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This post is a part of 90s Month.

I didn’t just want to do a teen idols post because that’s been done a lot. Plus I had a lot of odd or not age appropriate crushes as a preteen/teen. So I chose guys who I found hot back in the 90s. Because I had decided on shirtless photos they had to have turned 18 by the end of the 90s. I also used photos from the 90s when available & applicable.

(click for the full size photos)

from top upper left: Kevin Bacon, 3 Christian Bale (with Dominic West sandwiched in there), 3 Antonio Banderas, 10 Brad Pitt, Casper Van Dien, Matt Damon, 8 Johnny Depp, 2 Devon Sawa, 2 Matt Dillon, Stephen Dorff, David Duchovny, 5 Ewan McGregor, Harrison Ford, 2 Brendan Fraser, 5 Richard Gere, 2 Josh Hartnett, Thomas Jane, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 5 Keanu Reeves, 2 Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, 3 Mark McGrath, Paul Mercurio, Timothy Olyphant, 4 Vincent Perez,2 Ryan Phillippe, Brad Renfro, Rider Strong, 5 Johnathon Schaech, 2 Christian Slater, Shane West.

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This post in my Netflix Streaming series is a part of 90s Month.

Click the film titles to be taken directly to the film on Netflix.

Scream (1996) (Available Until August 22, 2012)

Scream is, of course, the classic 90s movie by horror director Wes Craven that simultaneously manages to both be sarcastic about and in love with the horror genre. It’s a self aware teen slasher flick. Between this and The Craft all of us young ladies managed to fall like a ton of bricks for Skeet Ulrich that year. The film also stars Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Courtney Cox, Rose McGowan, Drew Barrymore and Liev Shreiber. You can also catch the parody of this flick, Scary Movie, on Netflix. (Note: Scary Movie was Scream’s original title).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 1-7, the full series) (1997) (Available Until April 1, 2012)

I’ve mentioned my love of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie before but I haven’t mentioned the series. I was a latecomer to the series (season 4) but then I quickly caught up and got into it. Buffy is just your normal teen girl who has to, uh, kill vampires and demons, no biggie. She also ends up falling for some of them like Angel (above). I’m actually a bigger fan of the Angel spin off but Buffy is, of course, a great show too. Plus there were so many great supporting characters who grew into their own as the show progressed (Willow in particular). The talented cast of this Joss Whedon series includes Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Michelle Trachtenberg, Charisma Carpenter, David Boreanaz, Amber Benson, Seth Green, Marc Blucas (who I hate on here but love in everything else), Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Juliet Landau, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Alexis Denisof (Hannigan’s real life husband) and Camden Toy. You can check out some pics of the cast and I at an Angel convention I went to years back here. Although the Buffy conventions have seemed to die down many of the cast still do the con circuit.

Not Currently Available

Drive Me Crazy (1999) (Available Until November 1, 2012)


“I’m pulling off the biggest scam of all time. I’ve entered into their world” “Ooh, did you leave bread crumbs?”

I’m a big fan of this movie. I had already been a fan of Melissa Joan Hart for years because of her sitcoms. In this movie though she plays a popular girl. Using someone who is usually so nice really works when you try to show things from their POV. Between this and The Adventures of Sebastian Cole I fell for Adrian Grenier years before Entourage. This movie is about a trouble making outsider (Grenier) who pretends to date the popular girl (MJH) to make their exes jealous. I will never forget that eerily perfect video that shows that most of the student body are comparable to the Nazis who just blindly followed orders.

SLC Punk! (1999) (Available Until March 1, 2012)

“To be an anarchist in Salt Lake City was certainly no easy task, especially in 1985. And having no money, no job, no plans for the future, the true anarchist position was in itself a strenuous job.”

SLC Punk is a fantastic dramedy that you don’t have to be a punk to love. Anyone who is an outsider can definitely get into it. The movie is about friends Stevo (Matthew Lillard) and Bob who are teens in Salt Lake City, UT in the 1980s. After high school Stevo’s dad wants him to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer but Stevo just wants to hang out and be a punk instead. This is often particularly shocking to the squares in their area as Salt Lake City is known for being particularly repressed. The film was even shot on location. You can read about the SLC locations here. Of course they end up getting into dangerous situations. The film costars Devon Sawa and Jason Segel as friends of theirs and Christopher McDonald as Stevo’s dad. So good! For more on the film visit the Official SLC Punk site which is from the film’s release (Quicktime clips!, so old & nostalgic). For tons of pictures and gifs from the movie visit the Fuck Yeah SLC Punk tumblr.

