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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is yet another film that I only discovered through semi-frequent visits to The main thing that drew me to the film was that it stars both Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara. I’ve been a fan of Affleck since To Die For. Mara made quite the impression on me with her recent portrayals in the US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and then Side Effects. Shortly after the start of the movie, I also spotted Ben Foster. Score, I thought. He’s never failed to blow me away (in the past).

This romantic crime drama is set in the 1970’s in the West. It’s about a man who wants to be reunited with his family after being imprisoned. That is the sum total of what I knew going in. I didn’t even watch the trailer. If I had viewed it, I’d know everything there is to know about the flick. Affleck somewhat heroically goes to prison and starts serving a long ass sentence. While there he pines for his woman as their child starts to grow up. At an hour and a half this movie drags, painfully. I was so bored. I was ready to give up.

It seems that this movie was sold on the basis of nice cinematography and a decent amount of chemistry between Affleck and Mara. However, cinematography doesn’t make a movie for me if the movie is empty. That’s how this film felt, empty. Chemistry is also not that big of a selling point to me when the leads are spending the majority of the movie apart.

Aw shucks pretty lady, I'm such a good guy, but I'm as dull as paint and about as bright too.

Aw shucks pretty lady, I’m such a good guy, but I’m as dull as paint and about as bright too.

I can’t believe that I’ve now finally seen a movie that has wasted Ben Foster. I mean wasted him. I’ve seen Casey Affleck wasted before (although he usually seems to punch up a flailing movie) but never Foster. I did not watch this alone. I watched it with someone who enjoys movies in this type of genre far more than I do and they felt almost the same amount of boredom. That’s bad news, folks.

So, I can not recommend this unless you are a super huge fan of Affleck, Foster or Mara and must see all of their work. I’d probably give this a lower score if it weren’t for the fact that Affleck really tried to get me to root for him in this.

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*Photos are from the official IFC site

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I’m usually all about putting together my own playlists on 8tracks but when this one was auto suggested to me, I just had to share it with all of you. There is some crossover between this and my recent Christmas mix, but hey great minds this alike. Plus there is enough difference that I think including this is definitely warranted. This playlist is by rynow.

a very punk xmas from rynow on 8tracks Radio.

1. Christmas Wrapping-The Waitresses
2. Don’t Shoot Me Santa-The Killers
3. (Christmas) Baby Please Come Home-Anberlin
4. Blue Christmas-Elvis
5. Making Christmas-Rise Against
6. Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass-All Time Low
7. Christmastime-Smashing Pumpkins
8. Virginity for Christmas-Future Idiots
9. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out-Fall Out Boy
10. Winter Wonderland-Phantom Planet
11. Xmas-Corey Taylor
12. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)-The Ramones
13. What’s This-Fall Out Boy
14. Last Christmas-Jimmy Eat World
15. Oi! To The World-The Vandals
16. Father Christmas-The Kinks
17. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas-The Drifters
18. Sock It To Me, Santa-Bob Seger
19. A Great Big Sled-The Killers featuring Toni Halliday
20. 2000 Miles-The Pretenders
21. Christmas in Hollywood-Hollywood Undead
22. Xmas Eve (She Got Up and Left Me)-Rancid
23. My Christmas List-Simple Plan
24. I Won’t Be Home For Christmas-Blink 182
25. Cold White Christmas-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
26. Happy Holidays, You Bastard-Blink 182
27. One of Those Christmas Days-Third Eye Blind
28. Happy Christmas (War is Over)-Street Drums Corps featuring Bert McCracken
29. Evergreen-Switchfoot

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Archer Farms Gyro Pizza

As a fan of basically pizza flavored anything it’s not at all unusual for me to randomly choose a new frozen pizza to try. I recently picked this one up at Target for about $4. Last week I bought one covered in tomatoes, thinking they were meat in passing (did my eyes get worse?). It’s pizza so it’s usually a safe bet, right? Here, not so much.

I’ve had other Archer Farms pizzas, including the Mediterranean Arugula & Tomato and Spinach and Goat Cheese. They were quite yummy. When I spotted this gyro inspired pizza I was intrigued. My mind immediately went back to the last gyro I ate (over the summer in Philly, delicious) and that cheese steak pizza from Domino’s. Sure this wouldn’t be as great as either of those but a girl can imagine.


The box boasts the following ingredients, cooked “gyro meat”, tomatoes, onions, a Greek yogurt sauce and feta cheese. As an adventurous pizza goer that sounded just fine to me. The directions recommend cooking it for 13-15 minutes at 425F until the crust is golden brown. It took my oven about 12 minutes to slightly burn it. Yes, my oven is also an overachiever. A “wood-fired” pizza can totally pull off a bit of a burn though.


A suggested pairing for this pizza is a salad of spinach, kalamata olives, fresh herbs and sliced red onion. I was, um, out of all of that. I still had put together a salad as I always follow the direct orders of a pizza box.So I went with the items pictured above. Salad ingredients or random fridge leftovers? You decide. The recommended serving is 1/3rd of the pizza. I usually cut these into 6 pieces. Then I eat 2 of them, resulting in exactly the serving size! (Nailing it).


Verdict? I feel somewhat let down about pizza in general at this moment. The cooked “gyro meat” (beef, lamb, water, bread crumbs) was okay. I loved the crust. Thin crusts are my favorite. The rest of it was a mess. I know this is Greek and Greek yogurt is super popular right now (just ask John Stamos), but it’s unfortunately tart on this pizza. How about never put yogurt on a pizza? Thanks. The tomatoes and onion were bland. In fact I just ate this and didn’t realize there were even tomatoes on it. A member of my family chimed in that the onions tasted boiled. Gross. Feta cheese doesn’t lend itself to melting, which looks super odd on a pizza. I could barely taste this feta. It was overwhelmed by the yogurt sauce. Blech.

Pass. That “salad” was tastier.

Nutrition Facts:
(for 1/3 pizza)
250 calories
90 calories from fat
10 grams of fat
3 grams of saturated fat
0 grams of trans fat
10 milligrams of cholesterol
730 milligrams of sodium
32 grams of carbohydrates
2 grams of dietary fiber
3 grams of sugar
10 grams of protein

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Today I was helping a friend identify vintage hats. While doing so I looked up photos of classic movie stars in tilt hats. I couldn’t keep these to myself so I’m sharing them with you. I really need to start watching more classic films. The fashion alone is riveting.

Note: I did not keep track of where I sourced these photos from as I didn’t plan this post. If you recognize a photo from your blog and need me to source you (or remove it), please let me know.

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This post is for those of you who also enjoy Christmas songs that rock. I grew up listening to a cassette of Christmas rock songs and will always think of Happy Xmas (War is Over) when Christmas (rocks and) rolls around.

Christmas Rock from Emma_moon on 8tracks Radio.

1. Happy Xmas (War is Over)-John Lennon and Yoko Ono
2. Blue Christmas-Elvis
3. Back Door Santa-Clarence Carter
4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)-U2
5. Father Christmas-The Kinks
6. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)-The Ramones
7. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree-Brenda Lee
8. Merry Christmas Baby-Otis Redding
9. My December-Linkin Park
10. Don’t Shoot Me Santa-The Killers

Photo is by paparutzi (Christina Rutz)

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