2012 Wizard World Philly Comic Con: Thor Panel with Chris Hemsworth

Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Anthony Hopkins gave him some advice regarding getting into character and the costume helping.

Joss Whedon is not writing The Avengers 2.
He goes into how Thor’s character arc is different from other superheroes because he loses his power and then has to regain it in Thor.
He also mentions how he tried to work out the family dynamic of acting within a family of gods.

Clare Kramer asks how it was to film the capsule scene and Hemsworth discusses the technical aspects of that.

Chris mentions his hopes for the character’s growth of Thor during Thor 2.

If Chris Hemsworth were going up against anyone in Cabin in the Woods as himself he says that he would choose one of the more nonthreatening characters.

Yes, the Thor panel at Wizard World was awesome. To see Chris Hemsworth live is amazing.

He was a convention virgin, aw. Unfortunately this means that some people took advantage of him. First one girl asked for a birthday hug. My birthday was right around this time as well but anyone who has ever attended a convention knows that is not proper convention etiquette. The crazy thing was this happened at least two more times. This was a really great way for those chicks to get out of paying for the expensive professional Thor photo op (they had friends taking pictures of these encounters). If I were working the con I would have put a stop to that post haste. You just don’t let fans onstage during a panel. It’s not really safe for the actors and definitely affects the time of the panel.

These videos were filmed by Hot Donna (which is great because her camera has a slightly higher MP count than mine). However that was because I was waiting in one of the Q&A lines to ask a question. They did cut it off before I was able to ask my question. It would have been about the brotherly dynamic between Thor and Loki. However someone asked a similar question prior to that so I was going to change it to a silly question, “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?”. My actual guess is that he doesn’t eat food like that because well, look at him!

This may sound mean but so be it. There were a lot of non questions asked (and no I’m not mainly referring to the children in attendance). When you compare the the Thor panel to the Buffy panel that we later attended you just see a huge surge in the IQ of the attendees. So people were constantly telling Hemsworth how hot he is and congratulating him on his baby. Maybe if 1 person had done those things it wouldn’t have seemed quite so irksome but it was repeatedly.

At any rate Hot Donna was still able to record a few pretty cool questions that participants asked.

missemmamm, Chris Hemsworth, Hot Donna

Yes, I did convince Donna to pay for part of the photo op because I adore Thor. She said “I didn’t know you liked Thor that much?” and then I looked at her like duh. After the op she went on and on about his beautiful blue eyes. I now see them in the first photo above. However I have a hard time looking people in the eyes and they do these very quickly so I didn’t notice live.

Press passes to the convention were provided to both Hot Donna & myself gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World.
The next Wizard World Comic Con takes place in Chicago this August. For more info on their upcoming cons please visit the Wizard World site.

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2012 Wizard World Philly Comic Con: An Exclusive Interview with Amber Benson

(Photo by Matt Carr/Getty Images)

The talented Amber Benson was kind enough to let us interview her during the recent Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con. Hot Donna spoke to her about Benson’s film Drones and her current book series.

Watch Drones on Netflix
It was directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch. The cast includes Jonathan Woodward, Samm Levine, Angela Bettis and Adam Busch.
or you can buy it on Amazon

Jonathan Woodward and Angela Bettis in Drones

(source: official site)

I didn’t know anything about Drones going in so I would recommend actually not watching the trailer first because it’s best if you watch the movie without knowing anything at all about it.

Benson also mentioned that she is currently working on the next book in her Calliope Reaper-Jones series. It’s entitled The Golden Age of Death. For more info on the series you can visit here. You can purchase other titles by Amber below.


Where to find Amber Benson Online:
Official Blog
Official twitter
Official Facebook
Official YouTube Channel







Press passes to the convention were provided to both Hot Donna & myself gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World.
The next Wizard World Comic Con takes place in Chicago this August. For more info on their upcoming cons please visit the Wizard World site.

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Dress Up to Win a VIP Pass to the 2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con!

a woman dressed as Lara Croft, photographed by Carlos Anthony Espinoza

So you guys know how I’m going to cover that awesome Wizard World convention? Well guess what? You can win a pass to go too.

It’s not just a regular pass either. The Grand prize winner will receive a VIP pass to Philadelphia Comic Con (includes celebrity autograph of your choice), bypass all the lines and 5 tickets to Snow White and the Huntsman. If you win second place you will get an autographed photo of your favorite celebrity and 3 tickets to Snow White and the Huntsman. The third place winner will receive two tickets to see Snow White and the Hunstman.

