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Yes, Xtina is flippin hot in the latest issue of Maxim but more importantly, what is she wearing? As a curvy bleach blonde I would love to replicate that look. So check out her October 2013 spread below with links to the actual styles and similar styles that you can buy today.

P.S. I love that Maxim always provides this info!


Kiki de Montparnasse girlfriend shirt, La Perla update multi purpose bra, American Apparel panties

Kiki de Montparnasse girlfriend shirt, La Perla update multi purpose bra, American Apparel panties

ag chair

Sexy Menswear

Sexy Menswear by missemmamm on Polyvore


Red Carter swimsuit

Red Carter swimsuit


Agent Provocateur bra, panties, garter and shrug, Christian Louboutin heels

Agent Provocateur bra, panties, garter and shrug, Christian Louboutin heels


Agent Provocatuer lingerie

Agent Provocatuer lingerie

Aguilera Strappy

Aguilera Strappy by missemmamm featuring a demi cup bra

Demi cup bra


Agent Provocateur Jet Thong


Kiki de Montparnasse dress

Kiki de Montparnasse dress

red satin fr
How sexy is this strapless satin present dress from Frederick’s of Hollywood?

retro collage

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The current IFB Project is Channel Your Inner Superhero so this seems like a good time to talk about the Red Badger.

When I turned 25 I decided to have a costume birthday party. My sister and I actually convinced almost everyone to dress up. It was so much fun.

I created my own superhero called the Red Badger for the occasion. It started when I spotted some really cute red boyshort panties that tied in the back while shopping at a department store. They screamed superhero. At the time I considered underwear a viable outfit choice.

I paired them with one of my favorite bra by Jezebel and some red heels. Then I ran around getting accessories such as fabric (just tied around my neck) as a cape, a red mask, hair dye, red fishnets and a birthday pin. I would have been done but spotted a mustache in Party City and decided that the Red Badger was definitely a transsexual superhero. Everyone loved playing with the mustache including the guys which I found hilarious, since they could grow one.

I had a wardrobe change.

Brian Molko of Placebo in Velvet Goldmine

My sister created her own superhero called the Purple Peacock. She paired a cute tank & dress shorts with fishnets, boots, a purple top hat, feather boa and fancy mask. I do believe that she was heavily influenced by Brian Molko in Velvet Goldmine.

Timmy/his creation

Something incredibly neat was that my friend Timmy made and gifted me with this doll dressed as me.

You may want to consider putting together your own fun look for Halloween for a unique look.

Red Badger


Purple Peacock



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When October’s Maxim showed up a couple of weeks ago I was jazzed to see a small Halloween section in the back. However it featured way too (intentionally, but still) disturbing costume ideas (ex. Casey Anthony).

Plus the photo layout just didn’t come together. I like guys in suits, scary masks and lingerie but this mish mash didn’t cut it. The above pic from this issue is sort of cute but the whole spread was just guys in hipster suits wearing monster masks paired with girls in contextually unsexy lingerie (ex. tap pants).

We already know that guys either try to look cool or scary on Halloween and girls slut it up but this was the curtain being pulled back from Oz. I know how the sausage is made. Give me somewhat arty. Even just changing it to classic suits and merrywidows would have been a step up.

At any rate the feature does include really fun Halloween cocktails. You can see all 4 here on

The recipe that sounds tastiest is the:

Caramel Apple Old-Fashioned

2 oz. apple brandy
1/2 oz. caramelized simple syrup
1/8 tsp. Baked Apple Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass with a large chunk of ice.
Garnish with a slice of green apple with ground cinnamon.

(I’m poor and lazy so I’d probably just add apple cider to regular brandy, cuz that’s the same, right?)

Let’s continue my fantasy that I’m a female Don Draper who actually makes cocktails (instead of adding the cheapest booze to pop), shall we?

