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I am a huge fan of Amazon’s yearly week of Black Friday Deals. These are my top movie and TV choices. I’ve ordered from them for the last 2 years during this sale and it’s fun.

Many of these movies are on sale at other stores on Black Friday. Personally I’d rather wait in a virtual line if I can. My in store movie choices for the actual day of Black Friday will be up soon.

-be logged in prior to the sale (with your payment info set up & ready)
-have what you want (and what you want to spend) planned out beforehand
-have compared prices so you don’t feel the need to join the rush when it’s unnecessary.

The sale starts daily at 11:30AM ET (8:30AM PST), with deals going on periodically throughout the day. They usually have extra unannounced deals as well. You can select movie deals through the Calendar, Gold Box or item’s page.

3:30PM ET
The Crow Blu-ray $4.99-great movie, price, format
Burn Notice: Season Three $9.99-I do recommend this show but you don’t have to worry about buying it at that time. It’s currently on sale on for the same price, at all hours of the day.

7:30PM ET
Pulp Fiction Blu-ray $3.99-great movie, price, format
Independence Day Blu-ray $4.99-I have not watched this in years though I was a huge fan back in the day (bought the VHS when it first came out, in fact). Not sure how it holds up but this would be the time & format to check that out on.

7:30AM ET
A Night At the Roxbury DVD $3.99-I highly recommend this movie. So hilarious!
Burn After Reading DVD $1.99-If you like the Coen Brothers but haven’t seen this yet then you’ll probably want to check it out.

11:30AM ET
Land of the Dead Blu-ray $5-Great movie but this title also already on sale on at this price so you don’t have to rush.
Office Space Blu-ray $4.99-one of my favorites
Dodgeball Blu-ray $4.99-super funny

3:30PM ET
Weeds is a great show. However it’s frequently been on sale throughout the last year (for $10-$15) and most seasons are on Netflix Instant Streaming right now so it’s not necessarily a must buy.

7:30PM ET
The Men Who Stare At Goats Blu-ray $7.49-will probably be about $5. Good movie. If you have Netflix it’s currently on streaming so you don’t have to get it. It would make a good gift for someone who doesn’t have this service though because it seems under watched.

11:30AM ET
Princess Bride Blu-ray $4.99-get it
Bride Wars DVD 41.99-This is such a guilty pleasure movie for me. I’ve watched it a ton of times.If you like this type of movie then pick it up.

3:30PM ET
300 Blu-ray $4.99
300 DVD $1.99

This is a great price on either format. I paid over $10 for the DVD as a gift for someone earlier this year. If you know a guy who doesn’t have this yet then you will be set if you get this movie.

7:30PM ET
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons 1-2, 4 or 5 for $8.99 and Season 6 for $12.99.-I just got into this show over the summer and it’s hilarious. So the total cost of all 6 seasons during this sale is $57.94. If you want a complete collection though you will still need to buy the Christmas special. The regular price on the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons 1-5 + Christmas Special is only $58.99 regularly but you won’t be getting season 6 if you buy that.

Target will also have Season 6 for $12.99 on Black Friday. My local store already had it out for that price at the beginning of the week.

Best Buy will have Seasons 1-5 for $8.99 on Black Friday. has seasons 1 & 2 and 3, 4 and 5 on sale for $10 on DVD. Plus they are offering free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

11:30PM ET
Jennifer’s Body DVD 1.99-I recommend this one. It stars the sexy Kyle Gallner and Megan Fox.
Mimic Blu-ray 4.99-I’m not a fan but it seems to have sort of a cult following and may make a good gift for a sci-fi/action fan.

Consult the calendar for specifics but there are many TV shows on sale this day. The thing is that many are already on Netflix Streaming, in heavy reruns on TV or periodically on sale throughout the year. These titles include Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Modern Family and Mad Men.

11:30PM ET
The Mummy DVD $1.99-always makes a great gift. Plus it’s the original, which is the best.
Knocked Up DVD $1.99-I’m a Rogen fanatic so you know that I recommend it.

3:30AM ET
Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray-I’m not sure what the price will be on this but if it’s a good deal then buy it! Super funny. It’s on Netflix right now but that won’t last forever.
Bruno-will probably be $1.99. Very gross & funny. If you know someone who enjoys that type of humor and isn’t homophobic then snap it up.

11:30AM ET
Transformers: Dark of the Moon DVD-I don’t know how much this will be but if it’s cheap you may want to pick it up for a fan of the series. It hasn’t been out long so they may not have bought it for themselves yet.
X-Men Blu-ray-If it’s cheap and you know someone who just got a blu-ray player it’s a good present choice. However I’d opt for the trilogy pack instead.

3:30PM ET
True Blood Season 2 DVD-If this goes for $15 or $20 it’s a good buy.
The Hangover DVD $1.99-So freaking funny. It can’t hurt to have one of these on hand as a gift for a comedy fan.
Fast Five Blu-ray-This will probably be $10-$12.99. It’s already on sale on for $10 so you needn’t rush.

11:30PM ET
Sex and the City Seasons 1-6 DVDs (individual seasons)-They will probably be about $10 a piece. The complete series sets are also on sale elsewhere right now. These individual sets are often cheap during the year but it would still make a good gift for a fan. (No one likes watching the edited for TBS version.) “Hey ladies, last night I totally sucked that guys…clock”.

11:30PM ET
Nine DVD-This will probably be $1.99. It’s not a perfect movie but it was beautiful.
The individual seasons of Nip/Tuck are also on sale for $7.99 but you really want to get the full series, which is also on sale this week. Plus it’s currently on Netflix Streaming if that’s not in your budget.

11:30AM ET
Talladega Nights-will probably be about $1.99. Get it.

7:30PM ET
The Ten Commandments Blu-ray-People love this epic movie.
Sweeney Todd Blu-rayYes!

11:30PM ET
Galaxy Quest Blu-ray-So fantastic. You need this movie in your life. Maybe I should upgrade from my VHS. Hmm.

Don’t forget to check out more posts in my Holiday Sales Series.

So guys,
What will you be buying this season?


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For this post (and others in my holiday sales series) I have went through thousands of items and chose the items that in my humble opinion are the best so that you don’t have to wade through them.

Amazon has a huge selection of bargain books, which is awesome. Just be aware that when they sell out that’s it. I picked a bunch of promising looking books. I have personally read (and recommend) Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, Shopgirl by Steve Martin and Sati by Christopher Pike. For the rest of my choices I picked books that sound interesting and have decent reviews. I chose a lot of biographies, as well as books about film, humorous books, novels, romances and a bit of sci fi. All of them are under $5.

I have also included a few magazine subscriptions that they offer for $5. Plus I included some titles from Best Deal Magazines. I have ordered from them for years and they are trustworthy.

(each widget includes 8 titles or less)







These magazines are on sale through November 30, 2011. They are auto-renewal titles which means that Amazon will charge you again in a year unless you cancel your subscription by then. There is a link on how to do so on each title’s page.

All of these titles (and many more) are available from Best Deal Magazines for only $4.69 by visiting, this page. I have read issues of all of these magazines and they are often pretty good.

Prices are subject to change at any time depending on a site’s whims and competition.

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