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missemmamm’s Favorite Covers from Emma_moon on 8tracks.

My favorite covers includes tracks from Hole, Johnny Cash, Fred Durst, Jack Ingram, Chris Isaak and Lindsay Lohan.

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Anyone can have a mugshot taken but it takes mad skills to take a hot one. Especially since someone probably just pulled your hammered ass off of the ground.


Earlier this year Nic Cage was arrested for being drunk and disorderly in New Orleans (drunk in New Orleans?, no way!). Apparently if you ask cops to arrest you they will oblige. I thought what a good mugshot. It’s sexy and he even thought to close his eyes. That way you can try to deny your state of mind later. Unless, they have a video, oops.


This reminded me of the super hot mugshot of Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan last year. That one was for a DUI in Miami (where they shoot the show). This photo is not just dead sexy for a mugshot. It’s just hot in general. Plus he may have had a cold. What do most of us look like when we are drunkenly nursing a cold?

I started thinking that there must be a lot of these out there but when you read about celeb mugshots it’s usually just that same old photo of Nick Nolte looking goofy. Let’s focus on the positive here people.

Kiefer Sutherland – drunk driving. This was an odd decision.
50 Cent – felony drug charges. He had his girl hide his fcoke in her panties. Wait, you mean that’s not a good plan?
Aidan Quinn – drunk driving
Al Pacino – concealed weapon (sounds like he may have been in a gang)
David Bowie – possesion of pot (they must have got him on a low key day for it not to have been cocaine)
Chace Crawford – possession of weed
Chris Tucker – speeding and then trying to elude the cops when they caught him
Kurt Cobain – trespassing/possession
Macauley Culkin – possesion of pot, Xanax, prescription sleeping pills
Matt Dillon – speeding
Donnie Wahlberg – arson. He lit a fire in a hotel room. So that’s how the New Kids on the Block partied.
Carmen Electra – fighting with Dennis Rodman
Foxy Brown – stealing makeup & then putting it on in the store’s bathroom
Edward Furlong – liberating lobsters while drunk
Billie Joe Armstrong – drunk driving
Mick Jagger – possession of narcotics
Shia LaBeouf – loitering at Walgreens (while drunk)
Lil Kim – possession of grass
Lindsay Lohan – It was difficult to choose just one. From when she served an hour and a half sentence
Michelle Rodriguez – breaking probation (by not doing community service and drinking)
Matthew McConaughey – possession of pot. Police were called due to a noise complaint. They found him loudly playing bongos, naked, while high.
Jim Morrison – public drunkeness at a football game. He was insulting football players, fuck yeah. Public obscenity, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, as recreated in the movie The Doors.
Ozzy Osbourne – public intoxication. Surely they jest.
Keanu Reeves – drunk driving
Christian Slater – trying to take a gun on a plane in his suitcase
Vince Vaughn – bar fight
Woody Harrelson – dancing in the street drunk


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Well I wasn’t sure if I’d just end up rolling this out at the last minute or not. If you read this blog semi-regularly you probably noticed that I had done a write up on all of the movies coming out for quite a few months but then I had some drama in August and didn’t get a chance. I’ve had some more stuff going on during September but I wanted to bust this out anyway. In many areas a lot of these flicks will still be out for a while longer. I’ve also simplified the title since it was getting tricky to come up with them and they weren’t as clever as I liked anyway.

The American-09/01
George Clooney stars in what looks a bit like a B-version of a Jason Bourne movie. I would much rather watch this than one of his more serious flicks in which he tries to teach me about a boring subject I don’t give a damn about. This will probably be a rental for me.

Going the Distance-09/03
This is a long distance romantic comedy starring real-life on again/of again couple Drew Barrymoore and Justin Long. I am a fan of both (okay I’ve been in love with Long since Jeepers Creepers, shh, don’t tell) and the trailers and TV spots look very funny. The film co-stars Christina Applegate, Jason Sudeikis, Ron Livingtson and Jim Gaffigan.