ClubPlanet’s Killer Booze: The Best Halloween Cocktails sound yummy and include:

Sour Witch
1 1/2 oz. absinthe
3/4 oz. almond syrup
1/2 oz. lime juice
3-4 pitted sour cherries
sparkling wine
grated nutmeg

Muddle sour cherries in lime juice and almond syrup in a mixing glass. Add absinthe with ice & shake well. Strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine. Garnish with grated nutmeg.

(ooh, I like absinthe & cherries!)

This one from’s Haunting Halloween Cocktails looks fun as well:

Halloween Harvest Punch

Midori is pictured

1 part melon liqueur
1 part dark rum
1 part light rum
2 parts white cranberry juice
1 part unfiltered apple juice or apple cider
1 part simple syrup
juice from 1 lemon
apple slices, blueberries and melon balls for garnish

That is per serving (I know, right?). For a 32 oz Punch Bowl multiply ingredients by 8.
Add and mix the liquid ingredients.
Top with apple slices, blueberries, and melon balls.

More Boozy/Halloween Fun:
Tweaking Popular Cocktails for Halloween Menus at The Intoxicologist
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“Everything I did was going against the grain. I don’t know any teachers who could wear Louboutins to school or heels that high.”

“She was in couture from head to toe. It’s not something you’d probably ever see. The shoes were sexy, that’s what the story is about. She’s a teacher who wants to marry a rich guy and get the hell out of there. All her accoutrement, her purses, handbags and shoes, were way beyond her means.”-Bad Teacher’s costume designer Debra Maguire on Cameron Diaz’s look in the film.

Recently I was browsing movie wardrobe on eBay and noticed that Reel Clothes & Props (who I recommend, BTW) was selling a pair of shoes worn by Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher so I had to check them out. I’m a fan of the movie and the styles in the movie. I even wore some boots when I went to see it since they featured so heavily in the ads. I noticed something weird, the shoes were not Louboutin, like most in the film, but they were still selling them with a high opening bid. As I read I found out that these were the only pair worn in the film, making them worth more. I found the whole thing so interesting that I had to watch the film again and document all of the shoes that I noticed. Most of the exact styles are no longer available as the film was shot last year but I found similar styles.


Cameron Diaz in Steve Madden in Bad Teacher

Steve Madden red shoes
$75 –

Juicy Couture ankle wrap sandals
$111 –

Fergie black shoes
$50 –

ALDO platform shoes
$56 –

Madden Girl Coazter Madden Girl
$50 –

Drama Red ShoePrivée


These super cute red wedges that were worn in the car wash scene are the Exsell by Steve Madden. The costume designer Debra McGuire said “in the car wash scene she was wearing a very high Steve Madden platform shoe with the cut-off jeans. I couldn’t find a wedge any higher”. Certainly I couldn’t find any this high in my search. My favorite picks are the Drama from Shoe Privee. Though they are not red I’m also fond of the Fergie Quickset.

In most of the film Diaz is seen in Christian Louboutin styles (with that signature red sole). Some have stated that it’s pretty obvious that this was product placement by Louboutin while the costume designer said “Cameron personally owns a lot of Louboutins. When we did the fitting, I had brought some and she had some of her own. That’s when I decided they were perfect for her character. I knew they would be comfortable and that she could walk in a 6″ heel. Some people can’t. The shoes influence the way you walk, the way you carry yourself, the way you express your character.” Either way I loved this choice as did many online fashionistas who proclaimed it a “Louboutin fashion show”.


Cameron Diaz in Fifre Ankle Boots by Louboutin in Bad Teacher

Free People platform bootie
$198 –

Guess Shoes black bootie
$110 –

AK Anne Klein leather booties
$129 –


One of the most worn styles in the film are her Louboutin Fifre Booties. They go well with many outfits.

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher

Miu Miu zips shoes
$689 –

$37 –

Giuseppe Zanotti heel boots
$865 –

She also wears these gray Louboutin booties in various scenes. I haven’t been able to locate the name of them. At first I thought they were the Fifre in gray but they don’t have buttons.


