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Yes, there are more Disney movies than the following available on Netflix, but in keeping with the original theme of this series, these are the ones that I truly enjoy.

poca 1
Pocahontas (1995)/Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World (1998)

Pocahontas was released at the tail end of my childhood, bookending into the dreaded teen years. Luckily it was awesome enough to draw me in even though I’m sure I acted too mature for it at the time. Pocahontas was inspired by the life of the famous Native American, known for working in harmony with the early colonists of Jamestown, VA. While history indicates that she did save the life of John Smith, they were not in a relationship. However that is not the film’s take, which I quite enjoy. The basic plot is the early colonists trying to take over the Native American’s land. The love story between Pocahontas and John Smith throws a monkey wrench in the works.


Watching the movie in my youth I was drawn in by the music (Tia Carrere has a beautiful voice) and seemingly magical properties of the Native Americans. While watching it early this year I not only was able to enjoy that but also the comedy. Seriously, rewatch it as an adult and guffaw at the awesomely fab songs by the baddies who openly admit their plans to steal the Native American’s land. Plus, the villain’s henchman is super flamboyant. The animal sidekicks (on both sides) are also a treat.

I have not had a chance to watch the sequel yet but I assume it’s some fun.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
I’m not sure if there’s anyone who isn’t at least passingly familiar with Tim Burton’s stop motion masterpiece at this point. The super quick rundown is that a skeleton king who resides in Halloweentown discovers Christmas. Fun ensues when he gets things a bit wrong.

dumbo sad

Dumbo (1941)
I identify to much with the character of Dumbo to have watched it all that often. Dumbo is an unpopular elephant who is criticized for his large ears. Aw. Even before I hit adolescence and understood this type of cruelty I still found it a sad tale. The film involves Dumbo going to visit his mother. It also includes Dumbo accidentally getting drunk and crows that I (and many others) have found to be racially demeaning. So yeah, if you are planning to watch Dumbo with a child, I’d recommend using it as a way to teach acceptance to those who are different/unpopular but be prepared for questions on his inebriated state and why “the crows talk like that”.

So, what are your Disney favorites that can be found on Netflix? Yes, Mulan is in my queue.

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Web Oodles 3/22/10


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I have to admit that I love streaming Netflix over my blu ray player. Recently they added Woody Allen’s Whatever Works, Nine Dead starring Melissa Joan Hart and Weeds Season 5. I watched Whatever Works as soon as they added it and it was excellent. I haven’t watched Nine Dead but MJH has been tweeting about it for months. I watched about half of this season of Weeds on the net when it was airing and wasn’t getting into it as much as previous seasons but still want to catch up.




Recently Jason Trenton tweeted about an awesome artist named Jason Mercier. I absolutely adore his pieces. You can even send him your refuse for him to work with.



Veik makes DIY Lady GaGa Barbie Dolls. They are quite a sight to behold.

Airborne is back on tour and they have a new album out on April 20th. I saw them live (for free, yay!) in Bmore a few years ago & they were so much fun. I’m pissed because I just looked all over for the photos I took at the show & can’t find them. They are similar in sound to AC/DC.

Recommended Reading
The Michael Douglas Vanity Fair article was pretty informative. Also check out what Mia Kirshner has been up to.

Sexy Pics



Michelle Trachtenberg in the February/March 2010 issue of Complex Magazine. See the full gallery here.

Yes, the movie looks bad, there’s no way they’re dating and she bitched about the shoot but I still like it.


Old but I just saw it for the first time.

I am really digging cute, strange animals lately.


Capybara from Gala Darling’s Flickr

Squirrel Lemur

Turtle from Shrinkle’s blog

Take a look at Shoe Porn. So much fun.

Purple Passion
Purple Passion by MissEmmaMM featuring Michael Antonio shoes
Items in this set:
Romeo & Juliet Couture magenta taffeta gathered strapless dress, $98
White Striped Tights, $13
5″ Open Toe Shoes “Toki” from Michael Antonio for $45.00, $45
Vera Bradley SWAK in Purple Punch, $21
Purple Triple Chocolate M&M`s Premiums, $6.90
Red Queen-Alice in Wonderland Style
Red Queen-Alice in Wonderland Style by MissEmmaMM featuring Disney bags
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Women’s Boohoo Kourtney Prom Dress Online | Shop at Style Compare, 25 GBP
Women’s PLANET Belgravia Coat Online | Shop at Style Compare, 130 GBP
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Disney Couture ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Silver Plated Cheshire Cat Ring, $46
Fun Times
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Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Juniors Lips Rib Tank, $6
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Blue Banana – Neon ‘Smiley Face’ Print Shopper Bag (Yellow), 5 GBP
Steppin Out
Steppin Out by MissEmmaMM featuring Disney bags
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Dylan’s Candy Bar white jersey ‘I love candy’ crewneck t-shirt, $15
Double-Breasted Empire Long Coat, $35
Marc by Marc Jacobs normandy blue cotton ombré shorts, $89
Disney The Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Handbag for Women | Disney…, $38
Black Vinyl Knee-High Boots, $40

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Unlike usual I actually did a few fun things earlier this month (03/05 & 03/06). I was originally gonna do one or more photo makeup tutorials but being completely inexperienced with that I found that I took the close pics at weird angles & bad lighting (thanks stupid bathroom) and I was in a hurry. So I’ve scrapped that in favor of making fashion & beauty polyvores.