Girl, Interrupted (1999) (Available Until October 31, 2012)


I’m definitely a fan of this adaptation of the Susanna Kaysen novel about a depressed young woman. She ends up in a mental hospital during the interim between high school and college. The film stars Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphy and Jared Leto. The film is set in the 60s but since being young & misunderstood is universal and it was released in ’99 I’m including it.

The Craft (1996) (Available Until January 1, 2012)

If you were a preteen or teen girl in the 90s I’m pretty sure that you, like my friends and I, watched this film repeatedly. I remember a gaggle of us going on my 13th birthday. The Craft is about a new girl in school (Robin Tunney) who meets and becomes friends with a group of outcast girls (Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True). It turns out that they are practicing witches and when they find out that she is a natural witch they get together and start casting some powerful spells. Girl power! This movie not only introduced young girls to witchcraft but also to the hotness of Skeet Ulrich. Christine Taylor and Breckin Meyer costar.

Fear (1996) (Available Until April 1, 2012)

Ah, Fear when Reese Witherspoon wasn’t anorexic but was likable, Alyssa Milano was slutty and Mark Wahlberg was buff and hot (well some things don’t change). Witherspoon is an average teen girl who falls for Wahlberg who is controlling nutjob who fingers her on a roller coaster. What’s not to love? William Petersen and Amy Brenneman costar. I recommend this fun review of Fear at the Bad Movie Art Blog.

Romeo & Juliet (1996) (Available Until February 1, 2012)

“O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?”
“What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?”
“The exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.”
“I gave thee mine before thou didst request it!

I was a huge fan of William Shakespeare as a little girl (what, you weren’t?, xd) and all of us loved Leo back in the day. So I freaking loved Baz Luhrmann’s young, hip version of the classic play. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Romeo and Claire Danes stars as Juliet. The film is loud, gorgeous and romantic. It costars John Leguizamo, Paul Rudd, Jamie Kennedy, Jesse Bradford, Pete Postlewaite, Paul Sorvino and Brian Dennehy.

Empire Records (1995) (Available Until January 1, 2012)
“It’s Rex Manning Day!”

Empire Records is just an awesome movie. Yes, I was one of those people back in the internet dark ages who petitioned for them to put out the Special Remix DVD edition with deleted scenes because we love it so much. It’s about a bunch of teens who work at a record store (If you ask me what that is you are getting smacked.) for a laid back boss. One of them is a bit off and decides to borrow money the boss had earmarked to prevent a takeover buy a big chain store. So they have to find a way to raise a ton of money, put up with a washed up singer (Maxwell Caulfield as Rex Manning), deal with a shoplifter and their personal issues in a day. It has great music, compelling characters and a ton of teen angst. It is the only film I’ve ever found (and believe me I spent time looking over the years) in which Anthony LaPaglia and Rory Cochrane are certifiably hot. It also introduced the world to a ton of other great actors including Ethan Embry, Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Johnny Whitworth, Brendan Sexton the 3rd and Robin Tunney. I recommend reading Reel Sex: The Slacker Sex God which mentions Rory in Empire Records.

Hackers (1995) (Available Until January 1, 2012)

So much has been written in the last few years about the tech inaccuracies in Hackers but I don’t give a shit about that. It’s a movie. Movies are about escapism. None of us really knew what the net had in store for us back then and wouldn’t it be cool if you were a teen who was smart enough to bring down big corporations? Fuck yeah. Plus it has the super sexy combo of the then totally young and hot (and later married, in a bloody wedding, for a short period of time) Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie. Jonny Lee Miller stars as a super hot computer hacker who meets a group of like minded kids (Angelina Jolie, Matthew Lillard, a very young Jesse Bradford) at his new school in New York City. Of course because it’s the 90s they get to wear fucking amazing cyber clothes while rollerblading. Since they are hackers they end up tangled in a big mess that they have to hack their way out of. Fisher Stevens (always amazing, why isn’t he in more stuff?) is their main nemesis. Well theirs a cop too but he doesn’t know how to use a computer so he’s not really threatening. Check out Geek Bliss’s cool etsy shop for Hackers lip balm.

