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Maleficent-good movie, great headwear

Maleficent-good movie, great headwear

Most years I write about what I’m planning to do for my birthday, what I have already done for my birthday, or why I’m (yet again) lamenting my birthday.

Now, for something completely different. My birthday just passed. It was a nice day/weekend. However, what I’m contemplating at this time are the attempts and accomplishments that have taken place since my last birthday.

Impending Graduation
I am currently starting my last semester of school. In the fall, I will finally earn my Associate’s Degree. It took one extra semester. It’s been more work than I expected. There have been doubts, but I will do this. Eventually (hopefully sooner, rather than later), I will then start on my Bachelor’s.

Life as a Disney Cast Member
The reason that I am one semester behind my peers is that I took a leave of absence last fall to participate in the Disney College Program. It was the most difficult, but also one of the most amazing times of my life. It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of hard work and restrictions. The benefits, experiences, and friendships definitely made it well worth it. WDW is now considered one of my past homes to me. I don’t know if you ever truly leave Disney behind, after working there. I’m always itching and contemplating going back in some capacity. Only time will tell.

My love life has changed in leaps and bounds since this time last year. It’s basically unrecognizable. I’m happy.

I was on a huge fitness kick at this time last year. However, I love food. I’m not fond of structured exercise on the daily. I will most likely always struggle with my disordered eating, because I am human. Note: This is more difficult when you are not walking 10-12 miles on the daily, while working at the most magical place on Earth.

Comfort Zone
I can now walk out of my comfort zone. I still suffer from social anxiety/generalized anxiety and am on the spectrum. Yet, I work to overcome/work with these issues daily. Disney definitely helped with this. So, yes I’m still incredibly uncomfortable, but no I’m not going to always just fall back, stand down, or hide. I’m going to strive.

Embracing MY Interests
I am currently embracing both my nerdiness and inner princess to their full extents. It’s not that I’m not worried about others, but I matter more. I definitely regret more of the things that I haven’t done in life, than those that I have. I play Dungeons and Dragons and wear my Minnie ears, deal with it.

Body Realization
My body can handle a lot, but it doesn’t mean that I should push it so hard. I worked and played hard in Orlando and to a different extent in PA, but this isn’t something I need to be doing on the daily. I ended up in the ICU with severe dehydration in April. I do not recommend that. I’m just happy that it happened here, while I was with family.

I, finally (after 9 years of attending cons!), cosplayed both last year and this year, at Philly Wizard World. It takes balls, but I did it.

And now to make the next year even better.

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I turn 30 tomorrow. I’m super excited.

allen 22

As an ASD individual I feel the need to explain the above was (obviously) sarcasm.

I think Lily Allen sums up my feelings perfectly. By the way-don’t put huge expectations on your children when they are young just because they get good grades. That shit will haunt them forever.

Yours in loneliness/mediocrity,
Mary (my real name)

by Lily Allen and Greg Kurstin

When she was 22 the future looked bright,
But she’s nearly 30 now and she’s out every night,
I see that look in her face, she’s got that look in her eye,
She’s thinking how did I get here and wondering why,

It’s sad but it’s true how society says her life is already over,
There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say,
‘Til the man of her dreams comes along,
Picks her up and puts her over his shoulder,
It seems so unlikely in this day and age,

She’s got an alright job but it’s not a career,
Whenever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears,
Cause all she wants is a boyfriend, she gets one night stands,
She’s thinking how did I get here, I’m doing all that I can,

It’s sad but it’s true how society says her life is already over,
There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say,
Til the man of her dreams comes along,
Picks her up and puts her over his shoulder,
It seems so unlikely in this day and age,

It’s sad but it’s true how society says her life is already over,
There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say,
Til the man of her dreams comes along,
Picks her up and puts her over his shoulder,
It seems so unlikely in this day and age.


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3-8 Quickening
After learning of Darla’s vampire pregnancy Angel must find out anything and everything he can about their unborn child. Meanwhile he must protect his friends from said mommy to be’s insatiable thirst. Holtz continues to plot his revenge. Plus a vampire cult begins circling Darla in wait of the birth of her prophesized child.

3-11 Birthday
Cordelia has a mind blowing vision and goes into a coma/astral plane. While there she meets a demon guide named Skip who was sent to her by “the powers that be”, offering up two choices. Her choices? She can have one last fatal vision or live out her destiny as a famous actress. In this latter alternate universe due to Cordelia’s absence Angel has inherited Doyle’s visions which have driven him mad. In the end she must make one last life altering choice.

