably not.

You can purchase Britney Jean on Amazon here (Note: This is an affiliate link. Making a purchase after clicking through it may yield a small profit for this site.)

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I really like my butt, okay, it’s one of my favorite features. So here’s a photo I happened to take while trying to get a different photo recently. I also included the below video because that song is currently coming to mind.

ass missemmamm

Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – DANCE (A$$) from Dave Canon on Vimeo.

Sinful Sunday

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

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Despite my avid love of shoes and my newer love of socks, I do not have a foot fetish. I know, I it’s unusual. When I saw this week’s entries for Kink of the Week I knew I’d have to dig out some knee socks (I’ve been going with crew in my daily life) and snap a photo. I wish I could have found the pair with the individual toes, those are so cute! On the flip side, this is my version of sexy in distress.

KOTW socks missemmamm

Kink of the Week

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diet coke laura lewis
photo is by Laura Lewis

I’ve been meaning to write this for years. It originated with fashion blogs. I see many plus size bloggers and straight sized bloggers, but I don’t fit in with either. I’m a 10-12 or 11-13 (juniors’s) and a whole myriad of sizes depending on the designer. I have clothes from XS to XL.

Recently I’ve been more into sex bloggers, I still don’t fit. I’m an in betweener. I see very thin sexy bloggers, sizes 00-6 and then plus, 20+. I just don’t fit.

As a pre-teen/teen in the 90s I was considered average to fat. I was called fat so much that I have a complex.

I have disordered eating. I don’t even like people (even MDs or nurses knowing my weight, but it’s on my MM profile, go figure). I’ll eat so healthy and then veer the other way. I have suffered from exercise bulimia. In case you are unaware, that is bad, very bad, psychologically. I won’t drop dead, probably, like my late uncle, that I never met, who had a heart attack after a starvation diet. But..that possibility is always there.

I hate myself. I don’t want to, I know it’s irrational, but I still do. I want to be thin, I want to be beautiful, I want to be the archetype of my youth, sized 6, 130lbs. I was so close once, but alas, I freaked out, with reason, I mean, I exercised a minimum of 4 hours per day.

Yes, that’s bad. I don’t want to back slide. This is my cry for help, I guess, NEDA week/month is in Feb. I want to be better by then. I want to be healthy, not scared.

I don’t want to count calories, I can’t, it’ll fuck me up. I just want to be me.

I was vegan for a period of time, as a hobby, to occupy me. It helped to teach me about new foods, but it didn’t “FIX ME”. I really don’t think anything ever will. I feel even worse for the current generation. (from this 80s BABY)

Ideas? Suggestions? Not if you are super skinny or if you don’t know or don’t understand what I’m going through. If you think overexercise is good then don’t fuck with me, I will try to help you. If that doesn’t work I will dismiss you.

Are you with me on this in between crusade? Let me know. I’d love to interview you, regardless of your blog (or lack thereof)-fashion, sex, what have you, I don’t discriminate.

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This poster is completely accurate. He distracted me into watching this.

This poster is completely accurate. He distracted me into watching this.

Upon seeing I Give It A Year listed on Netflix I almost bypassed it. Unfortunately, I did not. I spotted the deliciousness of Simon Baker and my hormones added it to my queue.

I then proceeded to watch it despite my intense hatred of Rose Byrne. She’s a bad actress. I’m sorry, she just is. It’s true that I never noticed her until Adam and some think that I’m basing my dislike on that character but no, that’s not it. I’ve seen her in so many good or great films and she is always a blight on the picture. Okay, she was funny in Bridesmaids but I attribute that to the writing.

i give it a year movie poster

So what we have here is a romantic comedy about a couple who meet and marry quickly despite reservations from their friends. Byrne stars as Nat opposite Josh (Rafe Spall) who is so awkward that he’d make me seem debonair in comparison.

Anna Faris plays Chloe, Josh’s best friend, which was what kept me watching until the end of the film, to be honest. I’m a huge fan of Faris. Here I got to see her in a more insecure, less silly role. She was fantastic, as usual. If you are also a big fan of hers you probably have to watch this even if it’s just to see her funny threeway scene. Guy (Simon Baker) meets Nat at work and falls for her. I wanted to see more of him in the film but I understand that it’s not his movie. Minnie Driver has a supporting role. At first I thought her character was funny but I quickly changed my mind. I mainly just got excited about seeing her as an actress.

The couple see a marriage counselor and decide to give their marriage a year before calling it quits. During this time both find each other more and more annoying and become more drawn to the objects of their attraction. At one point the main couple set up the two people that they are attracted to and basically order them to date. The whole thing just seems like a huge waste of four people’s year.

I did get a few laughs out of this but, no, save yourself. I’m sure you have better things to do or watch for an hour and a half.

Don’t give your time over to “I Give It a Year”.

You can watch I Give It a Year on Netflix Streaming or rent it on Amazon (This is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase through this, it may earn a small commission for this site.).

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