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Style File: Rawr


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To paraphrase Elizabeth Wurtzel, my past year has been one long emergency. This was a night during one of my many setbacks. At any rate, when I’m down, ya know I drink, drink hard, drink at the local hole in the wall, within walking distance, of course.


3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Men’s Cotton Jersey Tiger Graphic Tee-Target, Coquette wet look pants-EdenFantasys, Abbey Dawn Rock On leopard boots-JustFab

What happened that night? Booze, karaoke, the admiration of men who look like they stepped out of the 90’s but with tread on their tires.


The outfit is comfy yet sluttily daring, you’ve got the black men’s tee that’s long enough to not leave me fully exposed in my super low rise stripper-esque pants. Not really but they do zip all of the way around. If you owned those Frankie B. jeans back in the day then you will know what I’m talking about. Then I added my go to statement leopard boots. I just had to top it off with my Brian Kinney inspired cowrie shell bracelet, always appropriate when one is on the prowl.

I adore these boots, though they kill my feet (without inserts).

I adore these boots, though they kill my feet (without inserts).


cowrie shell bracelet-Atlantic City boardwalk

cowrie shell bracelet-Atlantic City boardwalk


Get the Look:
Since you may also want to indulge in being a hot mess. (Note: Clicking through these links and making a purchase may yield a small commission for this site. No pretty photos because I can’t get my widgets to work, yay!)

Abbey Dawn Leopard The Right Notes Hoodie Junior
LnLClothing Tiger Print Muscle Tee ID.29436-FCH.R13
Elwood Men’s White Tiger Mirror Tee
Coquette Women’s Black Wet Look Pants
Breckelle Blazer-12, Cute Stylish Studded Lace/Zipper Platform Ankle Boot – ON SALE
Iron Fist Love Bites Leopard Booties Platforms
New black cowrie shell hippie bracelet wristband by 81stgeneration

Yes, these were taken with my phone’s camera as I’ve misplaced my actual camera. But life is not about perfection. It’s about living.

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Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...


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At the beginning of the year I was having a tough time. That usually calls for a drastic makeover. So yes, as I previously mentioned, I had my sister dye my hair red for me. Enjoy these photos of me slutting it up as I headed out to my favorite bar. Then check out where to buy your own over the top pieces. Of course the lipstick is Countessa Flourescent from Lime Crime.


top-Dots, Coquette Wet Look skirt, textured tights-Target, Abbey Dawn Rock On leopard boots-JustFab, Countessa Flourescent opaque lipstick-Lime Crime, pendant-Dots, red stone bracelet-gift




Can you tell I’d been drinking for hours? Okay, yeah, ya can.

Note: Making a purchase through the Lime Crime link or Amazon widget above will yield a small commission for this site.

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4 out of 5 stars


(Note that clicking through and making a purchase via the links in this review or the widgets at the end of the review will yield a commission for

This Raspberry Fields gartered bustier was provided to me free of charge from EdenFantasys in exchange for an honest review.


This bustier comes in a simple plastic packaging. Two tags are attached. The first is a standard tag showing a model wearing it. The other mentions that a proceed of Coquette’s Spring/Summer collection will be going towards The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation to fund breast cancer research.


This bustier comes in sizes small, medium, large, xl and 1X/2X. I usually wear a size large in Coquette clothing so I chose a large in this. According to the Coquette size chart a large should fit someone who wears a size 12-14 with a C bust that is 38-40″, a 28-32″ waist and 38-42″ hips.

This bustier closes up the back with 17 eye hooks. It also offers four different closures width wise, like a bra may. The actual unstretched measurements of this bustier closed on the tights hooks is 28″ bust, 26″ underbust, 26″ waist and 29″ hips. On the widest hooks the unstretched measurements are 29″ bust, 28″ underbust, 28″ waist and 32″ hips. There are also non-detachable garters on the front of the bustier which are about 9″ long.

I wear a size large or 10-12 in women’s clothing with a size 36C bust. I had to wear it on the widest closure for it to fit comfortably. I’m not used to doing hooks up the back of a bustier. I’ve only had pull on, lace up or zip up ones in the past. To put it on I had to hook it all of the way up and pull it over my head. As with the Wetlook halter top dress, I found the cups of this bustier to be a bit large. However I would not size down on it because it definitely would not fit me in the waist if I did so.

