Blogathon: Life, Love and the Movies

While reading through the LAMB‘s retweets I came across many bloggers participating in a super awesome blogathon. The Life, Love and the Movies blogathon is fantastic. It reminds me of those surveys we used to do on Myspace… Read More


An Open Letter To Darden aka Quitting my First “Pretty Person Job”

In late August/early September when I first applied to our local Olive Garden (in operation for less than a year, we are far behind the times in this small town), I wanted to be a server. I had… Read More


How Not to Shop in April or Avoiding Eugenics Funding

Just because someone is imperfect doesn’t mean that their life isn’t worth living. (photo source) I’m going with a very simple message here. Autism Speaks was founded to eradicate autism so DO NOT support them. Autism is not… Read More

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