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Olivia Wilde at the Drinking Buddies premiere

If it weren’t for social media I’d have no idea that Drinking Buddies existed. This is one of those times I’d be totally okay with that. This seems to stem mainly from the perceived attractiveness of the lead, Olivia Wilde. Wilde’s a decent actress but I guess she’s just not my type.

I believe the first time I heard about the film was in the fall when a writer on XOJane blogged about how the eating habits of Wilde’s character in the film are completely unrealistic. Ya know, that whole men want women who eat like men but look tiny thing. It was an interesting post but I then forgot about it.

In the following months I’ve seen tweets from various movie reviewers espousing the virtues of the film, including how hot Wilde is and that she gives a great performance. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched many a film for the hot actor (or actress) in the starring role, so that’s not an insult, just an observation.

What all of this leads up to is that despite not knowing much about the film I ended up watching it within one day of finding out that it was on Netflix Streaming. I had to know what the fuss was about. Well, for me, not much.

Olive Wilde and Jake Johnson in Drinking Buddies

The movie focuses on a pair of best friends played by Wilde and Jake Johnson. They both work at a beer bottling plant. He has a blue collar job while she seems to be an event planner of sorts. They are the type of friends who hang out incessantly. It even seems to outsiders at times that they are a couple. You yourself will wonder why they aren’t.

Drinking Buddies

Well it turns out that both of them are already dating other (hot) people, Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick. Neither seems particularly suited for their counterparts, but Livingston in particular. Being that they are so close, Wilde and Johnson arrange a couples’ weekend away. This is when it really becomes evident that things aren’t going smoothly in their relationships.

There are funny moments and sweet moments but they don’t add up to much for me. It’s a good cast. The hugely funny Jason Sudeikis even has a supporting role (though he’s underused in this flick). The cast is not the problem for me. They seem suited to their roles. Anna Kendrick does great at playing a bit of an introspective girl, which is quite a turn around from how I saw her in Rapture-Palooza. She definitely has range.

Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston in Drinking Buddies

Some things about the film are very real, which I appreciate. Yes, there’s a friend zone element and a “don’t slut shame me” speech (I do appreciate the latter). Oh and there’s a shit ton of drinking. They work in a beer plant, they drink there, they drink at bars, they drink in the woods, they drink at home, basically, they rarely stop drinking. This does seem plausible in their world.

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson in Drinking Buddies

The fact that the actors seem so real in their roles is what leads me to say you may want to give it one viewing if you are a big fan of any of the leads. Otherwise I’d skip it. It’s meandering and at only an hour and a half, almost boring. I must say that I did enjoy the soundtrack though.

All in all, cast and crew, I am not impressed with your lackadaisical movie.

You can watch Drinking Buddies on Netflix Instant Streaming or rent it from Amazon (this is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase through it a small commission may be generated for this site).

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*Photos are via the Official Drinking Buddies Facebook.


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Now for your enjoyment, check out these songs that I’ve been entertained by in 2013. It’s mostly pop. Even the rock and rap songs are both poppy. Hey, I like to have fun. If you are a Bowie fan listen closely to the last track as the meaning is deeper than it first sounds. Why give you a long winded diatribe on all of them when you can just listen for yourself?

missemmamm’s Top Tracks of 2013 from Emma_moon on 8tracks Radio.

I Love It-Icona Pop
Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
(as heard on True Blood)
Thrift Shop-Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
(my ringtone for much of the year-FYI)
Work Bitch-Britney Spears
Applause-Lady Gaga
Woman’s World-Cher
Boss of Me-David Bowie
G.U.Y.-Lady Gaga
Perfume-Britney Spears
I’d Rather Be High-David Bowie

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2013 music blue collage ed


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The current Sinful Sunday prompt is panties. In an awesome coincidence I just got some new rhumba panties that I’d love to share. They go great with my pink soled pumps. In case you are wondering, I rarely wear heels in bed, I don’t want to hurt anyone…too much.



