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Burlesque is the flashy new musical starring Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose. Ali follows her big dreams from a small town to Los Angeles where she begins working at a theater called The Burlesque Lounge as a waitress. She is dazzled by the shows performed there and decides she will perform on stage one day. During Ali’s time at The Burlesque Lounge she not only becomes a performer but also finds love with bartender Jack, as played by Cam Gigandet. She also has to watch her back around an envious fellow performer. Cher and Stanley Tucci co-star as her mentors, Tess and Sean.

Tess: “What happened to all of the great dancers in L.A.?”
Sean: “They’re all dancing with the stars.”

Tess: “What is she doing up there?”
Sean: “I think she’s auditioning.”

Nikki: “What are you so excited about? She’s your replacement.”

Tess: “When you’re putting on your makeup it’s like you’re an artist but instead of painting a canvas you’re painting your face.”

Tess: “There are going to be all kinds of people, they’ll just want to get close to you because you’re talented.”

Tess: “If you fall off the stage, leg extended, boobs out.”

Sean: “What is Ali short for?”
Ali: “Alice”
Sean: “Alice, well welcome to wonderland.”

Sean: “Alicat you’re up next.”
Ali: “My mother used to call me Alicat.”
Sean: “Did she? That’s so fascinating.”

Sean: “It’s fun being a girl, isn’t it?”

Bonus: Go here to read about the costumes.

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