Merry Christmas! Fun Christmas Videos

Merry Christmas! Enjoy these fun videos that I’ve selected. Harold & Kumar’s Yuletide Jamz from John Cho Christmas Day “Small plots, big celebrities” I bet Gary Marshall saw this and said “no, that’s next year’s project!” Christmas Day… Read More


Top Gay Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming

“…it’s okay you didn’t like Broken Hearts Club or Kiss Me Guido. Let me tell you a little secret that we try to keep within the community, gay movies suck, but until the law is changed we’re still… Read More


Movie Quotes: A Night At The Roxbury

Doug: “I broke the window again” Doug: “I was like, Emilio!” Roxbury Bouncer: “You’re brothers?” Doug & Steve: “No. Yes, man!” Kamehl: “Take you’re dancing monkey brother with you” Doug: “I think you’re confusing Steve for someone who… Read More

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