This is the revenge exploitation flick from Robert Rodriguez that is based on his fake trailer for the film that aired in front of the Grindhouse films a few years ago. Of course, Danny Trejo stars. He is backed up by a huge cast including Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Ala, Cheech Marin, Robert De Niro, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal. I saw the movie opening weekend. While I definitely thought it was awesome it seemed to lack something I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s over the top fun though.

The Winning Season-09/03
Apparently this is about a girls’ high school basketball team that emerges victorious or something like that. I truly love Sam Rockwell (who is starring in this) but I’m not at all interested in feel good, family sports flicks.

I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix-09/10
Remember how Joaquin Phoenix seemed high and went on and on during a Letterman interview about how he was going to be the next big rapper? From the beginning everyone pretty much agreed that this was a weird gimmick. The film has been described as reaching a sort of Andy Kaufman sort of genius. It was directed by Casey Affleck. I will have to rent this just to see exactly what happened here. I’ve always been a huge Joaquin fan ever since To Die For/8MM.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
This is the 4 film in the zombie series based on the best selling video games series of the same name. I enjoyed all of the films up until now, the 3rd movie ended with me wanting more and I squeed out loud when I found out it would be in 3D. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it when it first came out. Then our local theater had a problem with the 3D mechansim breaking down when I showed up last weekend to go see it and have never repaired it. So now if I want to see it I have to travel an hour.  Looks fantastic though. The film stars Milla Jovovich (as usual) and Ali Larter.

The Romantics-09/10
I had been hearing some good buzz about this prior to seeing the trailer. After seeing it I’m not impressed. It looks like a bunch of independent films I’ve seen about friends who have all dated each other in the past. The difference is this film seems to make the characters too self aware even saying they call themselves ‘The Romantics’ due to their partner swapping. Plus it features a well known cast including Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman and Elijah Wood.

The Virginity Hit-09/10
I haven’t seen many advertisements for this but if it’s like any other dirty ‘let’s lose our virginity’ flick it would probably crack me up.

Easy A-09/17
This film has been described as a John Hughesesque spin on The Scarlett Letter. The first time I heard about this film was reading an interview with lead Emma Stone in which she described it as having been really toned down so they could get the rating changed from a R to PG-13. Plus her whole tone in the interview almost made her seem indifferent toward it. If she isn’t excited and spent her time making it then why should I be? Then I saw commercials for it. I’m sorry but a 17 year old losing her virginity isn’t exactly unheard of in our current world of 13 year old mothers. I earn money daily listening to teens and their woes and they are having sex younger and younger. The most common ages that I hear about them losing their virginity is often 13 or 14. Children as young as 9 have told me they ‘do it’ though. Prior to the release Myspace posted a 10 minute preview of the beginning of the movie so I checked it out. I think my main problem is that I like Emma Stone but mainly when she is more down to earth and insecure. From the looks of the film her character may bug mean when she starts fronting. I was also pretty surprised at the awesome cast which includes Malcolm McDowell, Thomas Haden Church and Stanley Tucci. I don’t really buy Amanda Bynes as a goody good anymore but I guess it could work.

The Freebie
-09/17 (Limited)
I hadn’t seen anything about this until I just watched the trailer. The plot is that a bored couple decide to give each other a free pass at a one night stand. I can’t tell if this will be indie gold or boring from the trailer. However it stars Dax Shepard so I’m all over this when it hits DVD.

Jack Goes Boating
This film is lead Philip Seymour Hoffman (who’s always amazing)’s baby as it’s his directorial debut. He also a producer on it. It’s a dark romantic comedy about some misfits which I could either way on.

The Town-09/17
As a big Jeremy Renner fan I’ve been hearing stuff here and there about The Town for quite a while. I’m really glad that it got a large release and I’ll probably check it out in theaters soon. It’s a film about bank robbers directed by Ben Affleck. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. The film also stars Jon Hamm, Chris Cooper and Blake Lively.

