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Maleficent-good movie, great headwear
Maleficent-good movie, great headwear

Most years I write about what I’m planning to do for my birthday, what I have already done for my birthday, or why I’m (yet again) lamenting my birthday.

Now, for something completely different. My birthday just passed. It was a nice day/weekend. However, what I’m contemplating at this time are the attempts and accomplishments that have taken place since my last birthday.

Impending Graduation
I am currently starting my last semester of school. In the fall, I will finally earn my Associate’s Degree. It took one extra semester. It’s been more work than I expected. There have been doubts, but I will do this. Eventually (hopefully sooner, rather than later), I will then start on my Bachelor’s.

Life as a Disney Cast Member
The reason that I am one semester behind my peers is that I took a leave of absence last fall to participate in the Disney College Program. It was the most difficult, but also one of the most amazing times of my life. It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of hard work and restrictions. The benefits, experiences, and friendships definitely made it well worth it. WDW is now considered one of my past homes to me. I don’t know if you ever truly leave Disney behind, after working there. I’m always itching and contemplating going back in some capacity. Only time will tell.

My love life has changed in leaps and bounds since this time last year. It’s basically unrecognizable. I’m happy.

I was on a huge fitness kick at this time last year. However, I love food. I’m not fond of structured exercise on the daily. I will most likely always struggle with my disordered eating, because I am human. Note: This is more difficult when you are not walking 10-12 miles on the daily, while working at the most magical place on Earth.

Comfort Zone
I can now walk out of my comfort zone. I still suffer from social anxiety/generalized anxiety and am on the spectrum. Yet, I work to overcome/work with these issues daily. Disney definitely helped with this. So, yes I’m still incredibly uncomfortable, but no I’m not going to always just fall back, stand down, or hide. I’m going to strive.

Embracing MY Interests
I am currently embracing both my nerdiness and inner princess to their full extents. It’s not that I’m not worried about others, but I matter more. I definitely regret more of the things that I haven’t done in life, than those that I have. I play Dungeons and Dragons and wear my Minnie ears, deal with it.

Body Realization
My body can handle a lot, but it doesn’t mean that I should push it so hard. I worked and played hard in Orlando and to a different extent in PA, but this isn’t something I need to be doing on the daily. I ended up in the ICU with severe dehydration in April. I do not recommend that. I’m just happy that it happened here, while I was with family.

I, finally (after 9 years of attending cons!), cosplayed both last year and this year, at Philly Wizard World. It takes balls, but I did it.

And now to make the next year even better.

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An Excerpt from How to Reprimand Your Rock Star by Mina Vaughn

How to Reprimand Your Rock Star cover

Guess what is almost here? That’s right, the release of Mina Vaughn’s new sexy novel, How to Reprimand Your Rock Star. As a huge fan of her 2013 release, How to Discipline Your Vampire, I am so excited to read this book. If you recall, that book actually started off with a rock star roleplay scene. So we already know that she knows what she’s doing in this area.

Her new tale is about a female college basketball player, Thea, and her budding romance with a rock star, Keaton. The author, Mina Vaughn, was kind enough to send me some info on the book including the cover art above and the excerpt below.

rock star excerpt

rockstar excerpt 2

rock star excerpt 3

rock star excerpt 4

rock star ex 5

rock ex fix

rock ex 6

rock ex 7

rock ex 8

rock ex 9

I am looking forward to How to Reprimand Your Rock Star this summer (July 21st) as well as her future releases.

She currently has yet another book on her menu, How to Punish Your Playboy, that is scheduled to come out in Spring of 2015. According to her blog that title is about “a pin-up model and the naughty restaurateur she manages to tame. You’ll love watching her teach this spoiled playboy a lesson.” Yum, this novel also has a female domination streak. As a switch, I totally dig that.

I love how Mina creates strong characters and a role reversal that we don’t often see in other romance novels.

You can pre-order How to Reprimand Your Rock Star here. While you are awaiting its release, don’t forget to check out How to Discipline Your Vampire as well. (Note: These are affiliate links.)

author Mina Vaughn

For more on Mina Vaughn you can visit the following:
official tumblr
official twitter
official Facebook
goodreads author page
official YouTube

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DCP: What is the Disney College Program?