Sinful Sunday

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I am currently attending a trade school to earn an Associate’s Degree. After many years of applying to and backing out of traditional colleges (social anxiety, stinks) I’m doin it, and doin it and doin it well (Thanks L.L. Cool J.).

photo by Lidyanne Aquino (lethaargic)

photo by Lidyanne Aquino (lethaargic)

Something has been irking me. It’s not a huge thing. However thus far for my handful of classes I’ve only had two instructors. Both have, at times, referred to our attendance as being that of attending college. Ex. “So while you’re in college”. REALLY? REALLY? This is not college, ladies. It’s not even close to college. (To be fair I do believe that they attended actual colleges and make frequent mention of their children who do the same. I do not think this is done in a condescending way.)

It’s learning, it’s an approved learning institute. I appreciate it. It works. It seems much better for someone such as myself than a traditional college (including a community college). It also seems like a great place to start out if you need to earn a longer degree and can transfer your credits later.

THIS IS NOT COLLEGE THOUGH. College is (often) an option of the following: dorms, groups (not just Greek but various clubs), activities to bring the students closer together and well so many other things that I can’t quite recall at this moment.

College is also (often) a huge sprawling (possibly, especially for me, difficult to navigate campus). An abundance of young people who are up for anything (which is awesome, I get that) but who also have no idea how to do many things and will spend an inordinate amount of time on “worries” like laundry and not knowing how to feed themselves properly. As my older sister so in-eloquently put it years back, “If you wait another year to go to college you will be a non traditional student”, like she was.

Wow, that scared the fuck out of me. I could have stuck out like a sore thumb or overly compensated by partying and not getting my work done.

PLUSES: My school (the buildings) are relatively small. I now know where to find most things. There aren’t too many students milling about, most of the time. I am in small classes and am able to get one on one time with teachers without difficulty. I am learning information that is very useful for my major (if I can call it that, since this is not college).

So yeah, it’s trade school, or tech school or business school, or what have you. This is not college. And that’s okay.

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Style File: Rawr


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To paraphrase Elizabeth Wurtzel, my past year has been one long emergency. This was a night during one of my many setbacks. At any rate, when I’m down, ya know I drink, drink hard, drink at the local hole in the wall, within walking distance, of course.


3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Men’s Cotton Jersey Tiger Graphic Tee-Target, Coquette wet look pants-EdenFantasys, Abbey Dawn Rock On leopard boots-JustFab

What happened that night? Booze, karaoke, the admiration of men who look like they stepped out of the 90’s but with tread on their tires.


The outfit is comfy yet sluttily daring, you’ve got the black men’s tee that’s long enough to not leave me fully exposed in my super low rise stripper-esque pants. Not really but they do zip all of the way around. If you owned those Frankie B. jeans back in the day then you will know what I’m talking about. Then I added my go to statement leopard boots. I just had to top it off with my Brian Kinney inspired cowrie shell bracelet, always appropriate when one is on the prowl.

I adore these boots, though they kill my feet (without inserts).

I adore these boots, though they kill my feet (without inserts).


cowrie shell bracelet-Atlantic City boardwalk

cowrie shell bracelet-Atlantic City boardwalk


Get the Look:
Since you may also want to indulge in being a hot mess. (Note: Clicking through these links and making a purchase may yield a small commission for this site. No pretty photos because I can’t get my widgets to work, yay!)

Abbey Dawn Leopard The Right Notes Hoodie Junior
LnLClothing Tiger Print Muscle Tee ID.29436-FCH.R13
Elwood Men’s White Tiger Mirror Tee
Coquette Women’s Black Wet Look Pants
Breckelle Blazer-12, Cute Stylish Studded Lace/Zipper Platform Ankle Boot – ON SALE
Iron Fist Love Bites Leopard Booties Platforms
New black cowrie shell hippie bracelet wristband by 81stgeneration

Yes, these were taken with my phone’s camera as I’ve misplaced my actual camera. But life is not about perfection. It’s about living.

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