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
-09/22 (Limited)
This is the latest Woody Allen film. I’ve enjoyed all of his previous films that I have seen and I doubt this will the exception. The film appears to be one of his more light hearted looks at love. It stars Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Ewen Bremner.

Howl-09/24 (Limited)

It’s a drama centered on the obscenity trial of writer Allen Ginsberg. I’m not familiar with Ginsberg but I hope the film shows much more than the trial as that seems sort of dry. It stars James Franco, Jon Hamm, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeff Daniels and Paul Rudd.

Like Dandelion Dust-09/24 (Limited)
This looks like a really depressing movie about a family whose son was put up for adoption when the father went to jail. Now the father is out and they want him back. It stars Mira Sorvino, Barry Pepper and Cole Hauser.

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps-09/24
This is a sequel to the original Wall Street and also stars Michael Douglas. The film seemed fairly unnessecary to me but I did enjoy seeing all of the shots of the sexy Shia LaBeouf suited up. Apparently I now have a thing for well dressed men. Who would have thought? The film was directed by Oliver Stone who some regard as a genius. The only film of his that I’m a big fan of is The Doors though. The less said about W. the better. It’s the only movie I’ve ever walked out of due to boredom. I really felt like it was sucking years of my life away. I thought the original Wall Street was good but not as good as the hype surrounding it. Anyway, this film really belongs to LeBeouf even though it’s Douglas that they are basically using to pimp it. He’s a young Wall Street guy who soon becomes mesmerized by Douglas’ Gordon Gecko. Of course he is also seeing Gecko’s estranged daughter. I was talked into seeing this when I was unable to see Resident Evil 4 recently. The main problem with this movie (aside from the length, ugh) is that none of the characters are likeable. LaBeouf is unabashedly driven but (like most men) wants to impress his girl, she’s sort of an always morose know it all, James Brolin is supposed to be the villain and Douglas starts out trying to make us think he changed (but I think only the most naive would believe that). It was okay but I do not see myself rewatching it anytime in the near future. The best part of the movie was definitely the wardrobe. I recommend reading about it here.

You Again-09/24
In this movie an ex high school nerd finds out that her bro is marrying the girl who tormented her in high school. Then her mom finds out that the mother of girl was the girl who always upstaged her in high school. This does look funny. The problem is that we are supposed to buy the Kristen Bell and ‘The Body’ Jamie Lee Curtis in these roles. Sigourney Weaver and Betty White also star.


Web Oodles 4/03/10


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Step Up 3D Trailer-for the preteen in you


Marmaduke Trailer starring Owen Wilson-for the child in you

If you want to watch a movie right now the following can be viewed for free on your computer.

On YouTube-The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Little Princess (Shirley Temple Version), Night of the Living Dead and Slacker.

On Hulu-Calendar Girls, The Saint, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Smiley Face, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Soapdish, The Last Days of Disco, Babes in Toyland and Clifford,

On Fancast-House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price-original) and The Doom Generation. Many of these films can be seen on all 3 sites. I have seen and recommend all of them.

If you need a laugh check out Porn Parody Trailers. They crack me up.


The Big Bang Theory

If you like those, you should also check out the trailers for the porn parodies of 30 Rock, True Blood and Charmed.

If you are a movie junkie, check out this post by Repo! The Genetic Opera’s Darren Bousman.


// New Christina Aguilera Song-Not Myself Tonight

Free Full Albums From Amazon-I Never Knew You by Cage & 20 In 10: Digital Collection by Sister Hazel

Free MP3 Singles from Amazon-Detroit City by Alice Cooper, Rock Steady by Bad Company, Suicide Messiah by Black Label Society, Doomsday Jesus by Black Label Society, Let The Riverrun by Carly Simon, Thorn by Fuckface, Rapture of the Depp by Deep Purple, If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping With Sirens, Perfect Stranger by the Donnas, Are You Gonna Move It For Me? by The Donnas

They have a lot more available but these are my picks.


Mag Cloud is a service that will publish your magazine for you. I used to run an e-zine when I was in high school so this is right up my alley. The cons are print media isn’t being read as much when you can get so much on the net for free and a single issue can get pricey when you add up $.20 per page for the company plus shipping and your markup.

