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straw cowgirl hat-Kmart, wooden bead necklace-gift from a friend, Converse plaid babydoll dress-thrifted, Hush Puppies denim & silver sandals-gift from a friend

A couple of weeks ago we had an unusually warm day so when we went out to eat I was able to wear this super cute Converse babydoll dress that I haven’t worn nearly enough. I was feeling happy and silly cuz my man was wearing his new Santa hat so I topped it off with a cowgirl hat that I bought at Kmart in 2011. I added a necklace and shoes and voila, a fun day!

How cute is he, really? Super, ah.

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Grunge Cowgirl
Grunge Cowgirl by missemmamm featuring beaded jewelry

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floral dress-Liberty of London for Target, Lower Eastside butterfly cowboy boots-Payless, faux leather brown bomber jacket-Dots, Jaclyn Smith sunhat-Kmart, wide woven belt-Walmart

If you’ve been reading my tweets then you probably know that my mind is already in the Southwest and that I’ve been wanting to wear floral dresses and cowboy boots. They might even become my new uniform. Right now I only have these cowboy boots that I bought a few years ago when the butterfly look was in style. I’ve barely worn them because there never really seems to be an appropriate time. So, uh screw that, I guess that time is now. I paired them with this Liberty of London For Target dress that I picked up on sale last summer. I wanted one as soon I saw the collection in the store but didn’t want to shell out $30 since I wasn’t sure I’d ever get around to wearing it. A couple of weeks later they dropped to $20 but I was hoping for $15 or less so I figured I was out of luck. Then about a month after that I noticed that one was left on the clearance rack and it was $7 so I grabbed that baby up. It’s in my usual size but these run large so even though I hate belts, I tied the waist as tight as possible and slapped one on so I’d have shape.

I wanted to pick up a sunhat last summer but didn’t get around to it. I looked for one at Target recently but came up short so I went out for breakfast hatless. Luckily afterward I stopped at Kmart for some shoe insoles and saw that they had a bunch of hats on sale. I picked up a sunhat and a cowgirl hat. There aren’t any pictures of me in the cowgirl hat because the weather here is so insane that the 1st half of my pictures came out so brightly overexposed that I couldn’t salvage them. Then the sun moved and the rest were a little too dark but luckily I was able to tweak those. I definitely plan on picking up some more cowboy boots for this summer, most will probably be of the ankle bootie variety though.

And yes, that brown bomber jacket is very similar to the black one that I wear ad nauseum. I love that style. I have another in teal.

I spotted this in the bathroom at the restaurant & thought it was neat.


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Spring, I Reckon

Spring, I Reckon by MissEmmaMM featuring day dresses

Sparkle Fade blazer jacket
$99 –

Flat booty
$43 –

Woven leather belt
$78 –

$6.99 –

$6.99 –

Chaps Floral Ruffled Dress
$42 –

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