I will be moving to Orlando, Florida this fall to take part in the Disney College Program. This is an introduction video to give you a bit of an explanation of what this “paid internship” entails. So watch below to hear about how I will be “Living, Learning & Earning” soon. This is also just a good way to see me smiling and happy because I’m not always like that. This is very exciting!

dcp acceptance card missemmamm

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Maybe you went to college, but this is not technically college

I am currently attending a trade school to earn an Associate’s Degree. After many years of applying to and backing out of traditional colleges (social anxiety, stinks) I’m doin it, and doin it and doin it well (Thanks L.L. Cool J.).

photo by Lidyanne Aquino (lethaargic)
photo by Lidyanne Aquino (lethaargic)

Something has been irking me. It’s not a huge thing. However thus far for my handful of classes I’ve only had two instructors. Both have, at times, referred to our attendance as being that of attending college. Ex. “So while you’re in college”. REALLY? REALLY? This is not college, ladies. It’s not even close to college. (To be fair I do believe that they attended actual colleges and make frequent mention of their children who do the same. I do not think this is done in a condescending way.)

It’s learning, it’s an approved learning institute. I appreciate it. It works. It seems much better for someone such as myself than a traditional college (including a community college). It also seems like a great place to start out if you need to earn a longer degree and can transfer your credits later.

THIS IS NOT COLLEGE THOUGH. College is (often) an option of the following: dorms, groups (not just Greek but various clubs), activities to bring the students closer together and well so many other things that I can’t quite recall at this moment.

College is also (often) a huge sprawling (possibly, especially for me, difficult to navigate campus). An abundance of young people who are up for anything (which is awesome, I get that) but who also have no idea how to do many things and will spend an inordinate amount of time on “worries” like laundry and not knowing how to feed themselves properly. As my older sister so in-eloquently put it years back, “If you wait another year to go to college you will be a non traditional student”, like she was.

Wow, that scared the fuck out of me. I could have stuck out like a sore thumb or overly compensated by partying and not getting my work done.

PLUSES: My school (the buildings) are relatively small. I now know where to find most things. There aren’t too many students milling about, most of the time. I am in small classes and am able to get one on one time with teachers without difficulty. I am learning information that is very useful for my major (if I can call it that, since this is not college).

So yeah, it’s trade school, or tech school or business school, or what have you. This is not college. And that’s okay.

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Book Review: My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

Note: Clicking the Amazon link at the end of this review and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.

4 out of 5

My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron
Harlequin HQN
release date: August 27, 2013
provided by NetGalley

My Favorite Mistake was definitely a bit different from your standard romance novel. The beginning was slightly confusing as it seemed to be a flashback but then the book actually took place in a normal, straightforward narrative. Aside from that I was pleased with this book.

The story centers on two college students. The lithe, fiery Taylor is carrying around a bundle of anger. She expresses it quite radically when she decks her new roommate. But who can really blame her? It’s a guy. She’s a female freshman. That could be a bit difficult for anyone. However she also has a “dark secret” from her past and another, smaller present secret that both push her forward in life and hold her back.

Her new roommate seems to be a classic bad boy with tattoos and a guitar. However Hunter is actually deeper than that. Well he at least has his own family secrets. He’s not actually that deep. That’s okay though. He’s the fun opposite to her angry feminist. He both gets her into clubs and gets her to open up. It’s actually kind of interesting to read a character like this who admits to being cockily self assured sex wise while being a novice about love.

Both leads have friends with their own quirky personalities and love lives. They do help with a few plot points and with the push and pull needed to give friction to Taylor and Hunter’s relationship. I’m just not all that big on side kick characters in general, though I know they are a prerequisite for Harlequin. Now Taylor’s sister seems interesting enough to get her own spin off book.

My Favorite Mistake is a darker romance novel, despite being set in the fun world of dorm life, so while I definitely recommend it I can’t envision someone rereading it. That may just be me though. You may enjoy reading something meaty like this more than once.

Oh and I’m sure that you are wondering about the sex? Yes, it’s steamy.

You can follow the author, Chelsea M. Cameron, here on twitter.

You can order My Favorite Mistake here on Amazon.

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