The Doom Generation (1995) (Available Until January 1, 2012)

“You are a life support system for a cock.”

Doom Generation was the first Greg Araki movie that I ever saw and it’s an understatement to say that I was blown away. In Rose McGowan’s first real role (she had a tiny part in Encino Man) she plays a hot, tweaking teen on a bizarre road trip with her boyfriend. The movie costars Johnathon Schaech (yum), James Duval and Parker Posey. I’m so glad that there was a big video store a town over when I was young that had stuff like this or I wouldn’t have seen it. I recommend checking out Agent Lover’s Getaway Girl Style: The Doom Generation.

Mallrats (1995)

Technically Mallrats is about two guys who have graduated high school but they are drifting. They haven’t decided whether to go to college or get jobs yet. They are basically trying to extend their teen years by being mallrats. So I think that it fits here better than in my Top 1990s Movies about Twentysomethings on Netflix Streaming post. This great Kevin Smith flick stars Jeremy London, Jason Lee (during his hottest phase), Claire Forlani, Joey Lauren Adams, Shannen Doherty & Ben Affleck.

My So Called Life: The Complete Series (1994) (Available Until March 1, 2013)

I’ve already mentioned My So Called Life which focuses on the realistic teenage emotions and rebellions of Angela Chase (Claire Danes) so I’ll just let you gaze at these hot pics of Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto).

NOTE: Clicking most of the hyperlinks of actors’ names will take you to their official twitter profiles.

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Lady Porn Day was Tuesday but I’m writing about it today, not just because I’m a procrastinator but because creator Rabbit Write is celebrating it all week long. (Plus I had to work a lot Tuesday to pay a bill & yesterday while writing this my computer was attacked by a virus). What is Lady Porn Day? Well according to the site:

“February 22nd is officially Lady Porn Day, a day about exploring porn and masturbation. Because It’s tough trying to explore porn as a girl. There just isn’t much lady-friendly stag.”

I think that this a really positive thing. I don’t have any super interesting stories like some bloggers. Here’s my one, short, not earth shattering story. I’m a big romance novel junkie & that started when my mom, who knew that I loved to read, came home with some books that someone gave her when I was about 11 years old & said “Here’s some more books for you to read”, not realizing that they were historical romance novels with racy (to me at the time) content.

Most people who know me know that I am for women being sexual, watching porn, masturbating, etc. I occasionally review sex toys and costumes for EdensFantasys. I also routinely feature my Steamy Guys category on here to gush all over hot actors that catch my fancy. And let’s not forget when I mentioned my love of Gay Boys Kissing with the best YouTube clips on that subject or when I espoused my love of sex comedies.

So since I don’t have a good personal story I figured that I would share a list of my favorite sexy movies & books (+ pics & clips so you don’t even have to leave my site to get horny). I am not listing actual porn just because I haven’t watched that many so I think it would be ridiculous for me to act like I were a connoisseur of it. I recommend Lucy Vonne’s blog Sexy Blogtime! for reviews of pornos, sex toys & more!

(click the movie title to watch it on Netflix or Amazon, Netflix is marked with a *)

Delta of Venus *

nice ass!

Because sometimes the passion is so great that you have to fuck on stone stairs.

Yes, I’ve mentioned it before because of my love of Costas Mandylor. This is my go to “dirty movie” right now. It’s basically about a young woman who discovers her sexuality while trying to become an erotic writer. It’s based on a book but I haven’t read it so I couldn’t tell you if it’s good or not.

La Reine Margot

When the movie adaptation of Queen of the Dead came out I went through a hard core Vincent Perez phase. He’s French so he has made a lot of foreign films. This period film is about the passionate life of Margaret of Valois who is played by Isabelle Adjani.

Exit To Eden

Exit To Eden (Elliot’s Bondage Scene!)