I saw Time Burton’s Alice In Wonderland on opening day. I’d been anticipating it since I saw the trailer last summer and didn’t want it to get spoiled for me. I had already started receiving questions from ISs on ChaCha the night before because it opened at midnight in big cities. This is a hick town so I didn’t want to look to costumey. I thought that the film was fun and looked great. Some people seemed to be let down but I enjoyed it. I read a review that said they overdid it with the whole Eat Me, Drink Me thing but I’d always loved that part in the original so I dug it. The 3D was okay but probably unneeded.

Underland Collage

Underland Style
Underland Style by MissEmmaMM on
Items in this set:
Blue Zip and Button Pull-on Skinny Jeans, $29
Fragile Pull-On Blue Denim Skinny Pants, $29
Bottoms including Pants , Shorts and Denim – Apparel, $29
LA Colors Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, $3
Makeup and Cosmetics | Cosmetics Lip Gloss | Hypershine Gloss, $1

That night I had tickets to see Druid featuring the Three Irish Tenors at the State Theater. I had assumed it would be like the last time I saw it performed a few years ago. However instead of being a sedate classic show featuring 3 Serious Guys some of the members had left & more were added turning it into a Psuedo Boy Band. It was a very different show. They were a little cocky and the choreography was a little stiff but it was still a good time. Last time it was a more low key vibe and after the show I talked to all 3 guys and they volunteered to sign my playbill. This time they announced that they would be signing for people who bought their cd. I didn’t see myself listening to that very often so I just went up to the lead singer and told him that I had enjoyed the show both times I’d seen it.

Ireland Collage

Druid Style
Druid Style by MissEmmaMM on
Items in this set:
New York & Company – Outerwear – Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, $45
Vanity Fair Women’s Full Black Lace Slip |, $23
Laundry by Shelli Segal black satin lace detail slip dress, $180
Penthouse Rockabilly Shoes by Ellie, $52
Druid Makeup
Druid Makeup by MissEmmaMM on
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Makeup and Cosmetics | Shop Eyes Lips Face, $3
Makeup and Cosmetics | Shop Eyes Lips Face, $1
Makeup and Cosmetics | Shop Eyes Lips Face
Makeup and Cosmetics | Eye Shadow | Cream Eye Shadow, $1
Sugarpill – Buttercupcake Pressed Eyeshadow

Then on Saturday I went to a Chinese restaurant with my mother and brother. We had been trying to go for a month but all of those snowstorms kept happening and my brother lives right outside of town on a dangerous road. They had a nice selection of tasty sushi that day.

Chinese Collage

Casual Saturday
Casual Saturday by MissEmmaMM featuring Forever21 leggings
Items in this set:
Bozzolo V Neck Cotton Tunic Tee, $7.99
New York & Company – Outerwear – Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, $45 Miley Cyrus & Max Azria – Juniors Twill Pants: Juniors, $20
Marbled Zipper Leggings, $18
Checkered Leggings, $5.80

P.S. This post is also tagged and categorized under Radical Self Love because it takes RSL and well balls to go do things completely alone when you have to. Yeah, I’ve been doing that for years but it’s still a little awkward.

$1.98 shipping on $15 purchase with coupon SHIP419


March Movie Madness


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Alice In Wonderland-3/5
I’m sure you know what this one is about. I’ve been super excited about seeing it since I first saw the trailer online last summer during Comic Con. Some reviews say that it isn’t trippy enough and that since it was converted from 2D to 3D that is doesn’t look as great as it could. Whenever I think of Helena Bonham Carter I think of Marla Singer and this awesome spread she did for Maxim when the Planet of the Apes remake was released so I had to share. The pairing of Bonham, her beau Burton and Depp always excites me. Burton and Depp are so in sync in the Ustream screencap below which is awesome. I wonder if they have ever had a threeway? Hey, I can’t be the only one thinking this. Alice has a huge amount of merchandise tie ins. My favorites are the Drink Me Necklace , Red Queen Handbag , OPI Absolutely Alice Nail Polish , a really awesome Red Queen Tee and Tim Burton Designed Alice Costume which unfortunately will not be released until July. If you want to do your makeup like the Red Queen check this out which actually scares me a little. The last photo is Anne Hathaway at the UK premiere. Since she starred in the Devil Wears Prada it shouldn’t surprise me everytime I love something she wears, but for some reason it does.



Bonus: New Yorker’s can check out Burton’s MoMA exhibit through April 26th.

Brookyln’s Finest-3/5
This looks like a standard cop movie but you know I love those. Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle & (gasp) Wesley Snipes star. When it’s mentioned that Gere’s character is almost ready for retirement in the trailer you just know he’ll be dead by the end.

