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Recently a bar that I frequent mentioned on their Facebook that they were now serving Cookie Dough Vodka shots. Obviously I was jazzed to hear that such a thing existed. I decided to try it the next time my sister was visiting. We checked out the Pinnacle Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vodka site, which does contain a PDF of recipes. However most seem to be overly sweet or contain multiple alcohols. That is so not my bag. We did a couple of shots of vodka with a bottled Starbucks cappuccino to pregame recently. However I also grabbed some YooHoo that day, voila!

1 shot of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vodka
1.5 shots of YooHoo
1 cherry for garnish (optional)

Pour the vodka and YooHoo into your glass (from a quickly canceled, syndicated, late night show, if you’re me), mix with a spoon and add your cherry if you so desire. Drink up!


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Ah, my first sweet recipe!

In February I was really into creating yummy nut balls to have in the fridge as a quick snack. I was jazzed to share these ones but misplaced the recipe until today.

I had picked up some macadamia nuts at the grocery store and was set on creating something with them. So I browsed my pantry and got to work.

1 cup sweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1/2 cup blanched slivered almonds
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon brown rice syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 maraschino cherries

Chop chocolate chips into dust in a food processor. Then remove the dust and set it aside.
Chop macadamia nuts and almonds in a food processor. Remove and set aside.
Slice the cherries with a knife. Set aside.
Place the peanut butter, nuts, coconut and cherries in a bowl and then mix with a spoon.
Add the chocolate, brown rice syrup, vanilla extract, milk and salt to the bowl.
Mix everything with a spoon until it’s fairly even.
Use a small ice cream scoop or a tablespoon to shape the mixture into balls.
Place them on a plate and serve.

Makes: 10-12 medium sized balls
Approximate Calories: 160-200 per ball

I used what I had on hand. Ideally I would have used cocoa powder, almond butter (no stores in my area seem to sell this) and unsweetened coconut flakes. Of course if I had used that type of coconut it may have needed more brown rice syrup.

I added the milk because I wanted these balls wetter than they were turning out. I’m not currently vegan. However I have been and sometimes still buy soy or other types of milk. You could substitute another type of milk in place of dairy milk if you prefer. You may also be able to use water instead or just skip it altogether if you like your balls drier.

Brown rice syrup is simply a type of sweetener. You could probably use sugar, stevia or something else. However I did like the wetness and the ability to gel the ingredients together that it brings to the recipe.

For a lower calorie version you could try unsweetened coconut flakes, a no calorie sweetener and unsweetened nut milk. If you made these changes you could most likely get each ball under 150 calories (though I don’t know exactly how they will taste). Conversely you could also make smaller balls.

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Click the thumbnails for the full size images. See Myspace is still occasionally useful for something.

Usually when I do one of these it’s not quite so transparent because the actor is further along in his career so I can mention his mad acting skills or awesome sense of humor. Kyle Gallner is still in the slutty young actress phase of his career though, which is super awesome. You know, when the casting director is told “we need someone young and hot who will take off their pants!”. So you’ve got a young actor running around half naked in horror movies and teen sex comedies? Yeah, I’m all about that.

I fell for Kyle in the winter of 2010. I had just seen the abominable A Nightmare On Elm Street remake and a few days later had decided to rewatch Jennifer’s Body. (I’m a big Megan Fox fan). As I was watching it I thought this emo kid’s pretty hot. Then it hit me, wasn’t that the Ritalin kid in Elm Street? I texted ChaCha who confirmed my suspicion. I didn’t really think too much about it because I’d assumed that he was younger than he is. (Yay, for being wrong, he’s almost 25.)

A few months ago I read about a movie called Cougars Inc and knew that I had to rent that ASAP when it was released. Then this month Kevin Smith released Red State on video on demand. So I’m firmly back in Kyle Gallner mode. Without giving too much away about Red State I must say that I’m sure that Kevin Smith wasn’t intending to get young women into S&M with it but according to tumblr that’s what’s happening. Love it!

If you want to watch Gallner run around in various states of undress you need to watch Cougars Inc and Cherry ASAP. Cougars Inc is one of those Risky Business type of flicks about teens who run a prostitution ring to service older women. Denise Richards and James Belushi costar. Cherry is about a nerdy guy who goes to college and then meets an older woman who has went back to college (hey, I see a pattern here) and gets tangled up in her life. He’s a “cherry” which means that he’s a virgin at the beginning of the movie. Aw.

I’m currently very excited to see Kyle’s upcoming film about an aspiring band, Losers Take All. Yes, he sings! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a release date yet.

Christine Vachon interviews Kyle Gallner at Sundance in 2011 about Red State & Little Birds


JENNIFER’S BODY (someone put together a video of every scene of his! spoilers)


“What’s your favorite sexual position?” on the set of Cougars Inc (originally called Mothers Little Helpers)

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

(the short film in 2 parts)

Hollywood Takes a Stand Against Planking

Kyle is from West Chester, Pennsylvania.
He had heart surgery when he was 4 years old.


Asher Levin’s Channel-he wrote & directed Cougars Inc & has a ton of vlogs up there from the making of the flick.
CSI: NY “Sweet 16” & “Some Buried Bones”
CSI: NY “Taxi”

Jack & Bobby 1-15 “Time Out of Life”
Jack & Bobby 1-17 “Querido Grace”

The Haunting in Connecticut
Medium 3-15 “The Boy Next Door”
Bones 2-7 “The Girl With the Curl”

Cinema Now
Red State

Amazon Instant Video

Check It Out
“Turn the room around!” -about the filming of Losers Take All.
Gallner on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast
Kyle Gallner photos on Fanpop
Kevin Smith’s Red State marketing strategy
K Gallner tumblr
Heck Yeah Kyle Gallner tumblr
Kyle Gallner tumblr

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