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For this post (and others in my holiday sales series) I have went through thousands of items and chose the items that in my humble opinion are the best so that you don’t have to wade through them.

Amazon has a huge selection of bargain books, which is awesome. Just be aware that when they sell out that’s it. I picked a bunch of promising looking books. I have personally read (and recommend) Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, Shopgirl by Steve Martin and Sati by Christopher Pike. For the rest of my choices I picked books that sound interesting and have decent reviews. I chose a lot of biographies, as well as books about film, humorous books, novels, romances and a bit of sci fi. All of them are under $5.

I have also included a few magazine subscriptions that they offer for $5. Plus I included some titles from Best Deal Magazines. I have ordered from them for years and they are trustworthy.

(each widget includes 8 titles or less)







These magazines are on sale through November 30, 2011. They are auto-renewal titles which means that Amazon will charge you again in a year unless you cancel your subscription by then. There is a link on how to do so on each title’s page.

All of these titles (and many more) are available from Best Deal Magazines for only $4.69 by visiting, this page. I have read issues of all of these magazines and they are often pretty good.

Prices are subject to change at any time depending on a site’s whims and competition.

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