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My favorite tracks of 2014. Yes, it’s radio heavy top 10 stuff. No, I don’t care.

missemmamm’s top tracks of 2014 from Emma_moon on 8tracks Radio.

Habits (Stay High)-Tove Lo
Shake It Off-Taylor Swift (cover)
Problem-Ariana Grande
Animals-Maroon 5
Bang Bang-Jessie J featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
Take Me to Church-Hozier
Let Her Go-Passenger (remix)
Talk Dirty-Jason DeRulo
Fooled Around and Fell in Love-Elvin Bishop
All About That Bass-Meghan Trainor
Happy-Pharrell Williams
Come With Me Now-Kongos


Illuminations at Epcot

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big top caseline

visiting our caseline as a guest during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

jack work

a truly magical moment, when Jack Skellington dropped in (yes, that’s my “costume”)

some work costumes  "You're all over the backlot"-a friend

some work costumes
“You’re all over the backlot”-a friend

Watch on to find out more about my personal experience as a cast member in merchandise at Walt Disney World.

I believe that the only thing that I forgot to mention (well briefly alluded to) in the video is merchantainment. Merchantainment means entertaining guests. You can do this while working the many functions of your role. I have gotten to do it much more so while I was in greeter role at my store, which I haven’t been doing as much lately.

While merchantaining you can generally chat with the guests, give out stickers or buttons or even play games with them. I’ve even asked children for their autographs “because Mickey asked me to do so”. Another small touch is asking for a guest’s “autograph” instead of their signature when they have to sign for a purchase. Those are the kind of small, yet fun personal touches that add to a guest’s experience. I’m pretty burnt out right now and forgot to mention them in the video. They are definitely worth knowing about though. I may do another video strictly about merchantaining in the future.

from the official DisneyCPInterns channel

I haven’t worked World of Disney yet (due to the construction/traffic/parking issues currently happening in Downtown Disney, aka the soon to be Disney Springs). I do plan to one day though. I have worked the Emporium (the biggest store in Magic Kingdom).

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bunk bed


w donna apt

with my sis on move in day


with my roommate/friend, shortly after, as we needed to go to Walmart again, lol

As of the time of this post, it’s been almost three months since I started the Disney College Program. I recorded this apartment tour video within the first two weeks of moving in. So yeah, it was a while ago. Wi-fi is terrible in the complexes so my blogging has been nonexistent.

Nonetheless, enjoy and I hope it will help if you are about to do the program and trying to pick your top apartment choice.

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You know how much I adore the work of Mina Vaughn. Check out this excerpt from her upcoming 2015 release, How to Punish Your Playboy.

According to Mina Vaughn:

HOW TO PUNISH YOUR PLAYBOY is about a pin-up model and the naughty restaurateur she manages to tame. You’ll love watching her teach this spoiled playboy a lesson.

Trust me, ladies, when I say you’re going to want Aston Delano to prepare all your tasty delights. He’s got sensitive taste buds and knows how to fork.


I walked instead toward the man who bought the car…and the date with me, just as he was settling up with the charity. They handed him the keys and I felt my stomach clench. It was over. I placed my hand on his wrist and smiled. “Thank you. It’s a great cause.”

The suited man stood by the window of the convertible and lowered his glasses as he peered inside. “She’s a beauty,” his low voice purred. I felt my body tingle at its tenor.

“It’s a he.”
The man looked up. “Excuse me?”
“Johnny. My car. It’s a he, not a she.”
He walked behind the car and bent to look underneath. “Sorry, didn’t notice those. I’ll just pretend it’s cold out.”
I stifled a chuckle.

The man slid his glasses completely off, folded them and tucked them neatly in his jacket pocket. He stood there in the summer heat, fully dressed in a stifling business suit, and not a bead of sweat graced his forehead. I hated the way I was gawking at him—I was typically under control when it came to my hormones, but this guy was making my brain do naughty mental gymnastics.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he said, extending his hand to me, “I’m Aston Delano.”


excerpt is via Mina Vaughn

You can pre-order the book here on Amazon (Note: This is an affiliate link.)

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by Elvert Barnes

by Elvert Barnes

So, after knowing that I’ve been accepted into the DCP since March, I’m finally really packing just days before my departure. It’s difficult to decide what to pack for four months. You need business, casual, workout and sleep wear. Plus shoes! I actually went with a smaller suitcase. This one was coming out to a little over 40lbs, which is the cut off. I’m not going to pay $100 extra (which Spirit charges if you are over). Instead my smaller suitcase is coming out to about 29lbs.

blk dress outfit 2

This is the dress that I hold up and refer to in the video.

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