Plus The three regional winners from the Philly contest will be entered in the national draw for round-trip airfare for two to any Wizard World Comic Con in North America in 2013 plus two VIP tickets and two nights hotel.
So how can you win?

Are you a cosplayer? Do you love to dress up in fun costumes? If so this is THE CONTEST FOR YOU.

To enter simply submit a photo of yourself in your best costume via this app on WW’s Facebook page. Then have your Facebook friends vote for you. Your goal is to get into the top 5 submitted photos.

If you prefer twitter then you can upload your photo on another site online (ex. twitpic, tumblr, photobucket, flickr, etc) and then tweet the link on twitter including the @wizardworld profile with the hashtag #wizardpic. Then you just need to ask your friends to RT your entry.

After that the top 5 fan voted Facebook entries and the top 5 most retweeted twitter entries will be put into contention to be eligible to be one of the top 3 winners!

You can even compete on twitter and Facebook to increase your odds.

This sounds like so much fun, I can’t wait to see all of your entries!

Fun Fact:
When I was 18 I was obsessed with the first Tomb Raider flick so I found a similar tank top and some booty shorts and dressed like this all of the time. Yes, I’ve always been nerdy, in the best way, I hope. (Oops, farmer’s tan!)

me at age 18 (2001), wishing I was Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (with my late dog, Oscar)

Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in 2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

This contest runs from Friday, May 18th, 8 AM PDT through Friday, May 25th, 5 PM PDT. You must be at least 21 years of age to enter. Photos must be family friendly (don’t show too much skin). Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con will be occuring from May 31, 2012 through June 3, 2012. Full rules on this contest can be found on the official site here.

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2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con: missemmamm’s Top Programming Picks

2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con: missemmamm’s Top Programming Picks

My awesome correspondent (and partner in fun) Hot Donna will be accompanying me to this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con as press! How awesome is that?

Juliet Landau and James Marsters at Wizard World, photo by Andrew Gamble

Wizard World recently posted their full program list, which can be found here. I’ve decided to share my top picks with you. I’m not saying that we will be able to make it to all of these great events but they sound super awesome. We probably won’t be arriving until Saturday, but possibly Friday, so fingers crossed!

Friday 06/01/12
3-3:45 p.m.: Vampire Lore And Other Urban Myths And Legends (Room A)
Star Wars Q&A (Room B)
4-4:45 p.m.: James Marsters And Juliet Landau (of Buffy & Angel) Q&A (Room A)-I bet this will rock!
5-5:45 p.m.: Sam Trammell (of True Blood) Q&A (Room A)-he’s so dreamy
6-6:45 p.m.: Sam Witwer (of the Being Human US reboot) Q&A (Room B)

Saturday 06/02/12
11-11:45 a.m.: Stan Lee Q&A (Theater Room)
1:15-1:45 p.m.: Chris Hemsworth Q&A (Theater Room)-I can’t believe they got THOR, amazing!
3-3:45 p.m.: Bruce Campbell Q&A (Room A)-I’ve seen him do these at other events in the past and highly recommend checking this out. I know you will love it if you are a BC fan.
4-4:45 p.m.: Evil Dead Q&A (Room B)
5-5:45 p.m.: Boondock Saints Q&A featuring Sean Patrick Flanery & Norman Reedus (Room A)
6:30-9 p.m.: Wizard World Adult Costume Contest (Room A)-I adore watching costume contests.
9 p.m.: Geeknation Launch Party Presented By Wizard World (Field House)-I’m not entirely sure what this is but Action Flick Chick is involved so I definitely want to check it out.

Sunday 06/03/12
Shannon Elizabeth Q&A (Room B)-Have you ever seen her in Tomcats? No? Go watch it, now!
Noon-12:45 p.m.: Buffyfest 20th Anniversary Q&A (Room A)-so excited!
1-1:45 p.m.: Quantum Leap Q&A (Room A)
2-2:45 p.m.: Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence Q&A (Room A)-fun show

They will also be screening Lloyd the Conqueror, a comedy about LARPing, starring Brian Posehn and Harland Williams. I’m not sure when though. It looks pretty funny.

I can’t wait! You should definitely come join us.

Note: Unless noted, programming events take place in designated rooms at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Many are included as part of standard Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con admission; VIP tickets or additional costs may apply to ensure access to select activities. Seating for panels is strictly limited and available on a first come first serve basis and each room will be cleared between panels. Programming subject to change; attendees should check the schedule board on site for updates.-from Wizard World

Want to be prepared?
You can buy tickets here.
Visit the official Wizard World Comic Con site