Playlist: missemmamm’s Top Tracks of 2013

Now for your enjoyment, check out these songs that I’ve been entertained by in 2013. It’s mostly pop. Even the rock and rap songs are both poppy. Hey, I like to have fun. If you are a Bowie… Read More


My Favorite Movies: Velvet Goldmine

This post is for the 2012 Queer Film Blogathon. This is also the first entry in hopefully what will become a recurring topic, my all time favorite movies. “An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing… Read More


Fashion Playlist

Fashion from Emma_moon on 8tracks. includes 16 tracks all about fashion Tweet


Super Links: 01/04/12

–“I fully respect & support everyone’s right to stalk others via the internet”, haha I love when Jenna Marbles takes the opposite stance. 13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True-This is great. It’s a list of jokes or… Read More


The Sexiest Celebrity Mugshots

Anyone can have a mugshot taken but it takes mad skills to take a hot one. Especially since someone probably just pulled your hammered ass off of the ground. Earlier this year Nic Cage was arrested for being… Read More

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