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Please enjoy this totally honest review.

Disclosure: I did receive these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

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I received this neat box from Influenster. Please watch the video for details on the products, then read my reviews and finally check out the polyvore at the bottom for buying info.

Garden Botanika Lash Primer

I was quite excited to try this primer and it has lived up the hype that I created about it in my mind. It went on easily, made my lashes look fuller with less mascara and was easy to remove.

Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar Soap

I mentioned in the video that I have sensitive skin and this worked great on it. I liked the feel of the exfoliants as well. Plus it has a light, pleasing scent.


I was even more impressed with this than I expected. It contained nice chunks of cherry and nuts. I look forward to buying this and other flavors in the future.

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

So, uh, I may be addicted to these. I’ve been chewing them a lot. They leave your breath super fresh and the flavor lasts longer than my usual, go to gum. Opening the packaging was tricky though and I half tore one of my nails so be careful with that. You will need to be forceful. I didn’t want to utilize any tools in opening it as that would be silly to expect when people are buying/using them right after their purchase in grocery and department stores.

imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails

I will not be using these until New Year’s as I’ll be doing holiday nails leading up to then. I adore the print though.

New York Color Liquid Lip Shine

The color of this gloss was lighter than in the bottle. This means that it was too light for my skin and clashed with it. You need to be very pale for this, IMHO. I usually go with the second color up when buying foundation to give you an idea. I also found it a bit too wet and sticky for me. It think that it’d be better for a younger lady. I am fond of the scent though, it’s sort of a chocolate or coconut scent.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask

As I’ve mentioned twice already, I have sensitive skin. I am not allergic to strawberries inwardly, I eat them, but this made my face feel uncomfortably itchy and I had to wash it off repeatedly for the feeling to stop. I had a feeling that might happen though. For instance I am not allergic to my contact solution in my eyes but when gets on my face I am. I did leave it on the full time though and I didn’t get a rash or anything, just slightly pink which seems normal. It also took off a bit of dead skin which seemed good but that could have been due to my repeated washing. I would try the cucumber next time as I already use and have no problem using other cucumber products. I think that it’s very cool that they are a vegetarian company. I also recommend using scissors to cut it open as just pulling it as instructed on the package was difficult.

Influenster Holiday VoxBox



If you are interested in purchasing these products simply click this polyvore for more info on where to buy them online.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent these items free of charge but that doesn’t affect my thoughts on them.

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