Zoe Saldana: Center Stage in April’s Nylon. I recommend picking up the issue to check out the full article. She doesn’t tip toe around what she believes in. She even makes a remark about (I’m guessing) her Death at a Funeral costar Chris Rock.

Gerard Way Meets Iggy Pop from Spin Magazine.

Surfing Savant Clay Marzo from Rolling Stone. He has form of autism called Aspergers. This is a very interesting read. You can see him surfing here.

Actress Jane Krakowski has done this video for Jergens to advertise their Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. The great thing about it is that everytime it is viewed $1 will be donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Mostly Recent Magazine Shootsz

The best of recent magazine shoots in one place includes (from top left) Chloe Sevigny, Scarlet Johnansson, Mila Kunis, Lady Gaga, Tara Lynn, Shia LeBeouf, Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan (old pic) and Zooey Deschanel.

America’s Next Top Model had a vampire shoot this week. Apparently it was to capitalize on the current vampire craze. I’ve always loved vampires & was hoping for more. Some of the photos were cool but as a whole the girls didn’t seem that into it & the judges didn’t make enough ridiculous complaints. (Yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure to like that, I know.)

Check out these photos-If Lady GaGa and Dita Von Teese Were Korean

Sweet Vs Sassy
Sweet Vs Sassy by MissEmmaMM featuring DKNY bags
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Just for fun, this is a list of songs that I can recall singing at karaoke over the years. There may be be more that I have temporarily lost in the recesses of my mind. Some I sang alone, some with friends and occasionally with a stranger.

Adele-Rumor Has It (with Hot Donna)
Beyonce & Shakira-Beautiful Liar (with my sister)
Christina Aguilera-Ain’t No Other Man (at least twice)
Christina Aguilera-Candyman
Christina Aguilera-Dirty (at least twice)
Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim & Mya-Lady Marmalade (cover)
Christina Aguilera-Not Myself Tonight
Big & Rich-Save A Horse (at least 3X, including a couple of times with my sister)
Meredith Brooks-Bitch
Johnny Cash-Hurt (cover)
Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues (backup)
Johnny Cash-One Piece at a Time
Cee-Lo-Fuck You
Imani Coppola-Legend of a Cowgirl
Sheryl Crow-All I Wanna Do
Sheryl Crow-A Change Would Do You Good
Sheryl Crow-If It Makes You Happy
Sheryl Crow-My Favorite Mistake
David Bowie-Life on Mars
Evanescence-Call Me When You’re Sober
Fergie-Fergalicious (with Hot Donna)
Fleetwood Mac-Edge of Seventeen (at least 2X)
Peter Gabriel-Sledge Hammer
Guns N Roses-Paradise City
Harvey Danger-Flagpole Sitta (at least 2X)
Hole-Gold Dust Woman (cover)
Natalie Imbruglia-Torn
Jay Z-99 Problems
Joan Jett-I Love Rock N Roll
KISS-Calling Dr. Love
Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
Lil Kim-How Many Licks (at least 2X)
Lindsay Lohan-I Live For The Day
Madonna-Don’t Tell Me
Madonna-Like A Virgin
Maroon 5-Harder to Breathe (at least 5X)
Maroon 5-Makes Me Wonder
Maroon 5-This Love
Alanis Morissette-All I Really Want
No Doubt-Bathwater
No Doubt-Just A Girl
The Offspring-Hit That (with a line at the end saying “And that’s why I don’t have kids!”, cuz I’m sick of the jackholes in this town asking me that like it’s a character flaw)
The Offspring-Self Esteem
Papa Roach-Forever
The Pointer Sisters-We Are Family (as backup)
George Michael-Faith (more than once)
The Rolling Stones-(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Bob Seger-Old Time Rock and Roll
Britney Spears-Slave 4 U
Supertramp-The Logical Song (at least 2X)
Tenacious D-Fuck Her Gently

Last Updated: April 2014

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