Just Because: The Rules of Attraction

The Rules of Attraction is a fantastic film adaptation of the book of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. The plot focuses on a group of college students.

Recently I read something that reminded me of Victor’s trip in The Rules of Attraction which made me want to go watch that montage from the film. So instead of digging out my DVD I just hit up YouTube. I discovered something awesome for those of us who are fans. The director of the film, Roger Avary, has been posting clips from the film on his YouTube and Vimeo channels with behind the scenes stories about the film’s shoot. I’m choosing to showcase the Victor Takes a Trip and the George Michael scene with partial excerpts below.

Victor Takes a Trip
“…I no longer know who I am and I feel like the ghost of a total stranger”

“I directed Kip Pardue to remain in character as the vacant, vapid, and self absorbed Victor from the moment we stepped onto the plane to Europe until the moment we returned to Los Angeles. A blinding twelve cities in two weeks shooting every possible moment on a Sony PD-150….I told Kip that I would have 24/7 access no matter how intimate the situation. With no script, and the loosest of plans, I tracked Victor as he partied across Europe…”

“Five minutes into a conversation with, say, an heiress or a model, I would stop shooting, explain who we were, that Victor was actually the actor Kip Pardue, and that we were shooting a scene for my latest film…”

“Months later, Kip would receive calls from the various girls Victor had hooked up with who were confused as to what was real and what wasn’t. Who were we? Where is Victor? I cut the 70 hours of footage down to these 4 minutes which I cut into the film. Years later I decided to form the unused footage into a musical tone-film of all it’s own: Glitterati.”Roger Avary (read the full breakdown on YouTube here).


“We shot all of the hotel room scenes at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey and we had finished our day early. Ian was in make up, and I was looking at Russell Sams, who plays Dick, wearing his aviator glasses, and I said you look like George Michael.”

“…I thought what the hell, let’s shoot something fun to watch in dailies tomorrow. Our sound man, Felipe Borrero, to quickly find a CD of George Michael’s Faith, which he happened to have in his car. I then told Russell, who was always game for anything, ‘okay, this is your first film, and as an initiation, I want you to do a striptease dance for the crew to Faith’. Russell stared at me for a second, in slight disbelief, and then said, ‘okay, sure’.”

“It was improv, and we only had time for one take, so I planted the camera with a wide lens at the foot of the bed, played Faith full blast, and let him loose…Midway through, I looked over and saw Ian Somerhalder in the hallway…looking into the room incredulously. I made a quick motion for him to ‘go for it’ and the next thing I knew he jumped into the shot, right on the beat.”

“It was, honestly, a completely spontaneous, magic moment, and it was such a funny scene that I simply had to include it in the movie. The only problem was that there was no way we could afford the music licensing rights to Faith, so I wrote a letter to George Michael, and sent him the scene, begging him to let me use it. George, being one of the coolest guys in the universe, gave us the song for a dime, and I will forever be grateful because it’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie.”Roger Avary (read the full breakdown on YouTube here)

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The 1st Annual MMM Awards

This is a repost of my own, original work from 1998. Feel free to skip ahead to the-future, present or past, depending on when you read this, here to my associated post, so that’s it more relevant. But, I’m reposting it here, for reference.

The 1st Annual MMM Awards
In the words of Sickboy (Jonny Lee Miller) (Trainspotting 1996) (The Academy Awards means) “f*** all” So vote for your favorite movie, actor, etc. & have your say. The following movies were released in 1997 & the tv awards are pertaining to this tv season. By the way my name is Mary Marie Miracle, hence the title “MMM Awards”.

And The WINNERS are !
Don’t Forget To Come Back & Vote Again Next Year!

WINNER***Ewan McGregor-A Life Less Ordinary***WINNER 35%
Val Kilmer-The Saint 26%
Mike Myers-Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery 21%
Kevin Kline-Fierce Creatures/In & Out 12%
Jay Mohr-Picture Perfect 6%

WINNERS***Alicia Silverstone-Excess Baggage 26%
Cameron Diaz-A Life Less Ordinary***WINNERS 26%
Julia Roberts-My Best Friend’s Wedding 24%
Elisabeth Shue-The Saint 18%
Jennifer Aniston-Picture Perfect 6%

WINNER*** Jamie Kennedy-Scream 2***WINNER 44%
Ben Affleck-Good Will Hunting 23%
Ruperett Everett-My Best Friend’s Wedding 12%
Alan Cumming-Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion
/Spiceworld 12%
Steve Buscemi-Con Air 9%

WINNER***Along Comes Mary-Bloodhound Gang***WINNER 32%
Deadweight-Beck 29%
Wishful Thinking-Duncan Sheik 18%
Life In Mono-Mono 12%
In The Absence of the Sun-Duncan Sheik 9%

WINNER***Peter MacNicol-(John,The Biscuit) Ally McBeal***WINNER 29%
Scott Bairstow-Significant Others 23%
Joshua Jackson-Dawson’s Creek 23%
James Van Der Beek-Dawson’s Creek 16%
Gil Bellows-(Billy) Ally McBeal 9%

WINNERS***Katie Holmes-(Joey) Dawson’s Creek 32%
Lisa Kudrow-(Phoebe) Friends***WINNERS 32%
Calista Flockhart-Ally McBeal 24%
Lisa Nicole Carson-(Renee) Ally McBeal 6%
Michelle Williams-(Jen) Dawson’s Creek 6%

WINNER***The Simpsons***WINNER 41%
Dawson’s Creek 36%
Ally McBeal 16%
Significant Others 7%
Veronica’s Closet 0%

WINNER***My Best Friend’s Wedding***WINNER 31%
A Life Less Ordinary 30%
The Saint 22%
In & Out 13%
Picture Perfect 4%

Other than the movies listed under Best Picture, what is your fav movie movie of 1997 ?
*If it has an * next to it more than one person voted for it.

An American Werewolf in Paris
As Good As It Gets
Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery*
Con Air
Event Horizon
Excess Baggage*
Good Will Hunting
I Know What You Did Last Summer*
Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

These awards are based on my own opinions
The Full Monty-Best Picture
Why didn’t I nominate it to begin with ? I hadn’t seen it yet because I unfortunately don’t live in a social mecca. Now I wish I had, so here’s there mention.
David Spade-Best TV Actor
Now what’s my excuse ? I watched this show when it first came out, but this year I could never figure out when it was on. It’s a good thing that they added it to Must See TV Thursday

TO VOTE: simply e-mail me at dlm@hhs.net with each number & the letter you choose. (ex.4 for song & c if you choose Deadweight) There is no need for you to include the category name or title/name you choose. Numbers are sufficient. Also submit your favorite movie if you choose. All will be included on this page when I list the winners. So if you wish to know the winners bookmark this page & return April 19th or later.

1. Do not submit multiple entries.
2. For the Your Say section you can submit any movie from 1997 that you want except for a movie that is nominated for Best Picture.
3. Titanic-Why didn’t I nominate it or anyone in it ? I’m sick of the hype about it. Don’t say that I probably didn’t even see it, I saw it twice. Yes, I think that Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented, handsome actor, but was he robbed of an oscar ? No. Personally I’ve always enjoyed his movies, but if it takes Titanic for him to win you as a fan you’re no fan of his.
4. Contest ends April 17th & results will be posted April 19th.

Copyright 1998 Mary Miracle

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