3-13 Waiting in the Wings
Angel plans a night out at the ballet for he and his friends. The only problem is that this ballet happens to have had a cursed placed upon it making the cast repeat the same show over and over and over… Things heat up between Angel and Cordelia as they act out a love story between two star crossed actors. Fred finds romance with an unlikely coworker. Uncle Lorne spends time with baby Connor. Lastly an unexpected visitor reveals himself.

3-19 The Price
Cordelia uses her own approach to help Angel work through his issues of losing his son and close friend while Angel and his friends try to clean up the mayhem of using dark forces to try to bring back baby Conner. Sluglike demons infest the hotel as a result of turning Sahjhan corporeal and infect poor Fred. Cordelia saves the day as she discovers that she has inherited brilliant new powers from her new demon half. A portal opens up in the hotel releasing a huge otherworldly demon and its would be slayer.

3-22 Tomorrow
During the season finale Angel tries to get closer to his son, not knowing that Connor is planning his revenge against him. When the gang attempts to introduce Connor into a world that doesn’t happen to be a demon hell dimension they are thwarted by Wolfram and Hart. Lilah continues inserting herself into a disturbed Wesley’s life. The Groosalugg further realizes the bond that Angel shares with Cordelia that he does not. Cordelia plans a romantic evening with Angel to express her true feelings but unseen forces get in the way of their happiness.

You can watch Angel on Netflix here, Hulu here or Amazon (below).


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This post was written by contributor Hot Donna. Screencaps and editing were completed by missemmamm.


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This is how happy this dress makes me, I'm not a smiler.

From the moment that I laid eyes on this Red foil slinky mini dress from Leg Avenue I fell hard. I rarely wear red but this looked so fun. My birthday was coming up. I was weighing options on what to wear at the time. I was unsure of where I could even wear such an eyecatching dress but I figured even if I ended up staying in my small town that I’d hit up the local gay bar because you can never upstage a drag queen.

Instead I wore it in Atlantic City!

getting ready to head out to Club Providence at the Tropicana in my hotel room at Bally's

But back to the dress. It arrived in a plain box. That’s something that I love about EdenFantasys. They don’t scream SEX STORE at you. This is cool if you don’t live alone, such as I. The dress was packaged simply, in what reminded me of an old school panythose package. A piece of cardboard covered in plastic, with the descriptive tag attached, of course.

This dress comes in either red or black. While the black is cute it just didn’t strike me as fabulous in the same way that the red did. The beaded strap, batwing sleeve and ruching on the sides also really did it for me. I have a booty and I like to show it.


After I requested the assignment I realized something. The red only comes in a size small. I had a momentary freak out. I am not a size small. Without going into my exact measurements (which I would gladly do if I weren’t battling my disordered eating again) I’m about a size 10-12. Then I remembered that a tall reviewer had mentioned wearing something too short for her as a top instead of a dress. So I decided to stick with the red and do that if I had to. FYI-The black comes in either small or a medium/large so don’t worry if you prefer that color.

According to the Leg Avenue sizing chart this dress would measure as follows, Small-size 5-7, A-B cup, 32-34″ bust, 23-25″ waist and 34-36″ hips. I measured the dress prior to trying it on so I could be as accurate as possible. Completely unstretched the measurements were 26″ bust, 24″ waist, 26″ hip and 23″ length.

The crazy thing? It fit! It’s super stretchy and because of the shine not completely see through. I love it! It’s fun and sparkly and perfect.

You may notice in these photos that I’m not wearing the correct undergarments since I wanted to get some initial photos out of the way prior to my trip. However in AC I paired it with breast petals and a pair of satiny red boyshorts. There is also a tag on one side of the inner lining that I cut out so it wouldn’t irritate me or show.

This dress is made of polyester and spandex. It seems to have been made to be hand washed in cool water and left to air dry.

Yes, I did get some “Is she a hooker looks?” on my way through our casino to the club but at the club it was perfect.

I highly recommend this dress!

This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Buy It!

product picture
Mini dress by Leg Avenue
Material: Polyester / Spandex
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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Today is my birthday. I wrote this in advance, I’m not here, lol. The point is that I love karaoke, I have a passion for singing. I am not a gamer. However I dusted off my PS2 and have been very into Singstar lately. So these are some silly, fun YouTube videos that I made using Singstar. I have been told that it’s difficult to hear the music in them but I’m not as technologically inclined as you may think. The point is if you ever wondered what it’s like to just chill, have fun and do karaoke with me, this is it. Oh, except I’m totally sober in these videos. I do usually drink at least some when I go out.

If you enjoyed these you can find more covers on my YouTube Channel

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