A lot of people dislike this movie because the book was serious and they made the movie into a comedy. I enjoy cheesy ’90s comedies so I liked it. The thing I love though is the super sexy Paul Mercurio & his hot ass. Unfortunately aside from this & Strictly Ballroom he hasn’t done much else that I’m interested & apparently now hosts the New Zealand version of Dancing With The Stars.

The Getaway

Kim Basinger Sex Scene With Alec Baldwin

Okay my confession about this movie is that I’ve never watched the whole movie. I just love the above sex scene between then husband and wife Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger.


Secretary is a great movie. It’s about a young woman who starts exploring her sexuality due to her controlling, S&M loving boss. I do have to admit that I am not a fan of the ending but the rest of the movie is great.

Summer Lovers

I’ve had a crush on Peter Gallagher since I was a little girl & watched While You Were Sleeping so naturally when he joined twitter I started hitting on him. He’s really nice & answers a lot of fans on there. One day I caught a movie in which you could see his bare butt so I had to tweet him about it. Then he sent me the above tweet that mentioned that there were more nude movies out there with him. Of course I set out to find the nakedest one. Summer Lovers is about a young couple (played by Peter Gallagher & Darryl Hannah) who are vacationing in Greece. He starts cheating on her and then they start having this menage a trois relationship. There is a lot of nudity in this movie including full frontal Peter Gallagher. There is a scene about Darryl Hannah’s character dripping hot wax on him & his character not enjoying it. So I had to tweet him about that & he sent me the above tweet saying that he didn’t like it either.

The Darjeeling Limited

Okay, I definitely wouldn’t say this is a sexy movie. I just happen to love the above scene when Jason Schwartzman fingers that chick.

Boogie Nights

Since this is a film about a young guy with a huge penis (Mark Wahlberg) becoming a part of the 1970’s porn industry there is a lot of nudity. There are some sexy scenes in here & it’s just a great movie.

Feeling Minnesota
(those links were removed, I shall find alternate links soon)
This was a little quirky flick. A couple of frenzied sex scenes between Keanu Reeves & Cameron Diaz take place. You know that I love me some Keanu.

To Die For

To Die For is sexy because Nicole Kidman is not only smoking hot in it but also doing things that she really shouldn’t be doing, like seducing a high school student (an infuriatingly young & hot Joaquin Phoenix). She is a woman who is on a mission to become a news reporter.

Witness is not a sexual movie. It’s about Harrison Ford hiding out in an Amish community but the part when they sing & dance in the barn is so sweetly sexy.

Queer As Folk

QAF was basically the most fantastical gay soap opera ever. If you like guy/guy action then I highly recommend it.

The L Word (seasons 2-5) *

The L Word was supposed to be the lesbian answer to QAF. It’s a good show but definitely much more serious than QAF. I don’t usually think that thin girls are that hot but you know that Shane totally is.

Nip/Tuck (every season, 1-6) *

Queer As Folk is about the debaucherous lives of two hot plastic surgeons. Yes, Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) is incredibly chauvinistic but there are a lot of hot scenes on here, regardless of that. There is so much sex on Nip/Tuck that if you are marathoning them & an episode pops up without a sex scenes you start salivating like Pavlov’s dog, where is the sex?!?

True Blood

Yes, everyone and their mother loves True Blood but hey there is definitely some sexiness going on here. My favorite hunks on the show are Sam & Jason.


I wish that I had a list of definitively hot books but I read a lot. When I was a teen I used to participate in the reading program at the library & it wasn’t unusual for me to go through 100 books in the summer. I’m a big fan of Harlequin romance novels. The problem is that they are a bit like fast food, fast and forgettable, so usually particular books don’t really stand out to me. My favorite line is their Blaze line because it has the most sex. It still has romance though. In the past I have tried to read straight up erotica & I didn’t really care for books that were that graphic. While I was growing up my favorite was their Historical line. I was also a huge fan of a line of their that was about strong women who were out fighting wars or being assassins, etc, called Silhouette Bombshell but the line was discontinued. My favorite Harlequin author is Cindy Dees & even though the line itself is gone she still writes about a female Special Ops unit from that line called the Medusas, so I definitely recommend checking out anything by her.

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