She’s Out Of My League-3/12
The unlikely pairing of a hot girl and a nerd (well in Hollywood, I see this all the time IRL & in reverse) leads to everyone cracking dirty jokes. Initially I didn’t pay attention to this one coming out because it looks like a bunch of movies I’ve seen & I don’t care about Jay Baruchel. Then I saw the trailer and it seems pretty funny.

The Bounty Hunter-3/19
A bounty hunter’s current assignment is his ex wife. This looks like another in a string of awful Aniston movies that I wouldn’t watch if it weren’t for the fact that Butler is in it. Due to that I will eventually catch it on Blu Ray. Oh & the only thing funny about the trailer is an insult someone makes to Aniston’s character about her age, ouch!  Do I believe that Aniston is conveniently dating another leading man? Yeah, I also believe that she has a bridge to sell me.

Repo Men-3/19
Repo Men
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Repo Man
Repo Men is basically a rip off of the largely unseen Repo! The Genetic Opera which most people who see it usually love or hate it. I thought it was pretty cool. The thing that bothers me is this looks like it could be good. Plus it stars Jude Law, Liev Schreiber and Forest Whitaker (who is, IMHO, 1 of the best actors out there). No, this has nothing to do with the old Emilio Estevez movie. This is about repossessing organs, not cars.

Bonus: Follow Repo! The Genetic Opera’s director Darren Bousman on twitter

Hot Tub Time Machine-3/26
The premise is that a group of middle aged guys are getting drunk in a hot tub and they end up going back in time to the 80’s. People wear 80s clothes that they gawk at (uh, didn’t they come back into style like a min ago?) and laughter ensues. It’s so ridiculous that it has to be hilarious. I really think they need to start advertising this flick more if they want to rake in the dough.

Bonus: Follow John Cusack and co-writer Jarrad Paul on twitter

Chloe-3/26 (Limited)
This film about a woman hiring a prostitute to get her husband to cheat is getting a lot of attention for a kiss between the leads Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried. Overall it looks like it could be good unfortunately I’ll have to wait forever to see it.


Web Oodles 2/10/10


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I’d like to start doing this feature once a week or biweekly. It’s just to let you know about some cool stuff on the web.

Tonight at 8PM ET (5PM PST) there will be a super cool Alice in Wonderland Fan Event on Ustream Director Tim Burton will introduce cast members including girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter, Crispin Glover and Anne Hathaway. There will also be performances by the following bands: 3OH!3 (woohoo!), Metro Station, Kerli and Never Shout Never.

While working one night I stumbled upon an interview with Paul Rudd The Many Faces of Paul Rudd It’s from 2009 but I rarely see interviews with him so I felt the need to share.

Val Kilmer has recently become the king of direct to dvd movies. He cranks them out right and left. Many of them are quite enjoyable. I know I’m not the only one renting them because I often have to get them from the Redbox because they are on Long Wait or Very Long Wait on Netflix. His latest is Double Identity (also called Fake Identity). It will be released this Tuesday, February 23rd and will be available on Netflix streaming the same day! This excites me greatly.

Fun Pics, Just For Kicks
This photo is from when when Gerard Butler hosted SNL last October. I must say that I love how NBC now has the photo bumpers up on their site. Go here to see more photos from this episode and here to watch the sketches. My favorites are Beauty and the Beast and The Spartans.

I saw this ad on a site a day or so before Valentine’s Day and had to screencap it because it’s so adorable. Doesn’t it look like Conan O’Brien?

I put together a few Polyvore Sets of fun clothes. Most of the stuff is under $50. Sorry about the expensive shoes but the under $50 search function seems not to be working properly on shoes. I didn’t even know they were hella expensive until I was done.

Get Here Soon Spring!
Get Here Soon Spring! by MissEmmaMM featuring Alejandro Ingelmo shoes
Items in this set:
Heather, $68
Saltwell Short Shorts, 59 GBP
Patent Platform Pumps, $450
Candyfuture Opaque Lipstick – No She Didn’t, $16
Bee, Out There
Bee, Out There by MissEmmaMM featuring Alexander McQueen shoes
Items in this set:
Basket Weave Coat, $40 – New Arrivals – Apparel – 2072967570, $33
Alexander McQueen Geometric leather pumps, $810
Mustard yellow large over shoulder bag handbag tote with gathered…, 20 GBP
Animal Interest
Animal Interest by MissEmmaMM featuring Betsey Johnson jewelry
Items in this set:
Animal Striped Bandeau Top, $7.80
Hooded Padded Jacket, $25
Womens Skinny Jeans – Worn Midnight, $35
stud strap peep toe bootie, $26
Betsey Johnson – Dot Dot Dot Leopard Hearts W/ Pearls Necklace…, $48
Chillin by MissEmmaMM on
Items in this set: – Sneaker news, Releases Dates and History. -…
Blue Banana Glitter Heart Design Purse (Silver) | Blue Banana -…, 2.50 GBP
sweetheart sunnies, $11 Miley Cyrus & Max Azria – Juniors Animal Zip Hoodie:…, $12
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