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Please enjoy this totally honest review.

Disclosure: I did receive these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

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pj main ed

My absolute favorite/the only gay bar in my town has theme parties. They usually include performances by some fun drag queens and a drink special. A bit different from the pajama parties I had as a young girl. Well this past January they had a Pajama Party. Of course, I had to go, despite the snow.

In our current world this is probably extremely unusual but I’ve never went anywhere in my pajama pants. I’m not a department store shopper who goes like that. It’s not a slight, it’s just not me. So this was new, for me.

pj ring ed

Wrap Snap N Go Hair Rollers in Leopard Print-borrowed, leopard statement ring-gifted from a friend, Pornormance, pink, fleece cocktail print pajama pants-Dots, Abbey Dawn Rock On Leopard Boots-Just Fab (not pictured), Lulu by Lulu Guinness rain tote print bag-JC Penney (not pictured)

In deciding what to wear I almost immediately decided not to wear a full on two piece pajama set. I guessed that not many would be participating. Plus I wanted to be current and ya know the thing to do these days is a tank & pj pants. That’s what I did, with my spin.

I dug out some old/rarely worn hot pink pjs from the now closing Dots (goddamn I feel old) to pair with my James Deen tank. I was originally gonna include an alternate tank below in the Get the Look section but you probably already own one. Plus if you don’t know who James Deen is, get schooled. The info’s right on this site.

I have thick, curly, dry hair. There isn’t all that much you can do with it. Usually it’s just put a ton of product(s) in it and then leave it down. Not that night though. All of the sudden I thought of putting it up in curlers like people do when they are curling their hair over night. I don’t own any as I don’t need them. So I borrowed these super cute leopard print ones from a family member. Yes, it is supposed to look intentionally messy.

Ah, now there was a theme emerging-hot pink with leopard print accents. I was given a few costume jewelry rings from my sis on Christmas so I found the big leopard one and voila. Yeah, I also wore my Abbey Dawn leopard print boots from JustFab (affiliate link) and my daily Lulu by Lulu Guinness bag (both are no longer for sale). However I’d totally go with the little clutch below, if you’re into clutches. It’s fun.

Then I topped my often makeup free face with a ton of pink makeup. It had the side effect of making me appear younger, a win/win really. It was both over the top and flattering.

pj full

How was my night? Okay. Not many dressed up, as I expected. The friendly bartender thanked me for dressing up. I think a couple of girls said they liked my hair and pants. One guy did show up in a full on red onesie, which rocked! Most of my stories are just me and this one is no exception. I tried to rope a student from school into stopping by but she declined. The show was fun, as always. There was a sad group of people there celebrating a chick’s 21st birthday. While she was very nice, she was also trash drunk. This was a light drinking night for me and I just tried to step out of the way as she fell all over the place. Luckily there were couches, which you know helps when drunk people are falling/climbing all over the place. Also, I was worried she might hurl.

I didn’t stay all that long but hey, I love dressing up & watching the shows so whatever.

Get the Look

Pink PJ Party
Pink PJ Party by missemmamm featuring pink pants

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Note: Why yes those are camera phone photos. Thank you for noticing. My camera is still MIA or gone.


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This is the 1st in a series of posts. They were inspired by this article
50 practical tips to save you half a lifetime by Matthew Parris.
Now obviously I am not an older British gentlemen. However I found it pretty interesting. Today while trying to chill out I had the need to write down a bunch of my advice and rants. Now who would take advice from me since I’m not all together? Well I might not have it all figured out (who does?) but I know a lot of inconsequential random stuff (much of it about shopping) and I’ve decided to share this, damnit.


Buy essentials from Walmart (mouthwash, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.), Dollar General or Family Dollar. Don’t waste money on these products at drugstores.

If you absolutely adore wearing a certain pair of jeans or shoes buy them in duplicate. You can get the extra in a different finish or wash if you so desire.

Designer knock off perfumes are often accurate and can cost 1/10 as much as the original.

Sally’s Beauty Supply now makes most of its products available to average consumers, not just stylists. If you just do a basic blonde buy a tub of developer (bleach) and volumizer. It will last a long time.

When it comes to brunette shades the prices is on par with stores and I’m not as fond of the colors available. Try Color Silk from a department store instead (usually around $3 a bottle, great if you recquire more than one).

Manic Panic is fun but doesn’t last long. The color of the product in the jar isn’t always what it will look like on your hair.

You can often buy cute pop culture tees on sale at Hot Topic or Spencer’s and no you don’t have to be a goth teen to wear them.

Guys’ and boys’ tees are often funnier. Just size way down or up (boys’ XL).

Don’t buy clearance mascara. It may have dried out.

Clearance tanning lotion is usually still usable.

You can never have too many Mardi Gras beads or novelty hats.

Many people can not tell the difference between $6 or $60 sunglasses.

$1 tweezers suck. You usually have to spend at least $5 for quality tweezers.

Clawfoot bathtubs are more comfortable.

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