Material Care & Information
This chemise is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. It is supposed to be hand washed and hung to dry.

rasp bustier fr
rasp bustier sd
rasp bustier big

Upon receiving this bustier I was surprised at how well made it appears to be. This bustier features padded cups, plastic boning, detailed stitching and beautiful lace. It’s not exactly perfect for my body though. It is designed to pull you in at the waist, which is nice. However I don’t have much of a waist so after wearing it for a while it caused my hips to jut out a bit unappealingly.

I wore it out while running errands with the matching panties. You can see how it looks above with just the panties, a pair of jeans over it or with jeans and a shrug sweater.

I also wear a C cup and would say that the cups on this would work better for a D. I didn’t feel like I was completely filling them out, even when after adjusting the tie at the neck. That’s another issue. I wish that this closed with something a bit sturdier. The string that you tie at your neck to keep this up seems to be a bit flimsy in comparison to the rest of the piece.

All in all I find this bustier to be beautiful but not perfect for my body type. I think that it would look great on someone who is a cup size larger than me with a smaller waist.

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P.S. Don’t forget that when shopping from EdenFantasys you can always use my code EX4 for 15% off of regularly priced items.

product picture
Bustier by Coquette
Material: Lycra / Microfiber / Lace
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
product picture
Sexy panty by Coquette
Material: Microfiber / Lace
product picture
Chemise by Coquette
Material: Microfiber / Lace / Stretch

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4 out of 5 stars

(Note that clicking through and making a purchase via the links to the dresses located in the review, the Men in Black 3 DVD link or the widgets at the end of the review will yield a commission for

Deciding on the Purchase
Last summer the Darque Desires Fetish Wear by Coquette line was released. It is full of super sexy wetlook pieces. Since then I’ve bought quite a few pieces. I originally only bought separates though. I was worried that trying to buy one of the dresses would end in disaster since it can be difficult to find a dress that fits correctly on both the top and bottom of my body. I kept coming back to the Wetlook halter top dress though. It just screams sexy.

After watching Men In Black 3 for the third time late last year I just knew that I had to get this dress. It totally reminds me of the dress that Nicole Sherzinger wears in the opening of the filming (as seen below). Technically her dress may be a bit more reminiscent of the Wetlook dress with molded cups but that one just looks too long for my 5’4″ frame.


This awesome dress comes on a plastic hanger from Coquette with a clothing tag (featuring a model in the dress and care instructions) attached that is covered in plastic.

coquette sizing chart

This dress comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. I usually go with a size large when purchasing a Coquette piece. However after reading the past reviews on this dress about the cups running large I decided to go with a medium. SMichelle’s review was especially helpful.

I wear a size large or 10-12 in women’s clothing with a size 36C bust. That is why I would usually buy a large from Coquette. However I did size down and was super happy that I had done so. This dress in a medium seems to fit more like the Coquette sizing for a Medium/Large, which should fit a size 10-12 with a C cup, 36-40″ bust, 28-32″ waist and 38-40″ hips. Be advised that when you get this you will think, “oh no, this is too small!”. That’s how I felt when I saw it on the hanger. The original, unstretched measurements on the dress prior to my wearing it were 30″ bust, 26″ waist and 28″ hips. It stretches a lot though.

Material & Care Information
This dress is 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The inner tag says that it is to be handwashed only and hung to dry.

Ignore my “model” pose. I was a bit tipsy.

I ordered this in late December. When it showed up the weekend before New Year’s Eve I just knew that I had to wear it out for that holiday. I hadn’t originally planned to go out for NYE 2012/2013 but I was having a bad couple of weeks prior and it definitely seemed preferable to staying at home being annoyed.

when I tried it on the first day I found it easy to wiggle into. However the night that I was to wear it out I did need a little help getting it on because I was annoyed and drinking which led to being sweating (I know, ew!). Once on the dress stretched to fit wonderfully and accentuate my figure. This dress just pulls on. It doesn’t have any zippers or anything that you need to bother with when putting it on. The halter style neck ties at the back of the neck. I’m not crazy about this because the tie is very thin in the back so I think that it may eventually wear thin. Even with going down a size the bust still doesn’t scream “look at me I have cleavage”, unless I bend around different ways.

I found this dress to be just as comfortable to wear as my other pieces from Coquette’s wetlook line. I was easily able to dance all night long in this dress without becoming uncomfortable.

I haven’t worn this dress since New Year’s Eve just because it’s so flashy. So it is a bit difficult for me to find an occasion to wear it on. However I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel sexy and sassy for the night.

P.S. Don’t forget that when shopping from EdenFantasys you can always use my code EX4 fo4r 15% off of regularly priced items.

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product picture
Mini dress by Coquette
Material: Nylon / Spandex

Buy more from this line

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