The Works of Joss Whedon on Netflix Streaming

This post is not just an excuse to post pics of myself with Joss Whedon online, yet again. However if you had one, you’d totally do so as well. Last year I mentioned that I wanted to start… Read More


2012 Wizard World Philly Comic Con: Buffy Panel

The woman who was in charge of handling the press told us where we could sit. She also said, feel free to crouch on the floor for close photos if you want. So near the end of the… Read More


Hot Donna’s Top 5 Season 1 Angel Episodes

This post is written by new contributor Hot Donna. I added the screencaps for fun. 1-8 I Will Remember You This is my all time favorite episode (as I like to induce crying while watching Buffy and Angel)…. Read More


Top Christmas TV Shows On Netflix Streaming

An easy way to get into the Christmas mood is to watch someone uncharacteristically wear a Santa suit. It just makes you smile. There are a ton of great Christmas tv episodes that you should check out. This… Read More

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Super Links: 11/26/11

Pets Shop ‘Til They Drop!-cute pics of dogs on Black Friday Oops I’m In India-Jenna Marbles visits India. While there she pets baby squirrels and records a young snake charmer. OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air Swatches &… Read More

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