Cameron Diaz in Louboutin in Bad Teacher

Christian louboutin booties
$1,595 –

Christian Louboutin platform high heels
$1,450 –

$25 –


I believe that the Coussin Caged by Louboutin were only seen briefly in the film but a still from that scene was used in the promotional material so stylistas online have been going bonkers over them. These are actually still available. Plus Louboutin offers a similar style in white.


Bad Teacher Patent Heels

Christian louboutin shoes
$595 –

D&G high heel shoes
$413 –

Bella-Vita high heel shoes
$79 –

By Larin patent leather high heels
$239 –

Giuseppe Zanotti patent leather pumps
$258 –

ShoeDazzle Maura


There are some scenes in the film in which Diaz is trying to come off more classy and she dons some very classic looking Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps. You can easily find similar pumps in many stores. If you want something similar with color underneath you can choose the Giuseppe Zanotti or ShoeDazzle styles that I’ve included.

Bad Teacher Ending

Jimmy Choo studded pumps
$1,695 –

Christian Louboutin red soled high heels
$775 –

Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps
$895 –

$40 –

ShoeDazzle Anona

ShoeDazzle Chanelle


Though these were only seen briefly at the end of the film I really like them. I haven’t been able to locate the style name but they are also by Louboutin. They seem to have some laces sneaking out from the front.


Cameron Diaz in Uggs in Bad Teacher

Ugg australia boots
$225 –

Ugg australia boots
$200 –

Minnetonka lace up boots
$80 –

Minnetonka fringe boots
$90 –

$72 –

$293 –

$25 –


In some scenes that didn’t require her to seduce anyone Diaz wore comfy UGG boots.

Boots & Bags in Bad Teacher

Christian Louboutin high heel boots
$1,595 –

$28 –

Frye shoulder bag
$203 –

Junior Drake shoulder bag
$203 –

Rialto Black Women’s Posh
$51 –

ShoeDazzle Columbia


Diaz wore Louboutin boots in one scene. I don’t know the name but Louboutin offers many boots styles. I think that they look pretty clunky and remind me of rain boots. She also carried this bag for much of the film. I couldn’t figure out the name or designer but offered some similar choices. My favorite is the Columbia from ShoeDazzle.


Cameron Diaz's Shoes in the June Maxim

Brian Atwood patent pumps
$525 –

Brian Atwood patent leather pumps
$580 –

ALDO high heel pumps
$50 –

ALDO peep toe shoes
$110 –

ALDO high heel shoes
$90 –

Steve Madden spiked pumps
$90 –

Platform stiletto heels
$55 –

Jimmy Choo black sandals
$1,356 –


Diaz appeared in the June issue of Maxim to promote the film and wore some killer shoes. Maxim lists the brands and they are still available. Plus I included some cheaper alternatives.


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I love to read but unlike snooty, annoying people I love to read magazines as well as books. While reading magazines I sometimes think of writing about a new issue but I tend to want to go into as much detail as possible and it would take forever. Plus it basically boils down to this, loved it or hated it. Maxim is my favorite magazine so loved it is usually accurate. When I subscribed to Glamour it was usually 20% girl power + 80% you are too fat/dumb/don’t love the environment and should buy extra lengthening mascara. It would be boring and not fun at all for me to rag on or just applaud stuff. While I was reading this month’s Maxim I saw something fun in it that I could alter and make mine and wouldn’t cause me to go all Beautiful Mind and work on it for hours or days.

Enjoy my version of Maxim’s 50 Other Things To Do This Summer after you read theirs.
(This is for fun, I’ll probably only do like 10 naturally since I’m a shut in.)

(click scans once for a bigger version and twice for the full versions)

*I actually almost scanned this and then went to use a program similar to the old paint to digitally write on it and then realized how ridiculous that is (less personal and would take longer). Remember when we were using computers to do less?


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