missemmamm’s Favorite Covers Playlist

missemmamm’s Favorite Covers from Emma_moon on 8tracks. My favorite covers includes tracks from Hole, Johnny Cash, Fred Durst, Jack Ingram, Chris Isaak and Lindsay Lohan. You may also enjoy: Madonna Discography Playlist missemmamm’s Sunday Music Playlist The Music… Read More


The Sexiest Celebrity Mugshots

Anyone can have a mugshot taken but it takes mad skills to take a hot one. Especially since someone probably just pulled your hammered ass off of the ground. Earlier this year Nic Cage was arrested for being… Read More


Movie Rundown: September 2010

Well I wasn’t sure if I’d just end up rolling this out at the last minute or not. If you read this blog semi-regularly you probably noticed that I had done a write up on all of the… Read More


Web Oodles 4/03/10

FILM Step Up 3D Trailer-for the preteen in you index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=103933585 Marmaduke Trailer starring Owen Wilson-for the child in you If you want to watch a movie right now the following can be viewed for free on your computer…. Read More


Songs I’ve Performed At Karaoke

Just for fun, this is a list of songs that I can recall singing at karaoke over the years. There may be be more that I have temporarily lost in the recesses of my mind. Some I sang… Read More

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